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Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday if you celebrated.  I stuffed my belly full of food {ah… pumpkin pie}!  When the holiday season comes around, life can be overwhelming at times.  I reminisce about simple times… when I didn’t have a cell phone, when I drove a 4-speed manual, and my to-do list was shorter.  Don’t we all wish for those times again?

sweater | Celine (NM Last Call) {similar}
skirt | Morgan (mom) {similar and another}
booties | Givenchy (NM Last Call) {similar on sale}
bracelet | thrifted {kinda similar}
camera case | Coach {I like this}
oui ring | Etsy {here}
onyx/gold ring | (dad) {I like this}
sunglasses | Prada {here}
My mom gave me this skirt after college graduation.  {That was 1998 people!}  It’s white and simple.  However, it’s impossible to figure out what to wear with it because the slit is so high.  When I wear it with regular heels, I feel too provocative.  It finally dawned on me to wear it with booties to toughen the look.  {K.I.S.S.}
Remember K.I.S.S.?  {Keep it simple sweetie!}  That is a great piece of advice!

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  1. I’m very taken by your red lipstick. It looks amazing on you! I think it’s high time I dust off my darker Bobbi Brown lipsticks which I’d hidden away.

  2. I agree with the comment above, the red lipstick looks great. This is such a classy, but modern look if that makes sense. Glad you were able to make the skirt work, its gorgeous! Heather

  3. skippysays says:

    That is one hot skirt :) And I love love love those booties!

  4. You look beautiful! I LOVE black & white, and the boots are gorgeous!

  5. Cara says:

    Such a beautiful look for the upcoming holiday season! The booties are a great addition, as is that wonderful red lipstick, it looks wonderful on you!

  6. jelita78 says:

    u almost fooled me this time.
    i thought from the first paragraph, u’re gonna share some outfits to cover up the overstuffed belly!
    but i was dead wrong.
    u look smashing as always, and it’s just not fair!

  7. you looked so beautiful!! i really like the sweater…

  8. Sam, you look so beautiful girl! I was admiring that first pic of you for several minutes. You’re so pretty. Girl, I WISH I could fit in the stuff from ’98. You’ve done well. Maybe I can work on that ’12 HAHAHA Your mom has exquisite taste! That skirt is awesome and I love that sweater top. The sprinkles of sequins are truly amazing. For edginess, just add a bootie. You should get more of those kind of shoes, because you can rock them. I’d love to see a purple one on you. Love this outfit! You know when I do, because I just type and type and…oh you get the point pretty lady. Have a nice evening. ((HUG))

  9. Your NM Last Call Center carries Celine????? OMG…that is SO NOT FAIR. I love the first photo of you sitting and yup a high slit with high heels can feel provocative but isn’t that what slits are…hehehe

  10. Loving the first photo Sam, you look absolutely gorgeous in it. This outfit is def. a sizzling one, and not just from the slit of the skirt =) You always look amazing in everything and I can’t believe you still fit something from 1998, such a great figure – so jealous!

  11. Jen @ redsolesandredwine says:

    Stunning! I love the white skirt and the slit, you should wear it more often and girl, you should wear red lipstick more often!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  12. Nini says:

    You look so chic! I love it.

  13. Katherine says:

    I LOVE the booties and you are so gorgeous Sam! Hope you had a great holiday!

  14. MissA* says:

    You look great, Sam! And I love the boots!!!

  15. Interwebs Fails says:

    Very interesting blog! Twitter

  16. Tiffany says:

    You look beautiful!! I absolutely love that sweater!

  17. Samantha says:

    Thank you everyone! Y’all are so sweet! :)

    @ Jelita78 – Sorry Jelita! Wasn’t trying to trick! I just started rambling about everything! :)

  18. Samantha says:


    My figure has changed {although I haven’t had kids yet}! But the skirt is REALLY stretchy thank goodness! :)

  19. chicology says:

    I didn’t want to repeat what the rest have said earlier on but really Sam, you look so beautiful (than usual ;p) in the first picture!

  20. Nelah says:

    Simplicity is the best, you look so classy in this b/w combo Sam. That skirt is really something stylish. Boy your figure has not changed since 1998?!?! Mine has gone through some major

  21. Shels415 says:

    You look gorgeous! Great skirt and red lips looks pretty on you! I am loving those booties!


  22. Samantha says:

    The red lips look fabulous on you! :)

    xo, Samantha

  23. Anonymous says:

    Your whole outfit is gorgeous; I <3 every piece.

  24. Anonymous says:

    what is the color of your lipstick? That was the first thing I noticed in the first picture. You’re so pretty! Would I look pretty too if I wore the same lipstick? I doubt it but I can try:)

    • Samantha says:


      Thank you! It’s the Lanvin for H&M red that came out awhile ago. I know you are supposed to get rid of cosmetics after a certain time, but it’s the perfect red and I can’t find a replacement. You may be able to find it on ebay? Hope that helps! :)

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