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When Sarah of Living Goldie emailed me to discuss bag and shoe essentials for the IFB Conference and New York Fashion Week, I was delighted.  It dawned on me that many of us have the same questions, and a post was born!
Keep in mind I’ve only been to one blogger conference, LuckyFABB.  So this advice is just my humble opinion.

She asked about the kind of shoes and bags to carry around for running around all day.

True Story… Last year, I brought a small handbag and a large tote that I’d gotten for free from a makeup event.  The end result was less than ideal because I was worrying about keeping up with those 2 bags in addition to the gargantuan swag bag we received.  The next day, I had bruises on my arm… seriously!
This year, I’m bringing this Alexander Wang tote that will hold all of my bag essentials with room for extras.  {My friend Ashley at SideSmile Style has it in a gorgeous champagne color and wore hers to LuckyFABB.  Smart cookie!} This way, I can attend the conference and run over to another event without worrying about multiple bags +/- swag bags.
Blogger Conference / Fashion Week Bag Essentials:
  • a big ol’ bag // You’ll need one large enough to carry the contents of your regular handbag + room for things like a camera and flats.
  • camera // Mine is not in the picture because I was using it!  Remember to bring the battery charger and extra memory cards if you aren’t going to download pictures to your computer.
  • flats // Although I’ll be wearing heels to the conference and different events, walking around New York City in heels is NO JOKE.  Your heels or your feet can be ruined, so I recommend some comfortable shoes for getting to your next destination.  I carry my flats in a dust bag because I’m a little OCD and don’t like my shoes touching my other things.    I’m considering bringing my Sam Edelman fringe boots as a bad weather alternative, but they take up more room in my bag.  Another true story… Last year, I walked around Manhattan in my Valentino rockstud kitten heels.  They are very comfortable in general but my feet were KILLING me by the end of the night, not to mention that I scuffed them.  Ugh.
  • iphone {or smart phone} // Hello, how are you going to tweet or instagram in real time if you don’t have it!  If you are going to be out all day, then bring the charger in your bag.  It will save your life.  Pinky promise.
  • sunglasses // Always have your sunglasses because you never know when a perfect photo op can be ruined by your dark circles from staying up too late because you’ve been blogging, deciding what to wear, or gabbing with your girlfriends.
  • telephoto lens // This is not really necessary unless you plan on attending a fashion show.  If you are super far back in the standing area, you’ll thank me later.
  • ipad // Another optional item but possibly helpful if your phone dies or you are using it as a substitute for your computer.
  • business cards // Do NOT forget them!  I got my business cards from moo cards.  They are double sided and so fun!  You can see an instagram pic here.
Leith leather leggings {faux and real} // Chanel jacket {vintage} // NINI circle dress // Alexander Mcqueen dress // Alexander Wang leather dress // Helmut Lang leather jacket
Now comes the question, “What to wear”?????

I think it’s best to wear something that you are comfortable in but makes you feel special.  That’s why I chose each of these items.  However after seeing the photograph of all my potential items, I realized that there is NO COLOR!!  Only black and white, what?!?!  Obviously, I need to revise my wardrobe picks or bring some colorful accessories.

  • Consider the weather // It’s going to be cold in New York at this time.  You’ll notice I picked leather items – maybe too many.  Be sure to bring an overcoat, and I usually pack a small umbrella just in case.
  • Dress to impress // Are you going to be one of those who waits outside a fashion show hoping to get picked to go in?  Then step it up and wear your best!  If that pink top gets you compliments every time, then bring it!  Be sure to wear a statement piece!
Lastly, are you trying to attend events at Fashion Week?

Like I stated previously, this will be my first Fashion Week so I’m trying my hand at some different options.

  • This helpful article from IFB gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a press pass here.  It may have been too late, but I’ll let you know!
  • Also, I reached out to some of favorite designers via email.  Again, I’ll let you know if I hear anything.
Hope this is helpful!

P.S.   If you think of any questions, let me know in the comments.  I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

P.P.S.  If you’re wondering why I’m going to New York amidst all this adoption stuff, Mr. S told me to go to the IFB Conference, Fashion Week, and visit my family because it might be my last chance for awhile.  I’m trying to take advantage!

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  1. Susan says:

    Interesting read Sam! I’m even more interested to hear how the Fashion Week invites turn out…would love to hear more on that!

    Have fun!

  2. plauschinat says:

    Have fun!!! A child is going to demand all your time so I would take advantage of as many trips as possible right now.

  3. Have so much fun Sam! I think this is incredibly useful, you’re pretty much a conference pro :)
    Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and see photos xo

  4. Victoria says:

    Oh Sam! What a great, informational post. This is so exciting, and you will HAVE to let me know how much fun you have there (plus show me all the cool stuff you get)!


  5. Stephanie G says:

    just reading this is making me excited despite not going! hope you have an awesome time there sam x

    steph /

  6. ANDYSTYLE says:

    great things :)

  7. Alyssa says:

    Great roundup of items! All of the essentials and nothing more. Can’t wait to hear how the invites go!
    Also, how long will you be in NY for?


  8. kimberlyloc says:

    sam!!!! im in nyc feb 7-11 — let’s get a drink or a cookie or something! i love this list … i would be the one to forget my biz cards, d’oh! and good idea on the flats + dust bag for shoes. i <3 nyc, but let’s get real … it’s dirty :) xoxo

    • Samantha says:

      Kimberly!! HOW FUN! You were right about us meeting this year!! And love how the options are to get a drink OR cookie – awesome!!! :)

  9. Mica says:

    Love your tips for bag packing, and I really like your selected items! Even if there is no colour, you can add some bright scarves or accessories!

    Enjoy your trip – like Mr S says, make the most of it :)

  10. Faux Fuchsia says:

    love all those dresses! cannot wait to see the photos x

  11. ashley says:

    Cannot wait to see your photos from there! Love this post.

  12. Very interesting post, I hope I will need this advice someday, since I’m not in US! I’m soo hoping to go to IFB event someday.
    I hope you will have tons of fun, and I will follow your adventures.

    Visit the RmH SHOP

  13. Great tips and helpful advice!! I’m hoping to go to one at some point in my life:)

  14. As Yoda would say, wise is Mr S. I remember how crazy it is juggling a newborn, full time job (on sabbatical but had to go back for many meetings), running a sideline business and trying to have a social life. Impossible! I think I only re-gained my sanity when Lil L turned 4.

    Sam, I LOVE your picks. Don’t change any of them. The leather pants and Chanel jacket are sublime. As for the Helmut Lang leather jacket. I can only drool.

  15. Sheela Goh says:

    Hi Sam, we have a mutual friend (Ms Choc Cookies & Candies up there), she and I went to school together :) I’ll be at IFB myself, and, hopefully, NYFW as well, even if only the opening day, and I look forward to meeting you.

    xo Sheela xo

    p/s this post comes at the most timely moment, you have no idea

  16. trishie says:

    What great tips! Have fun at fashion week. Love your Alexander McQueen dress by the way

  17. This was a really good post, and necessary. I’ll be needing this insight next year when I go!

  18. You saved me, Sam! I’m a newbie to the IFB and I totally lucked out when someone saw my cry for help on Twitter and sent me the link to your blog! I’m a fashion blogger and everything, but it’s pretty intimidating when you realize you’re going to be among all your totally chic fashionista blogging peers and I totally look up to so many of you. Now, I feel like I can pack with confidence! Thanks for the post! One quick question for you…will you wear one of the outfits shown to the W party on Thursday night or something else? Thanks for the help!!

    • Samantha says:

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! Um, I think I may be wearing the NINI circle dress, but I’m not sure!! That is not really helpful, but I usually try to bring a whole outfit then decide the night before!! It will likely be one of the dresses + a jacket!

  19. Thanks, Sam! I’m just freaking myself out over this! I’m gonna shop my closet tonight, you know, the night before I leave…nothing like the last minute! That Ni-Ni circle dress is fab. Thanks for the consult!:)

  20. sam,

    i am so proud of you of going to the NYFW!!
    have a great trip!!

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