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style of sam fashion color combinations

Hello GlamFam! Are you looking for fashion color combinations that are truly timeless? Well, buckle up, because we’re digging into that colorful topic today! When it comes to fashion, some color combinations will always stand the test of time. As trends come and go, you’ll always be able to rely on those classic combinations that are not only super versatile but eternally chic! I have found 5 color combinations that are absolute staples in my weekly wardrobe and today I’m sharing my favorite tips on mastering them! Take a look below for some chic timeless fashion color combinations!


1. Tonal or monochromatic pairings

style of sam expensive color combination

If you know me then you know I love to rock a monochromatic look! Monochromatic looks, particularly in neutral tones, are the perfect expression of simplicity and sophistication. Selecting various shades and tones within the same color family adds depth and interest to your outfit while also creating an elegant and cohesive look!

Take a look at the outfit below for one my favorite examples of these timeless fashion color combinations. The gorgeous Scanlan Theodore dress paired with the incredibly chic crepe knit cape are both within the tonal brown color palette but with just enough difference to create a harmonious look. With an additional brown belt, chic bag, and of course Gucci shoes (similar ones here), this outfit is simple, classic, and absolutely timeless! 


Dress SCANLAN THEODORE | cape SCANLAN THEODORE | belt HERMES (look for less) | shoes GUCCI (better for budget) | bag CHANEL (better for budget)

2. Black and White

style of sam elevated color combinations

Among the classics, the pairing of black and white reigns supreme! If you’re looking for timeless elegance and versatility then you’ll never go wrong with a black and white outfit. This duo not only flatters all body types but also offers the perfect opportunity for personal expression and accessorizing! I love the stark contrast of these colors and that you can style them bold and simple depending on the outfit.

For my outfit, I thought I’d show an example of a bold black-and-white look that is classic and chic! My dress, hat, and coat are all past season picks from Target but you can find a similar dress here, hat here, and coat here! For accessories I added a black Hermes bag (similar here), black over-the-knee boots, and some vintage Chanel earrings. I love the way these pieces look together, the striking black and white pattern draws the eye and the black accessories complement the look perfectly.


(Past season)  dress TARGET (similar)  | hat TARGET (similar) | coat TARGET (similar) | vintage HERMES bag (better for budget) | boots CECE |  vintage CHANEL earrings (similar) (better for budget)


3. Navy and Cream

style of sam timeless color combination

Now we have the classic combination of have Navy and cream which I am convinced looks beautiful on everyone! Navy has deep, rich tones, that effortlessly complement the soft and warm hues of the cream. This color combination creates a blend of classic and contemporary looks that can be styled for both casual and formal occasions! A simple navy blazer paired with cream pants or a cream blouse layered over a pair of navy trousers can take you from day to night during any season of the year. Talk about versatility!

For my example, I highlighted a simple navy ankle-length dress featuring cream accessories. I love the way the cream accessories balance the dark navy tones in the dress to create a perfectly elegant and chic look!


4. Forest Green and Brown

style of sam timeless color combinations

Next up is my nature-inspired palette of forest green and brown! This timeless color combination of earthy and rich tones is not only effortlessly warm but also sophisticated. I love the way the lush forest green color pairs so seamlessly with the deep, grounding tones of brown. Whether you choose these colors in solids or patterns, this pairing creates a calming and refreshing aesthetic in your wardrobe!

For my example of this beautiful color combination, I chose a stunning forest green Vanessa Bruno coat, layered over a classic plaid vintage Ralph Lauren blazer (similar one here)  and a simple brown turtleneck for the top. For bottoms, I chose a beautiful pair of faux leather pants (similar ones here) that are totally classic and I love the way the leather texture compliments the knits on top. Then, to complete the look, I added a brown Hermes belt (a better for budget one here) and a brown Lily & Bean bag!


Blazer Vintage RALPH LAUREN (similar) | turtleneck (old) JCP (similar) | faux leather pants OLD (similar) | belt HERMES (look for less) | bag LILY & BEAN | Coat VANESSA BRUNO


5. Blue and Grey

style of sam elevated outfits in complimentary colors

Last but not least is the color combination of blue and grey! This is another fabulous pairing that is a go-to for me each week. I love how the cool and calming tones of blue seamlessly pair with the neutral, understated charm of grey, creating a beautifully refined color palette.

In this example, I’m wearing a gorgeous grey Valerie Garmino coat (similar one here) layered over one of my favorites from Cabi, the blue plaid trench coat, with a cute little Everlane bodysuit underneath. My pants are a stunning baby blue faux leather that I absolutely love and I completed the outfit with a grey bag and grey Hermes bracelet! This modern take on the classic color combination is a favorite of mine and a great example of how these colors can complement each other!


Coat VALERIE GARMINO (similar) | blue plaid trench coat CABI (similar) | white bodysuit EVERLANE | faux leather pants ROTATE (similar) | bracelet HERMES

When it comes to exploring these various timeless fashion color combinations, don’t forget to also consider texture, patterns, and accessories. You can up the fab factor by choosing certain materials to mix and match. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, and silk give an elevated look. More structured materials and silhouettes look more formal. The combination of the right colors, materials, and textures will automatically elevate an outfit and look timeless. 

You’ll find that there are many different ways that you can incorporate these color combinations with clothing that you already have in your closet! Have some fun creating your own combinations. Just remember the trick to a cohesive and effortlessly chic outfit is thoughtful coordination, balancing the tones, and experimenting with different combinations and textures!

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Happy Friday GlamFam! We’re officially on Spring Break! The kids are out this week and are so excited to be out of school! Did I ever share with you that we bought some land? Anyhow, we did a couple of years ago and recently had a pre-built home put on the property. We have sleeping bags, and it’s basically camping when we’re out there. However, there is running water and a bathroom so that is a bonus! LOL! We will head out there for a few days and then I’ve got to keep these kiddos busy! LOL! Wish me luck! Until the next post!


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