cute boy jumping on tomorrow sleep bed in box mattress with family


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cute boy jumping on tomorrow sleep mattress in a box review with family

Hey Friends! Remember when I talked about the importance of sleep recently in this post? Well, Mr. S and I had been on the hunt for a new mattress for a while. Our last mattress was from over 10 years ago, and he lovingly referred to it as “THE TACO”. You know what I’m talking about right?! I am SO EXCITED because we got the Tomorrow Sleep mattress in a box after our search.

family with dog on tomorrow sleep bed in box mattress cute toddler on tomorrow sleep bed in box mattress with family laughing kids on tomorrow sleep bed in box mattress with family family and dog on tomorrow sleep bed in box mattress

Everyone was excited about the new bed including the kids and the dog! LOL! Although it doesn’t look like there’s any sleep going on based on the pictures of the kids jumping, we’ve been sleeping like babies (when I’m not being woken up by the littles). Did you see how Franklin was king of the bed after we unwrapped it (in the slideshow)? It came with a handy “cutter” to open it so there wouldn’t be a chance of slicing the bed. It basically looks like a letter opener.

I’m so excited to partner with Tomorrow Sleep to share this review and our experiences. We had considered the Purple mattress (guess that egg test was kind of catchy, LOL!), a memory foam mattress (my mom has one and it gets warm as other reviewers have stated), and a regular spring mattress (but we didn’t want another taco situation).

After searching for awhile, we decided on the Tomorrow Sleep hybrid mattress. It was the best of both world (memory foam and springs) and backed by Serta Simmons. Even though the Purple Mattress seemed novel, we weren’t willing to take a chance on something that we use EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. One of the most reassuring things about this mattress in a box is the Serta Simmons 10-year guarantee. They also have a 100-night trial period just in case it doesn’t work out for us.

AND… Style of Sam readers can use code SAM100 for $100 off any $500 purchase of Tomorrow Sleep bed in a box or accessories (expires 03/31/18).

In order to make it easy to read, I’ve broken down the review like my “What’s in My Bag” posts!


We were given the king-sized medium soft mattress which is retailed at $1200. It measures  76 W” x 79.5 L” x 10 H” and fits standard king-sized sheets. Our previous mattress was a pillow top and extremely high so some sheets were an issue with fitting. We were also gifted the 500-count sheet set and down-alternative comforter made of Supima cotton and retails at $160 and $195, respectively.


The white and grey cover of the hybrid mattress encloses three main layers (also seen above). 1) The Phase Change material extracts heat from the top layer. Basically, we noticed a cooling effect which is very different from traditional memory foam beds. 2) The 4.8lbs of memory foam layer provides that comfortable “smush” you notice right away when laying down on the bed. 3) The wrapped coil system has a two-fold functionality – to allow air to flow through the mattress AND motion isolation. No more tacos! LOL!

The mattress is constructed in Charlotte, NC (known for awesome craftsmanship) and backed by the Serta Simmons 10-year warranty. Again, there is a 100-night trial period for any piece to ensure you are happy with the product.


We appreciate the coolness factor to the bed and the motion isolation the most! Mr. S is a hot sleeper and gets sweaty very easily (is that all men?) so this has been very welcome especially with the heater on. Secondly, he is sleeping like a baby in this bed. Normally, I notice that he moves around if I have to get up to tend to Little M or Baby Girl at night. Now, he doesn’t BUDGE at all. The motion isolation on the bed is phenomenal! For me, I still get interrupted sleep (bc of the littles) but when I do get to sleep, it is AMAZING!

This is kind of silly, but the kids have a night time routine that includes “jumping” on our bed for like 30 seconds. Although this bed isn’t as bouncy, it still has enough to make it tons of fun!

The sheets are SO comfortable and loved by myself AND Mr. S. One of the things that’s so funny about us is how OPPOSITE we are in almost everything! His favorite sheets are “too slippery” for me, and my favorites are “too stiff” for him. These are absolutely PERFECT in softness, color (LOVE clean white sheets), and feel.

The comforter is very fluffy and cozy as you can see above. I have it in a duvet cover, but it would be lovely without one as the grey border around it is very chic. I love the weight of it, but I’m a gal who LOVES layers of covers. With the ThermoBall fill, it keeps us warm but is still breathable.


FIVE STARS {out of five}! I miss sleeping throughout the night, but I feel like I’m laying on a cloud when I do get to sleep now. I didn’t know what I was missing until we got this bed! Don’t know if I could ever go back to a normal mattress!

Style of Sam readers can use code SAM100 for $100 off any $500 purchase of Tomorrow Sleep bed in a box or accessories (expires 03/31/18).

Happy Thursday Loves. Thanks for all of the sweet words and messages of support for my friend, Faith. She was full of grace and I’m so grateful that I was considered her friend. It’s really helped me shift the focus of my priorities.

And I’m so excited because one of my best friends since first grade is coming to visit tomorrow with her daughter. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving family and friends.

This post is sponsored by Tomorrow Sleep. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands that I love!

Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Mica says:

    Aww these are such cute phtoos Sam, you have a eautiful family! :)

    I’ve been thinking we need a new mattress too – I was hoping we’d get a new house so we could get some new furniture including a bed and mattress but that hasn’t eventuated yet. I’m learning to be more cautious with every pieces of land the agent finds for us as they’ve all fallen through at different stages so far!

    Hope you have fun with your visiting friend Sam, I’m sure you will :)
    Mica recently posted…Button Up Tanks and Colourful Spring Outfits With PrintsMy Profile

  2. Essential article blog sharing. Pretty article blog sharing. I want to make this kind of lovely home for my family. It looks like marvelous. I really satisfied with getting your article post.
    Raymond Williams recently posted…Best Leather Wallets for Men 2018My Profile

  3. Mark says:

    The detailed information about Tomorrow Sleep mattress does surely entice me to get a new one for myself. The cozy pictures also make the blog so much fun to read! A great piece indeed. sealy sealy hybrid mattress

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