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style of sam in black split leg jumpsuit veronica beard riding jacket chanel filigree vanity bagjumpsuit NORDSTROM | jacket VERONICA BEARD | bag CHANEL
// Photography by Beckley & Co //

There is a real misconception by my friends and even family of what my life is REALLY like on a daily basis because of what is posted on social media. I’m the Creative Editor and/or CFO (Chief Fashion Officer) of Style of Sam so I tend to curate and pick pretty pictures to post, but everyone knows that life isn’t always a perfect moment.

In the style of one of my favorite magazines, I’m going to share a day in the life of ME – two different version. First is the easy one – work and or kids at school scenario, and the second is the real deal day. There are lots of loving moments and sighs sprinkled in with lots of NOs (from the littles).

0500: Alarm goes off and my iPhone is in the bathroom so I physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. (That doesn’t always stop me from setting another alarm 15 minutes later. Mr. S HATES that!)
0515: I fix my cup of life juice aka coffee with a scoop of Vital Proteins + honey + half & half. Coffee is already brewed from setting an alarm the night before OTW I’m rushing to make coffee.
0517: After taking a sip, Franklin is ready for his food. He now has to take lots of meds post surgery and one requires him to have an empty stomach for an hour (WTH!) and so his first set of meds goes down in canned food if he doesn’t spit it out. Usually it takes a couple of tries in a canned food “meatball” with the pill hidden inside.
0525: Take Franklin to potty and have to watch him since he only sits by the door if I don’t. WTH again! #tooearlyforthis$hit
0530: Get ready (makeup, hair, and clothes) and attempt to drink my coffee at the same time.
0600: Grab stuff for lunch and pack it.
0605: Start getting the kids ready for school. Depending on the day, Mr. S will get them ready and take them to breakfast as a weekly Daddy and kids tradition. I must have snuggles with Baby M since she is the first one to get up and get ready. She is a ray of sunshine.
0610: Time to give Franklin his other medications in more canned food meatballs and then feed him.
0617: Wake up the Beast aka Little M to get him dressed for school. Struggle in the bed to get him dressed. Tell myself (same as every morning) that he’s going to sleep early that night so he won’t be such a grouch in the mornings.
0630: Rushing everyone out the door and trying not to forget my coffee (that I didn’t finish), lunch, or lab coat.
0645: Kid drop off.
0700: Arrive at work… (but I’m usually late).
0700- 1730: Work. This is the EASY part. (If I’m off, then I usually go grocery shopping, clean, and/or work on blog stuff.)
1730-1800: Finish at work and head to get the kids.
1830-1845: Finally get home after herding cats aka getting the kids out of school/daycare. Let Franklin out.
1900: Kids want a second dinner. What are they? Hobbits?! Give Franklin his second set of meds.
1930: Time to get kids ready for bed but they both refuse.
1945: Eventually they make it to the bath and then they refuse to get out of the bath!
2000: Everyone is dried and in PJs. Sometimes, one will ask for a snack and so BOTH need a snack. Do they have tapeworms?
2015: Tell them that snack time is over they are running out of book reading time, and again they refuse! LOL! It’s almost comical but NOT!
2030: Both are in bed (same bedroom). Lots of singing, talking, and even screaming occur and I or Mr. S have to go in there and lecture them.
2100: They are asleep… sometimes.
2105: I want to stress eat ice cream and watch Netflix!
2130-2300: Mr. S and I may watch a show then head to bed OR we are both working on things – like me and the blog or Instagram.
2305: Get ready for bed.
0200: One or the other wakes up either from a bad dream or teething. Yay for partying in the middle of the night! JUST KIDDING! I f’ing tired!

style of sam fort worth with kids

When the kids are at home, it’s a whole other ball game! Here’s version TWO!

0600- 0700: Basically the same at previous from 0500-0600 but an hour later bc I sometimes sleep in until 0600
0700-0730: I work on blog stuff until the kids wake up. Usually Little M gets me and tells me that Baby M is also awake.
0735: Get both situated. Little M has to potty and change Baby M’s diaper.
0745: Start making breakfast. It takes twice as long because one is usually demanding a milk or yogurt and the other is wanting to watch Lego Ninjago, and I’m trying to do both to distract them long enough for me to complete breakfast.
0815: Tell them breakfast is ready and get more NOs! HA! What a way to start the day!
0830: Finally get to sit down to eat MY breakfast and they are done and want their probiotic and vitamin. Tell them they have to wait until Mommy is done eating.
0840: Let them watch part of a show so I can clean up.
0900: Time to change out of PJs. Guess what! I get more NOs and refusal!
0940: We just finished eating but it’s snack time. Seriously, do they have tapeworms?! (Sometimes I let them have a snack trap in the car so we can actually LEAVE the house!) Eventually get everyone dressed and then we go on an adventure – either grocery shopping, playing outside or at the park, museum. We MUST do something active otherwise the little ones get too crazy at night.
1000-11:30: Have fun doing our activity with some meltdowns sprinkled in.
12:00-12:30: Lunch. Either we eat on location (where ever we are for activity i.e. the museum) for ease and Baby M falls asleep on the way home or we head home and eat some leftovers for lunch.
12:45: Get Baby M down for nap. She won’t miss it because she loves sleep but always says NO to naptime too!
1300-1500: Little M has to have quiet time whether reading a book or playing. This is my crucial time to get things done for the blog or whatever else is necessary.
1530: Baby M usually wakes up and we have snack time. I end up eating a snack too. Womp Womp :/
1545-1630: Playtime. It’s been really hot but we sometimes go to our neighbor’s house and ride bicycles in her shaded driveway.
1640-1730: Time to make dinner. It doesn’t really take an hour but there are so many interruptions so I start then. I offer electronic babysitting aka Netflix if the kids are really rambunctious.
1745: Time to eat! Potty and wash hand time – lots of NOs!!
1830: Finish dinner. I have usually threatened using “the timer” so they can get done! More playtime so I can get dishes and food put up. Give Franklin his second set of meds.
1900: Bath time or “body shower” time if we are running late. More NOs from the children.
1930: Refusal to get out of the bath. How does that work again when you say NO to the bath?! Get PJs on both.
2000-on: Same as above. Mr. S usually helps to get one of the littles to bed when he is in town.

Whew! Did you make it?! Thanks for sticking with me if you’re still here! LOL! Does my life seem as glamorous as you thought? I know pictures can make things seem a certain way, but it’s only a square/moment of my life. You don’t see the meltdowns, messes, and everything in between.

I feel so blessed after two adoptions (see my story HERE and HERE). But mothering is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I have a doctorate in Pharmacy! There is no real life-balance at this season in my life, and I’m just trying to survive. Some of my friends say, “You look like you’re thriving and not just surviving” and I say THANK YOU! It’s just because I know how to throw up some pretty pictures.

One of my friends thought that I had stopped working as a pharmacist because she sees so much on social media. I do photoshoots once and month and do 4-6 outfits at a time, and then shoot with the gals on a different day of the month. Between those photos, I have enough to make it look like I’m always dressed for prom but I wear a lot of easy dresses and culottes in Summer!

Anyhow, I’ve been trying to post more candid/iPhone shots on my social media because everything in my life isn’t so staged. I DO usually get dressed/put on makeup in the morning because I strongly believe that you should dress for how you WANT to feel!

Happy Friday Friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Mr. S gets back from travels today, so we are looking forward to seeing him! We also have a 2-year old birthday party on Saturday. What are you doing this weekend?

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting SOS! I truly appreciate it!



Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. It really is so easy to believe that people’s lives are as easy and glamorous as Instagram makes it seem. My life is way more boring than instagram makes it look. Get up. Work on the couch while watching tv all day (or twiddle my thumbs if work is slow), go for a walk in the park/take outfit pictures if I feel like it, make dinner, maybe work some more, sleep.
    Closet Fashionista recently posted…{outfit} Blue and White Grecian Crop Top with White JeansMy Profile

  2. Mica says:

    This is such a good post Sam! It’s true, things often look more pulled together online. I’ve had to remind people the only way I still have content is because I pre-schedule everything when I can! I might get some posts scheduled in hootsuite for twitter and facebook while the kids eat, and write a post or visit some blogs when they sleep, but it’s not always possible, so scheduling in advance makes it look like I”m in a good routine, haha!

    Looks like you have some fun in your days too though – we do the same, have to take the kids out in the morning or they just don’t tire out!
    Mica recently posted…Birthday Party Maxi Dresses For Any Weather with Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Bag in Pale CoralMy Profile

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