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chic at every age stackedskincare routine

It’s that time again… CHIC AT EVERY AGE.  This week, we’re partnering with STACKEDSKINCARE to get that gorgeous glowing skin at any decade!

For those of you that have just tuned in, this fab collab is exactly how it sounds… a chic chick in her 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s shows you how to style a piece in their own way. I’m working with some of my FAVORITE gals in Dallas!!

The 20-something // Natalie of The Fashion Hour

The 30-something // ME!

The 40-something // Heather of So Heather

The 50-something // Cathy of The Middle Page

Photography // Becca of Beckley & Co

stackedskincare HA hyaluronic acid tca multi acid face peel style of sam in madewell tee agolde jeans marc fisher sandals style of sam stackedskincare ha hyaluronic acid serum style of sam stackedskincare dermaplaning tool stackedskincare HA hyaluronic acid tca multi acid face peel style of sam stackedskincare fan brushchic at every age stackedskincare routine

When it comes to skincare, I’m all eyes and ears about how to maintain and improve my skin. I have very sensitive, combination, mostly dry skin and eczema on my forehead. This new decade (started Chic at Every Age in my 30s but now over 40) has brought about more wrinkles, crows feet, and the dreaded “11s” aka brow furrow line. I haven’t tried Botox or any kind of fillers, so I’m always looking for ways to keep the aforementioned at bay. 

Enter StackedSkincare. The founder of the company, Kerry Benjamin, has eczema (like me) and started this brand after an eczema flare led to a bad MRSA infection and hospitalization. She got her esthetician license and developed the “stacking” methodology practiced at her spa. Basically, she “stacks” exfoliation, serums, and tools to get active ingredients deeper into the skin and get that fresh-faced glow.

I was super excited to try everything!!! #confessionsofabeautyaddict We were sent the home Dermaplaning Tool and also got the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum and the TCA Multi Acid Face Peel. Here’s a quick review on each…


So what is dermaplaning? Basically, it’s physical exfoliation usually done in an office by a professional using a sterilized scalpel to shave the skin surface which removes dead skin and peach fuzz. Why would you do this? Because it promotes deeper product penetration (all those lovely serums/moisturizers for your face), smoother skin, and triggers the cell regeneration process (to help hyperpigmentation/acne scarring).

I’m not going to lie. Using a razor on my face was VERY concerning especially in MY hands! However, it really wasn’t bad at all! This Dermaplaning Tool has a guard to keep you safe but allows enough blade to be effective. In short, you pull your skin taught at the cheekbone and use the short strokes with the blade towards the nose. I made a very quick home video below to show you how easy it is to do! It leaves your skin SO smooth! The next morning, I could totally tell a difference on the skins of my cheeks. I continue to use it about once a week but haven’t cleared up my eczema yet (so not on my forehead).

I emailed to ask about using the dermaplaning on my forehead with eczema, and the founder Kerry responded back with specific instructions. She was SO helpful and I was so impressed and wanted to share her email with you:

Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear you’re having an eczema breakout on your forehead! 

I think it’s best to avoid dermaplaning over eczema, especially on your forehead.  Please use the HA serum on your forehead and you can use the dermaplaning tool on your cheeks, chin and upper lip.  Once the eczema flare is gone from your forehead, I absolutely recommend using it to slough off that dead skin.  Then apply the HA serum twice daily. I recommend using the dermaplaning tool weekly, and once the flare up calms down, hopefully you can keep it under control better with regular exfoliation and hydration.

Also, our TCA Multi Acid Face peel is amazing for eczema, it’s one of the reasons I developed, along with everything else in the product line. Peels are much better for your skin than scrubs, they are not abrasive, and the combination of acids will hydrate, exfoliate, kill bacteria and calm inflammation. 

For starters, try the tool on the other areas of your face, you’ll see how instantly softer, smoother and brighter your skin is, and how much better the HA Serum will penetrate, it feels super moisturizing.

I hope this helps, please feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you want to jump on a call, we can schedule something for next week.

Cheers, Kerry

Isn’t that amazing that the very busy founder of the company would take the time to email so much information?!!


I literally just finished the bottle, and I’m kicking myself for not having ordered another yet. This HA hydrating serum feels so cool and calming on the skin, and I guess the champaca is what gives that beautiful smell. Because of some recent stress (and then subsequent stress eating of bad foods), my eczema has been at an all-time badness. One of my judges of how a serum or moisturizer does is when it goes on my forehead. If there’s burning or stinging, then it’s a NO GO for me. Like I mentioned previously, this feels so good when applied and especially after the dermaplaning.

I use it 2x a time (morning and night), and don’t forget to shake it. It’s definitely moisturizing (since our body makes hyaluronic acid naturally which keeps our skin plump), but I add my moisturizer on top of this since my skin has been acting dry lately. If you have oilier skin, then you could probably use this as a moisturizer by itself.


The TCA Multi Acid Face Peel  is a very nice and effective at-home peel with a blend of five different acids. What I love about it is that you don’t have to rinse it off since it self neutralizes. Shake it, dispense 1/2 dropper into a dish, and then apply 1-2 layers with the fan brush. I only use one layer since my skin is so sensitive. It does tingle for about 20 seconds.

I’d recommend using it on fresh skin and then applying the HA hydrating serum after for a beautiful glow the next morning. I tried it immediately after dermaplaning the first time, and it was too much for me but I’ve heard that it works wonders on others using it that way.

We are so happy to share this discount code for 10% off orders $50+ with code CHICATEVERYAGE10 + Free Shipping over $100.

You’ll have to hop on to the other gals blogs to read about their experiences with the dermaplaning tool and the serum that they chose.

Have you tried dermaplaning or heard of StackedSkincare? I LOVE learning about all of these skin tools. I have an arsenal of things in my bathroom drawer!

Happy Friday Friends! Hope you’re having a great week! We are going to go backyard camping this weekend with the kids and some friends. It should be interesting! Little M is psyched and Baby M thinks she wants to join in the fun! What are you up to?

jeans AGOLDE

This post is sponsored by StackedSkincare. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands that I love! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting SOS! I truly appreciate it!



Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Mica says:

    They sound like awesome products Sam – and it’s so sweet you got such a detailed email to advise on your skin condition and how to use the products! :)

    I like your casual jeans and tee outfit too!

    Hope you had a lovely week and have a nice weekend ahead of you :)
    Mica recently posted…30 Ways To Wear: Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Azur (#30Wears)My Profile

    • Sam says:

      Thank you so much Mica! Hope you are doing well and was so happy to hear that it cooled down in your parts!! I LOVE Autumn weather! Happy Friday Friend! :)

  2. Camille says:

    Woooo your products are really beautiful! It’s really chic and elegant! And it’s a french girl who tells you so! :D I will order very soon!

    Good week !
    Camille recently posted…5 fausses idées sur le dermaplaningMy Profile

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