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Last time I wore this blouse here, I felt lukewarm about the look.  The blouse is 100% feminine and I wanted to roughen it up a little.  I decided to retry the ruffle blouse thanks to the helpful comments of some lovely readers.  Kim suggested wearing it with leather leggings and black heels, and Bessie recommended removing the bow.  Thank you ladies!

blouse :: Lafayette 148
jacket :: Yves Saint Laurent (thrifted)
leather leggings :: Leith
cuff :: F21
necklace :: c/o mom for bday
heels :: Tahari (Marshalls)
bag :: Chanel
I liked the way it turned out!  The one thing that makes me a little nervous is the length of the blouse with the leggings.  I usually like a LITTLE MORE BUM covered up than this.  Maybe I can wear a longer layer under the blouse next time.  The jacket was an estate sale find for $30!!  I had it altered to fit and it’s fab!  It’s a sturdy wool with a simple graphic pattern – definitely a classic.  The checks on the jacket, purse, and shoes all go together.  Maybe, it’s too matchy matchy!
Who helps you with styling advice? A friend? A relative?  {Usually I know that something is amiss when Mr. S gives me a look!  Then, I change into a safe outfit – something I’ve worn before that I know looks okay.  Later, I will try different permutations and ask his opinion.  Sometimes, it’s helpful!  Sometimes, it’s not!}

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

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  1. That jacket is absolutely fabulous! Good call pairing the feminine shirt with the leather leggings. You look great :)

  2. Lovely look! The blouse is so pretty and the, what a great find!

  3. skippysays says:

    I love this Samantha!! Great call Kim on paring it with the leggings and Bessie with removing the bow- it’s still super feminine but not too much. Perfectly balanced :)

  4. Can I just say you’re a gorgeous woman? :) Love that ruffled-neck blouse. Very feminine and elegant. I am a HUGE fan of Chanel, and you are rocking that camera bag! :)

    Have a great wknd, and thanks so much for following my blog! :)


  5. AiRene says:

    very lady-like outfit! such a great combo of leather leggings and tweed jacket!

  6. I love this outfit! The shoes are great, too!! You look wonderful!


  7. lepinkbow says:

    cute outfit!! have a wonderful weekend! (:

  8. This outfit has a “leather & lace” vibe but with a whole lot of class.
    Mod yet classy! Love it!!!

  9. Tabitha says:

    Great find! I get styling advice from other bloggers – they’re the ones that give me new ideas and help me re-invent the items in my closet.

  10. I really love your jacket!

  11. Katrina says:

    The jacket is so lovely paired with the bold leggings and I have a penchant for ruffled collars…awesome!

  12. Jen @ redsolesandredwine says:

    Fantastic outfit! I, of course love the leather leggings, but I love it paired with the feminine blouse and the deal of a jacket! The jacket looks Chanel inspired, so great.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  13. This look is hot!!!! I never saw the first attempt, but I am LOVING this re-mix! Work it Sam!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  14. chicology says:

    I like looks great on you.
    That cuff is lovely. More infor pls ;p

  15. Amy says:

    You look incredibly chic and original!


  16. mwan says:

    hi there check out my blog im having a Gucci giveaway btw
    would love u to follow my blog if u like it

  17. Sam your blog continues to improve and the comments and number of followers are skyrocketing! You look fabulous in this outfit and thank you for mentioning me! I like this much better than without the bow and the jacket is beautiful! $30 is a great deal! I am glad you enjoyed meeting my fabulous Mom :) She is giving away 2 of her handbags!

  18. love the jacket ot reminds me of a chanel vintage my mom has
    Have a nice week
    The Dolls Factory

  19. Katherine says:

    Such a fabulous outfit! I love the leather pants especially – you are def. working it!!

  20. Sam, this outfit looks so good girl. It came out great! I love the leather leggings with it and those heels are AWESOME. I was doing a little research this weekend and did you know the trend now is ruffles and leather? This definitely reminds me of it. You already have impeccable taste, so I’m very humbled and flattered that you liked my suggestion. It’s a great look! :D

  21. Ly says:

    I love your outfit. I want those pants!!


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