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Hello GlamFam! Do you have a closet full of clothes but still feel like you NEED to buy all of the new trendy looks? In a world where trends change in the blink of an eye, keeping up with the newest fashion “must-haves” can sometimes become just too expensive not to mention hard to keep up with. But what if I told you that you could look stylish without constantly spending all of your hard-earned money or following trends? Odds are, you already have everything you need to put together a chic outfit in your closet! All you need to do is experiment with the versatility of a few wardrobe staples. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing tips on how you can save money and time by wearing a base outfit – such as a simple top and jeans – and styling it in five different ways!


Here are some key tips to keep in mind when wearing one base in five outfits:

  1.  Use the same base (top & bottom) for DAYS of different outfits
  2.  The same color top & bottom make you look longer! 
  3.  You can completely change the look of the outfit with a different jacket.
  4.  Hats, layered sweaters, and accessories add dimension & interest.
  5. Shop your closet to revive unworn pieces!

1. One base, five ways – Casual 

style of sam one base five outfits

This simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans are the perfect example of a casual and versatile base outfit! I chose this as my first example because this is an outfit that most people will already own.  Plus, it’s super comfortable and timeless too.

style of sam one base five looks

One of my favorite tips for elevating a simple base outfit is to just add layers! In this look, I’ve layered the white tank with a cropped denim jacket and layered an additional cream blazer (another option here) over top. Adding the cream blazer is a great way to break up the denim ensemble while also adding some warmth and dimension. For accessories, I added a stunning Hermes handbag and some of my favorite gold jewelry!


style of sam styling five outfits from one base

I love to elevate an everyday casual outfit by adding a bright pop of color. So this vibrant red jacket was the perfect example for my “one base, five outfits” challenge! With just this one simple addition this outfit has gone from casual to totally chic. I also added a cute little black belt around my waist to create some dimension, as well as my beautiful black Chanel bag to complete the look! Plus, you can never forget the importance of Jewelry, so I added a few of my favorite golden bracelets as well.


casual base styled 5 ways with Style of Sam

Now this is an outfit that can take you from carpool to the office and even out for a lunch date! This green jacket from Cabi is giving all of the Spring vibes and I love to drape another long-sleeve short on top to really elevate the look. Not only does it look cute but it’s also another layer you can toss on in case it gets chilly! For accessories, I went with a cute casual shoe and one of my go-to handbags from Lily & Bean.


five looks from one simple base Style of Sam

If your only plan is to run errands but you still want to look cute, then this is the outfit for you! With my simple base of a white top and jeans, all I added was this super comfortable oversized hoodie, a cute pair of sneakers, a neutral baseball hat, and of course a little pink Gucci handbag for that pop of color. This outfit is the perfect combination of cute and comfortable!


2. One Base, Five Ways – Dressy

a white base outfit creating five outfits style of sam

Now for the dressy version! Here I’m wearing a simple white tank from Target and matching wide-leg trousers that I absolutely love. If you’re styling a slightly elevated look, trousers are always a great starting point and the wide-leg is so chic!

Style of Sam creating 5 outfits from a simple white base

With just a few simple additions this look has completely transformed. I added a beautiful yellow plaid jacket (you can find a similar one here) and a matching yellow handbag to add some warmth to the look. I also styled it with a cute neutral belt and, of course, some dainty accessories like these gorgeous golden pearl hoops. This would be such a fun outfit for a lunch date or work!


ow to save money by wearing one base outfit in various styles Style of Sam

St. Paddy’s day may be behind us but I’ll never say no to a vibrant green jacket! This stunning green blazer is a bold yet chic addition to the neutral base and I love how this simple waist-cinching belt ties the whole outfit together. For accessories, I added some cute shoes, my favorite sparkly jewelry, and of course my go-to Chanel bag (better for budget option here)! 


STYLE RX: A different jacket makes a world of difference!


Five fashion ensembles created from a basic foundation of a white tee and pants Style of Sam

This look is a great example of how easy it can be to change a look with the same color foundation! I love this jacket’s bold black and white print and how well it complements the monochrome white base underneath. I also added some simple black accessories to go with the theme, like a faux leather baseball hat, a black belt, and a chic Chanel handbag. This outfit is a great mix of dressy and casual and something I would definitely wear for a lunch date!


Style of Sam one base outfit, a white t-shirt paired with white pants, styled in five different ways

Here we have another great example of how a jacket can completely transform your simple base into a brand new look! This faux-leather knee-length coat is so chic and one of my favorite items from the Cabi Spring Collection. It’s warm enough to keep you comfortable during the transition from Winter to Spring and I especially love the gorgeous caramel color. I added a few pieces of my favorite jewelry, some leopard print heels, and an elegant Chanel bag (find a better for budget option here). 


You Can Style One Base into Five Outfits too!

Styling one base into five outfits is much more simple than you think! Not only does it save you money but it’s also more sustainable and will encourage you to be more creative when it comes to your style. I love to promote the idea that you can shop your closet and learn how to style simple pieces into chic and stylish outfits! Just follow these tips and you’ll never feel like you have “nothing to wear” ever again!


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Happy Sunday GlamFam! This was a busy weekend working at the hospital! My cousin came into town to visit again. Mr. S, the kids, and my cousin headed to the ranch to check on some things. Since the house was empty, I took advantage by catching up on some work things! I really need to be better about systems so I don’t always feel like I am playing catch up! Anyhow, it was a wonderful weekend! :) Until the next post….


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