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Being on a 3 month sabbatical from work and living in Europe has allowed my mind to wander… sometimes about politics and the state of the US economy, the relationship between my husband and me, whether or not I will ever get pregnant, my new job and city Fort Worth, a very little about actually pharmacy, how much I miss my family, friends, and pets… but most of all FASHION. Although I started this blog because my friends asked me to document my daily activities in Europe, I didn’t feel motivated to REALLY write until I kept obsessing about fashion. Living in Dresden, Germany, these past 2 months has been quite an experience. Even if Dresden is considered a “conservative” city, the general fashion of this city is all over the place. There are NO restrictions, and the 80s are in full force here! I LOVE people watching. Even grandmothers board the tram with pink hair streaks or lavender grey hair, and I think, “Was that a mistake? Or purposeful?” Young women dawn acid-washed blue jean capris over sheer tights finished off with red pumps and leg warmers – yes, I said leg warmers! All of these wonderful images have let my mind race with crazy ideas… and then I remember that I pharmacist working in a hospital!! Even so, the harem/johdpur/MC hammer pants, latest European craze and “look” on the fashion runways, calls my name!! I THINK I NEED A PAIR! And the perfect pair of shoes to go with the outfit – Christian Dior Extremes (inspired by Brigadeiro’s blog). Yet, at almost $800 a pair, I will probably get a pair of shoes that are similar for 2 reasons… 1) husband would decapitate me immediately upon entering the house with an $800 pair of shoes after our 3 month holiday and 2) I am so hard on my shoes that my $800 would probably disintegrate into nothing after a couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, for some reason I won’t blink an eye on a purse that is a couple of thousand dollars, but I cannot bring myself to spend that much on shoes… YET! For those of you that are designer loyal, I am sure that you want to throw hot lava on me, but that is the reality in my house!

The whole time that I have been in Europe, I have obsessed about acquiring this or that for a new wardrobe. Honestly, I am making myself sick and crazy thinking about fashion!!

Anyways, all of this rambling to say that I am starting a new me! Of course, my friends of many years will laugh and think “she says this every year”. However, every year I try to reinvent myself (improve my former self) and even if I accomplish 1-2 things on my list… at least I tried! So, I will share some of my personal goals to start after I get back to the US. Maybe, blogging will help me accomplish this!

  1. Expand my Horizons – I am going to take Spanish classes/learn Spanish. The hospital will be the perfect opportunity to practice! Also, I want to volunteer at least once a month, whether it be a free clinic, Soup kitchen, or the Zoo.
  2. Wardrobe – Save my money for items I actually want AND prioritize. “The poor man always buys twice” is a quote that I recently committed to memory. According to my husband, I “nickel and dime” myself out of things that I really want then regret it later! NO MORE!
  3. Start art! – My creativity has been stifled the last couple of years and manifest itself in a purse shopping crazed maniac. I want to start painting again. My first small goal is to paint a “masterpiece” for our living room the week before I start work!
  4. Exercise – I will only say that I need to be more consistent. I’ve outlined the details on my personal list Life after Europe – Plans and Goals!
  5. Communication – Let my friends know that I care even if for 5 minutes.

The last 2 are my usual goals every year, but I always feel that they are necessary on the list. Well, I must go. We are getting ready for Berlin! TTFN!

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  1. Sherri says:

    how dare you not notify me that you’re blogging!

  2. Rhandi says:

    Yeah you are going to get back into painting! I want something little in case you become famous. :)

  3. Jessica says:

    I also was not notified of your blogging, but found you from Sherri’s page. Welcome online!

  4. Sherri says:

    come back to the blog

  5. Rhandi says:

    Still waiting….

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