tata harper skincare routine for day and night


My Tata Harper Natural Skincare Routine



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tata harper skincare routine for day and nighttata harper skincare routine for day and night

This post was published on Feb 6, 2017 and updated on June 24, 2017 after a taking a Tata Harper Masterclass at Neiman Marcus Fort Worth.

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to share my morning and night time skincare routine with y’all forever. Tata Harper has changed my skin life, and I HAVE to let you know my beauty secrets! This is NOT a sponsored post, and I’ve purchased all the products myself. I just really LOVE this brand!

It started years ago when I discovered the brand through an article interviewing Lauren Santo Domingo. I was intrigued and purchased a sampler kit. This was way before TH was sold in department stores. I LOVED everything but had a little trouble with the eye moisturizer causing puffiness. I attribute it to that specific sample lot because I’ve never had trouble since. Now, you can find TH at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, and even Sephora!

Since I’ve always suffered from skin conditions like eczema, I thought that more natural skincare could help me. I had dabbled in green beauty before Little M was born. After he was born, I made a commitment to slowly change all of my products to more natural products. I have a hard time with color (ex. eyeshadows and mascara) but I’m determined to get 100% natural. Putting my intentions out there on the blogosphere will help keep me accountable.

Last year, Cathy introduced me to Lucy Delgado at the Tata Harper counter Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center, and she is a dream. It was so nice to actually TALK to a person about my skin and listen to her recommendations. When I met her, my skin was a mess. I was using a myriad of products after running out of my “usual” skincare and the skin under my eyes was peeling from being to so dry. After ONE day of using the eye mask that she recommended, it was improved! I kid you not.

All of these products are made in Vermont where Tata’s farm is located. I’m not going to lie. They are pricey, but I feel like you get what you pay for and your skin is worth it. When you read the label, it’s easy to understand where most of the ingredients come from and that’s one of the main ways that I judge a product. When something claims to be natural but all of the ingredients read like a chemistry experiment, then I become suspect.

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of your body? So it’s soaking up anything you put on it, whether it’s good or bad. I’d like to take care of myself so that I can be around for my children which is why I’m switching everything over. Anyhow, I digress.

Let’s get to the actual meat and potatoes. This is my current skincare routine. I have dry skin especially in Winter but will get oily through the T-zone in Summer. This has worked wonders for me, but I know that everyone has different skin.

Basically, it’s four steps: CLEANSE, ESSENCE, SERUM, and MOISTURIZE.

tata harper skincare routine for day and night MY MORNING ROUTINE //

For years, I’ve adopted a practice where I just use water and an organic cotton washcloth to wash my face. (Originally, I started with the Jane Iredale magic mitt.) Pretty easy. Then, I follow up an essence. I just switched back to the Hydrating Floral Essence after using the Concentrated Brightening Essence. Although the Concentrated Brightening Essence touts increasing overall brightness and fading of dark spots, I really didn’t see enough of a difference to justify the cost or repurchasing it. Additionally, it isn’t as convenient as the spray.

So I’m back to my lovely Hydrating Floral Essence spray toner. With rose water and lavender water, it smells beautiful and flowery which puts me in such a good mood. Aromatherapy works y’all! I love that smell but it may bother those who are sensitive to scents. And the smells are from the ingredients, not any additional “perfume”.

Side note about TONING: Toners were invented because washing your face with detergents stripped your skin and changed the pH. A toner is used after to restore the pH. Since TH cleansers do NOT contain detergents, there is NO barrier degradation. Therefore, she has a collection of essences (which deliver wonderful nutrients to the skin) and NOT toners.

Lucy gave me a sample of the Boosted Contouring Serum and I’ve been hooked ever since. It contains 35 natural but high-powered ingredients that lift, tighten, and smooth. I feel like my skin cannot live without it. I’ve run out before and my skin looks and feels less hydrated. Plus, I need all the lifting and firming that I can get! #fortyyearoldskin

I use the Restorative Eye Cream during the day. It’s a great consistency, an anti-aging treatment, and soaks in quickly but works well with my concealer/ foundation. The aloe leaf juice and willow bark extract are calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Finally, I use the Reparative Moisturizer for dry skin (Rebuilding Moisturizer in Summer). When my skin if feeling pretty dry, I use add three drops of the Replenishing Nutrient Complex Oil for an added moisturizer boost. The Replenishing Nutrient Complex Oil is actually VERY BENEFICIAL for my eczema!

tata harper skincare routine for day and night MY EVENING ROUTINE //

I wear makeup EVERY DAY. It’s the one thing that I do for myself and refused to give up even with kids. I also wear waterproof mascara because regular mascara straightens my lashes (even if I curled them). #asiangirlproblems Basically, I have a lot of makeup to remove at the end of the day. I LOVE using the Nourishing Oil Cleanser because it’s a one-step wonder and removes even waterproof mascara. After rubbing it all over my face and massaging the mascara off, I use warm water to remove it. (A less expensive alternative would be to using coconut oil but then you do need either cotton pads or a washcloth with water to get the oil off.)

I try to exfoliate using the Regenerating Cleanser either once or twice a week. I’ll actually use the cleanser on top of the oil and then wash both off (with my makeup) in one fail swoop! YAY for easy peasy!

SECRET FROM TATA: Her secret weapon is the Glow-Getter! Smooth a thick layer of Resurfacing Mask over the Regenerating Cleanser over dry skin for 5 minutes. Your skin will be glowing after!

Again, I pre-moisturize with the Hydrating Floral Essence and then use the Boosted Contouring Serum after cleansing.

For my evening treatment, I use the Moisturizing Mask and the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. This actually confused me initially because I think of a mask as something that is applied and then removed. However, these stay on ALL NIGHT!

The Moisturizing Mask is a very thick consistency (reminds me of cake batter) and feels really moisturizing. It contains chamomile and comfrey to calm even the most irritated skin. Your face is almost “sticky” and it takes some time to absorb. But it makes oh such a difference in the morning.

The Boosted Contouring Eye Mask is extremely thick and you must warm it between fingers before applying it. Think vaseline thick. I mentioned it above, but this is one of my favorite treatments for my tired eyes and very moisturizing with Seabuckthorn oil!

Another note from TATA: You go from the thinnest product to the oil. For example, essence> serum> eye> moisturizer> oil.

So hopefully this helps any of y’all who are possibly curious about green or natural products and wanted to know how or what I used.

If you are curious about any of the products that you are using, then I challenge you to look up the brand or ingredient on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. It may just open Pandora’s box for you!

I’m back to the grind today and at work a little more this week to make up for being at the Alt Summit Conference last week. Mr. S will be out of town, but I didn’t ask my Mom to stay and help me! Why do we do that do ourselves!

P.S. For my Dallas and Fort Worth friends, I’d love to invite you to a Galentine’s Day celebration on Thursday, February 8th at Beehive Boutique in Fort Worth!!! It’s on of my FAVE places. And who can resist a little Rose, pizza, and DIY friendship bracelets to celebrate your gal pals (single or not)! Check out the cute invite below! xx

Be there or be square!

Beehive Boutique
4804 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107

galentines day party 2017 at beehive boutique fort worth texas

Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Melanie says:

    I love her Rejuvenating Serum and the Brightening Serum truly works. I’ve tried many products over the years the lighten dark spots, this one really works.

    • Sam says:

      I haven’t tried the brightening serum – but it sounds perfect bc I have a lot of pigmentation. If I get a pimple (still do at 40!) it leaves a brown spot! I’ll have to try it next time my contouring serum runs out!! Thanks!!

  2. Mica says:

    Oh have fun at the Galentine’s event! :) I’ve never heard of this skincare brand but I agree on your reasonings for hunting out natural products. I think it’s good to be more aware of what products we use and are exposed to every day.
    Mica recently posted…Atmos&Here Wrap Dresses and Louis Vuitton Neverfull ToteMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Mica!! Yes when I saw my shimmery retinol based makeup all over Little M, I knew that I had to change it all!! Little ones really make you reconsider everything!!

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  5. Face Wash says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Tata Harper skincare journey! It’s refreshing to read a genuine, non-sponsored post about products that have made a real impact. Your personal experience with the brand, from discovering it years ago to your recent interactions with Lucy Delgado, adds authenticity to your recommendations.

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