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Recently, Mr. S and I went to a fun summer event hosted by Hanh at Life in Travel.  It was an outdoor event taking place on a chic hotel rooftop pool.  Everything was fine and dandy until my inner sweat monster took over!  Hopefully, y’all can learn from my mistakes!

TOP: BCBG Nydia {here in black} // JEANS: Joe’s Jenny Jeans {also here and here} // EARRINGS: Premier // BRACELETS: thrifted, JCrew, gifted // BAG: Chanel via NMLC // WEDGES: Via Spiga via NMLC // LIPS: YSL Glossy Stain in #15

Shall we start from the top?
  • HAIR // I wore my hair in the ‘usual’ fashion, down and curled.  What a mistake!  The sweat monster took over and caused a drenched scalp and hair stuck to my neck.  Yikes!  Consider wearing your hair up in a pony tail, chic bun, head scarf, pretty braid, or chignon.  {Remember, do as I say and not as I did.}
  • SUNGLASSES // Mr. S and I were glad that we brought our sunglasses because it was bright!  We had contemplated leaving them in the car, and then I would have been the squinty sweaty monster!
  • LIPS // I specifically bought this YSL rouge glossy stain {aka Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain} so I wouldn’t have to worry about reapplying lip gloss or lipstick.  The hot pink is a fun alternative to my usual coral, pink, or red for the summer.  It did stay all night, but you must follow the directions and not press your lips together for 2 minutes after application.
  • ARM PARTY // Need I say more?!
  • TOP // I was so excited about wearing my emerald green silk top with white jeans – how chic right?  WRONG!  I didn’t consider the fact that armpit perspiration would show very easily.  Even though silk is a natural and breathable fiber, it would have been better to wear white or black.  One of the attendees wore a cute bra with a t-shirt cut out on the sides.  I’m not brave enough to do it, but she looked fab!  {BTW, grey is the worst offender at showing sweat – I know from my grey workout clothes.}
  • BOTTOM // White jeans.  Enough said.  Just kidding.  The bar served complementary drinks that were pink and red at the soiree!  Can you say disaster?!  I drank water {also because I had to drive home}.  I’ve been wearing white jeans/ shorts nonstop this summer.  Just remember to consider the venue and activities so your whites stay WHITE!
  • WEDGES // The nude wedges were comfortable and easy to walk around poolside.  YAY!  I did something right!

Hope you can learn from my mishaps!  And if you have any more tips, please share in the comments!  Happy midweek!  Don’t forget to check out my giveaway for a Zara NEON necklace!

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{I find joy in the moment.}

Edit: I changed the last pic to the first pic!  :)

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    1. Lovely outfit, as always. Enjoyed reading your practical tips! And I have to say, despite your “mishaps”, you still look great! :)

    2. Miriam says:

      what a great post! so informative! <3
      i love WHITE paired with anything, it looks so chic!

    3. steph says:

      can’t tell that you had any misnaps if at all! great tips — most of all i loveeee that top! amazing detail! x

    4. love your top, the color is gorgeous

    5. gorgeous outfit as always! and loved reading your tips :)


      Fashion Fractions

    6. Mica says:

      Great tips! Even if you didn’t feel great at the event, you certainly looked great! I really like your outfit :)

    7. Myisha says:

      Thanks for the tips Sam! Well as sweaty as you were, you still look very cute. Loving the top & an arm party is always a must ;)

    8. mary says:

      Hi Sam, great tips here. I love cotton in summer and yes wearing white feels light and comfy. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

      • Samantha says:

        Hi Mary! THANK YOU for being so sweet and visiting my blog! Lately, I’ve been doing a bad job at balancing my time so I haven’t been able to visit everyone as often as I would like! :)

    9. I love your tips! You look gorgeous, I love that top on you. The color is so pretty.

      xo, Yi-chia
      Always Maylee

    10. aww so sorry to hear… definitely a big part of fashion is practicality! Sometimes we’re so excited to wear a cute outfit we don’t stop to think if it makes sense to wear. I’m always self-conscious about sweat stains, I live in fear of them showing! haha

      • Samantha says:

        LOL Kimberlee! I am a sweaty sweaty gal, so I hear ya! When we both go to the gym, I leave sweatier than Mr. S! It’s the worst!! LOL!

    11. Rachel Lynne says:

      I love this Sam! Great advice, and perfect outfit :) :) :) I love those bracelets!


    12. Kay says:

      Love the outfit! One non-style tip for surviving a summer soiree is to drink LOTS of water inbetween the cocktails. And also try to spend some time in the shade so as not to get sun stroke. I felt like I almost DIED in the last few summer weddings that I attended because it was SO warm and because I didn’t drink as much water as I should have.

    13. Sam you look fabulous! That green and white on you is awesome girl. I’ve experienced those same mistakes. Oh what a hard lesson to learn! hahaha You brought up some excellent points and advice. You really have to think of the type of party, venue and weather. I’m much better at it now. HaHaHa

    14. Nelah says:

      I have been in love with that shade of green lately. You look great even after bathed in your sweat.

      I am with you on every single point for sure. Texas heat is cruel, i am about to chop my hair off. Did learn a lesson on the fourth when wearing my hair down was sticky and yucky since i was sweating like waterfall. If i know i will be spending time outdoor, t-shirt and shorts are the way to go this summer.

    15. says:

      great tips & i LOVE your top! :D

    16. kimberlyloc says:

      i love this post, sam! especially like the last pic—you look like a magazine cover girl! :) happy friday xo

    17. oh..i thought i left a comment..guess i forgot i didn’t.

      love the poster that you made, very creative.

    18. Nini Nguyen says:

      You look so lovely Sam..


    19. Mary Ann says:

      I’m lovin’ all your gorgeous ‘on location’ photography in the past few posts! ;-)

    20. Julie Khuu says:

      Sam this layout is so creative and right on the money! So easy to shop your look from head to toe! DYING over those sunnies and your killer blouse! Even though you’re a sweat monster, you still look uber FAB babe!

      Thank you for continuing to stop by with your lovely comments…hope to see you back soon!

      Peace. Love. LOL!

      Haute Khuuture Blog

    21. Samantha says:

      *****THANK YOU ALL for your sweet comments and pieces of wisdom!!***** xx

    22. Jen @ redsolesandredwine says:

      How cute is this post and you are looking super stylish! Love the tips.
      Red Soles and Red Wine

    23. Lindsay K says:

      Love white- you look great in it. I can be a crazy lady about not getting it dirty- there’s nothing worse. These tips are great.

    24. Melody says:

      I love this whole ensemble! The white jeans and bag especially give such a refreshing feel.

    25. Loving everything about this post!! Beautiful!

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