Wishing Well Intention Acacia Ring, rose pink chloe faye bag, julie vos baroque cuff, gigi bracelet


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Wishing Well Intention Acacia Ring, rose pink chloe faye bag, julie vos baroque cuff, gigi braceletWishing Well Intention Acacia Ring and collective energy wish charm, karen walker number one sunglassesWishing Well Intention Acacia Ring, target grey wool hat, barse crossover ring, alexis bittar lucite & n'importe quoi bracelet, vintage bracelet

Photography by Mary Hafner

Happy Monday Friends! Β I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I just got back from Phoenix to get “my learn on” at a Pharmacotherapy Conference. You can’t beat a weekend conference that earns 26 CE credits! Additionally, I met some new friends, saw a former classmate (it’s been over 10 years), AND caught up with one of my old co-workers from The Methodist Hospital in Houston. Go #Htown! Plus, I started a 33-day online retreat for the Marian Consecration called 33 Days to Morning Glory. The downside is I missed out on happenings with hubby and Little M. We’ve been potty training, and M wore his “big boy” underwear while I was gone. Mr. S texted lots of pictures to keep me up to date.

Today, I want to introduce you to a lovely lady, Victoria Wise, who just so happens to be my neighbor, a friend, a mom, a business owner (Tanglewood Moms), AND a jewelry designer. She is the founder of Wishing Well Intentions Jewelry. Just typing all of her job titles makes me tired! Victoria is truly a #girlboss, and I admire her so much.

You may have noticed one of her pieces on MANY of my blog posts. It’s the gorgeous turquoise and gold Acacia ring. At first glance, it is a beautiful stone ring. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually a “well” that holds a wish (as seen above)! Victoria was kind enough to send me the ring before NYFW with the wish of “collective energy”. Boy, does she know me!!! I can always use MORE ENERGY! Remember how I wished that I could freeze time to get everything done in a day!

I LOVE the symbolism of her jewelry pieces to live an intention based life. I gifted the Dahlia necklace, with the “life balance” wish, to one of my best friends on her 40th birthday. She was pregnant with her fourth child at the time. Honestly, we can ALL benefit from some life balance, right?!

Victoria was sweet enough to answer a some interview questions about herself and her inspiration. BTW, this post was scheduled for October 2015, but it took ME forever to send the interview questions to her. #alwaysbehind. Without further ado, please get to know Victoria!

S: What inspired you to start Wishing Well Intentions Jewelry?

V: I started out as an entrepreneur with my first jewelry company in 1999, since then I have worked for other companies in the design and have also started and sold my own jewelry and clothing companies. When I went to design this collection, I wanted to incorporate everything I whole-heartedly believe in. I wanted to share the thoughts and desires to make dreams come true. My mom always told me that anything was possible and I’ve applied that with how I live my life. Wishing Well is rooted in that power of positive thinking.

S: What is your background?

V: I studied film and photography in school, but have always found my love of expressing myself creatively through design and applied that with the many varied jobs I’ve had.

S: What is your favorite jewelry piece?

V: Hands down the Willow necklace. My daughter was the inspiration for this necklace. She has such a positive outlook on the world and has the best sense of humor. The design is based on the unicorn horn as she lives in fairytale land where everything is magical. It’s perfect medicine for when you have had a hard day and you listen to a little voice who (I seriously can’t make this up). She just walked in the room and handed me a flower that she found in the backyard and said, “Mommy, here’s a yellow flower for you. Do you know what that color means?? It means you will have a happy life.”

THIS is what I am talking about. She is the most positive person I have ever met. And that’s the reason I wear the Willow necklace every day to remind me of her.

(Umm, I think I’m going to get the Willow necklace for my other friends who have upcoming 40th birthdays! I LOVE the inspiration behind it!! )

S: Do you have a new piece in the works that you’d like to share with us?

V: The Dahlia has been the crowd favorite, so I’ve designed a few pieces keeping that small size in mind. I also have a heart shaped piece that might find it’s way into the line as well. I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate a heart for a locket since it’s such a traditional design, but I’d like to keep it looking modern to match the rest of the line.

S: Please share a little about yourself that no one else knows!

V: Well that’s hard! I tend to “over share” and am an open book. But perhaps people don’t know that I was born in Quito, Ecuador and most of my family still lives there today. I naturalized in 1986, and have been a Texan since 1998! Fort Worth is definitely home for me.

Are you as obsessed with Victoria and her jewelry as I am? What makes her so amazing is her positivity, genuine kindness, wonderful creativity, and herΒ time management skills. Did I mention she is a mother to FOUR children?!?! I can’t even manage my life with ONE child, so she just kicks a$$ in my opinion. I can’t wait to see her new designs. You can also find Victoria on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend! I really LOVE her jewelry and wanted to share her unique pieces and wonderful personality with y’all. Here a few other times I’ve worn the Acacia Ring!

// Photography by Angie Garcia and Mary Hafner //

Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Jessica says:

    absolutely stunning stuff! Love this website.

  2. Mica says:

    Oh I love the ‘wishing well’ idea of the pieces, such a nice way to personalise a gift!

    I really like that willow necklace she mentioned too, wish our exchange rate wasn’t so poor against the US $ at the moment! The silver one is really nice – just a perfect size too.
    Mica recently posted…Singlets, Shorts and Kimonos: Autumn SAHM Style at 39 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

  3. Elena Ring says:

    Stunning! I think I found what I am looking for. I fell in love with this wishing well intention acacia ring. Wonderful. :D

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