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Supernatural Cleaning Products // An Eco-friendly Way to Clean



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style of sam in glitter grey set, supernatural cleaning products reviewsupernatural cleaning starter set and essential oils style of sam in glitter grey set, supernatural cleaning products reviewsupernatural cleaning starter set style of sam in blue all things mochi set, supernatural cleaning products review style of sam in blue all things mochi set, supernatural cleaning products reviewstyle of sam cleaning house

Happy Earth Day GlamFam! I’m am SO EXCITED to share Supernatural cleaning products with y’all! You read CORRECTLY – CLEANING products!! I received them to try for an Instagram Campaign (hence above over-the-top glitter photos – LOL), and they are literally so wonderful that I’m taking extra time to write a blog post about them. This is kind of a Supernatural cleaning introduction/product review.

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First, I should start with some background. I love my husband dearly, but we often find ourselves on different pages. He is on the camp of chemical for cleaning. I definitely understand that. However if you can do the same with natural and non-toxic ingredients, then why not? I am always looking for natural alternatives to cleaners (and everything) in our house. Enter Supernatural cleaning products.

Second, I discovered Poo-pourri in 2009 at a gift shop when visiting our close friends, The Barnetts, in Utah. The name is hilarious but it is no joke and I’m obsessed with it. Currently, there is a bottle in every bathroom in our house. When I discovered the founder had created an all-natural cleaning product, then I was ALL IN too! I definitely wanted to try it to see if it works as well as it claimed.

Third, this is a FUNNY testament to how lovely it smells. I was cleaning the floors around the toilet (boy mom) and my youngest came into the bathroom because she needed to go at that exact time, of course. She said, “Mmmm! This smells yummy!” After she finished going #2, she asked if I could clean the floors again so it would smell good! LOL! Kids are so honest, and this made me laugh out loud!

THE CLEANING Rx: Turn an everyday chore into a scent-sational cleaning experience! You will WANT to clean! Trust me! ;)


The Supernatural box arrived and was filled with the starter set, stainless steel set, and essential oils blend. The starter set contains 4 glass bottles (with silicone bottoms) and 4 essential oil concentrate vials. Each bottle is labeled (the type of cleaner listed below). You add water to the fill line, add the concentrate, and mix gently by turning the bottle upside down. When you run out, then it’s easy to repurchase the concentrate refills separately.

  • Counters + Granite
  • Glass + Mirrors
  • Bath + Tile
  • Wood + Floors


After mixing, you can start the “cleaning ritual”. That is what Supernatural calls it, and I know WHY!! It is truly an experience to clean with these products. I LOVE the way they smell and have been looking for any excuse to use them! Let me just say this… cleaning is not one of my gifts and something that I gravitate towards naturally! Mr. S said that we can continue to get this if I keep cleaning this much! LOL!


In short, YES it does! We have quartzite countertops which have been very durable since I cook A LOT! The other day, I set a freezer bag down (which had writing on it) and somehow the marker transferred to the countertop. This is the first time anything like that has ever happened! Anyhow, I immediately sprayed the counters + granite cleanser on, left on for 45 seconds, and wiped it off. I had to repeat that step 3 times, but it worked to remove the marker! I was so relieved to get the blue marker off the countertop and actually kind of surprised. I’m not the expert on the function of each cleaning ingredient so I’m glad they break it down under the “ingredients” section on this page.

The stainless steel cleaner works to cut the grease and get rid of handprints on the stove and fridge. The bath + tile and wood + floors cleaner definitely work on urine (remember my 3yo and 6yo?!) as well as some weird grime I had in my sink. Remember cleaning is not my forte! LOL! The glass + mirror cleaner gets rids of tiny handprint and leaves streak-free clean windows and mirrors. Additionally, the products have been third party tested by the Bureau Veritas, and they offer a money-back guarantee w/in 30-days of purchase!


I am definitely SOLD on Supernatural cleaning products and rate it 4/5 stars. I may be a bit biased because I was already a fan of Poo~pourri, but I was going to purchase the remaining products depending on what they sent me. I was lucky to be gifted with the total collection.

I knocked down one star because of the initial cost of kits. Playing both sides, the cost of each initial bottle from the starter set is $14 (if you use my code for 25% off your first order). The glass bottles are high quality (very thick), spray well, labeled beautifully, and are reusable. The refills concentrates are $10/each. Even though this is a higher cost, I am willing to repurchase based on its effectiveness, amazing smell, and eco-friendliness (if that’s a word)!

Use code SAM25 for 25% off your first order at!

HAVE YOU HEARD OF SUPERNATURAL CLEANING PRODUCTS? What are your thoughts about natural cleaning products?


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Happy Hump Day Friends! Hope your week is going well! We are just trying to survive home school over here. Things haven’t gotten easier as far as that goes even with a schedule. Little M is still under the impression that since he’s not in school, we don’t need to do school. Baby M only needs MAJOR ATTENTION when I am trying to get through an intensive lesson with him. It’s comical (kind of) but mostly frustrating! Again, I realize that I should be thankful for the extra time spent with the children. I am. At the same time, teaching a toddler and kindergartener are not my best skills! Just being honest!

Also, I’m starting this project where I spend 30 minutes a day trying to organize. Step 1 was making a list of things that need to be organized. Can that include my WHOLE HOUSE? LOL! Anyhow, I’ll update you on the progress!

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting SOS!



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