H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant jeffrey campbell musklo split pearl booties


Four Tips to Help You Get Ready Faster in the Morning



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H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant jeffrey campbell musklo split pearl booties

As you know, I am ALWAYS running late… TO EVERYTHING. It’s literally a miracle when I arrive on time to a place. You must read about my problem as a CLIP in this article my best friend shared on FB! Anyhow, I digress. Since juggling two little ones, I’m learning to master the art of getting ready in a hurry in the mornings. Scroll down below to my time hacks to get ready faster in the morning!

H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos bracelet stack H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant jeffrey campbell musklo split pearl booties H&M pink balloon sleeve dress chanel filigree vanity bag black beige julie vos siena pendant jeffrey campbell musklo split pearl booties// Photography by Angie Garcia //


I’m not even joking on this. We are all so connected to our handheld devices now. I used to check Instagram while I was brushing my teeth. HOWEVER, I learned that your brain is the most impressionable first thing the morning so why not take some time to meditate, read the Bible, pray, or set whatever intentions that are needed for the day. Instead of spending 5 minutes of mindlessly scrolling on your phone which turns into 15 minutes-and-where-did-the-time-go, take that time to set your brain for the day.

It sounds silly or trivial, but I challenge you to try it. Keep the phone AWAY from yourself first thing in the morning until you are done getting ready.


Now, this is somewhat literal, but it’s more about getting things ready the evening before a big day. I set my coffee maker up in the evening so that it automatically starts and is already made by the time I’m up. (I’ve timed myself and it takes about 15 minutes if I don’t do that in the evenings because I bring the coffee grinder to the laundry room so I don’t wake the kids, measure and add water, then wait for it to brew.) Taking the extra 5 minutes in the evening saves me 15 minutes in the morning, and I need every last minute to spare!

Other things that can be set up in the evenings are:

  • Your/ kid’s lunch for work/school
  • Setting your keys on top of whatever needs to leave with you (I do this specifically if I have to bring something special for the little ones to school) OR setting items needed in front of the door where you exit.
  • Detailing driving distance/travel if you are going somewhere new (and don’t forget to account for parking)
  • Checking the weather … which brings me to my next point

I’ve read that some of the most successful people wear the same outfits/clothing every day. It takes less brain power for them and they can focus on other things instead of what to wear.

For those of us who like fashion, it just takes a little planning! As stated above, check the weather the evening before and then you can think about what to wear when you’re brushing your teeth for the evening.

Since my morning routines need to be efficient, I always appreciate beautiful dresses. ONE. They look elegant. TWO. You look put together and that you put effort into your outfit (even if it’s JUST a dress). THREE. You can dress it up or down depending on what accessories you pair with it. I know this topic has come up before, but it’s my secret when I’m running late!

This bright pink dress checks off everything on my list. Pink is one of my favorite colors and is flattering on EVERYONE! (Read about the color in this post.) Although it’s a basic cotton dress, the balloon sleeves give it a je nous se qua. I added my favorite gold and pearl jewelry and VOILA! I’m set!


We’re in Texas, and I’m one to leave the house with hair and makeup done (or at least looking done). Dry shampoo is one of my best friends! I don’t wash my hair every day, and it’s a lifesaver! I also wash my hair at night to save on drying time in the morning.

I have gotten my makeup routine down to 10 minutes for a full face! Using products that do double duty like the lilah b concealer/eye primer (vegan) or w3ll people concealer (organic/clean) that I also use as primer help ease my routine. I’ve also mentioned multi-sticks (see my insta-glow method here) and RMS Lip2Cheeks (organic/clean) so that my color pieces also work for eyes, lips, and cheeks!

So what are your time hacks?? Please share in the discussion because I’d love to learn new tricks!

P.S. It’s not officially Fall yet, so I can still post a bright pink dress right?! Sorry about the lack of post on Monday. I’ve been trying to catch up with life from last week!

dress H&M for $34.99
necklace JULIE VOS c/o {seen here and here}
bracelets JULIE VOS, JULIE VOS c/o
boots JEFFREY CAMPBELL {sold out, love these}
sunglasses SONIX

Rxoxo, Sam


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  1. Mica says:

    I love this bright pink dress, I agree on the wonders of dresses for making it quicker to get out the door! I usually shower at night and use that time to plan out what I want to wear the next day. Came in helpful this morning when I slept through my alarm – neither hubby or I heard it, so when I woke up and checked the time I was horrified to see I should have already left the house!

    Never knew it was possible to get ready so fast – thankful I lay my clothes out the night before so I just had to throw them on and go after the quickest face wash and teeth brushing int he world, haha! It’s school holidays here at the moment too so thankfully I wasn’t too late to get to work. Such a rushed morning! Thankfully it was one of those mornings where my mother in law was coming over to watch the kids so I just had to get myself ready :)
    Mica recently posted…Printed Blouses and Black Pencil Skirts: Cold Weather Office WearMy Profile

  2. cathy says:

    You are so stinking cute!!! Love this dress and all accessories! I have the same problems and the kids are gone!!! xoxo
    cathy recently posted…FALL FLORAL MAXI DRESSMy Profile

  3. Charlotte says:

    If i actually have to dress up for something, I move EVERYTHING I need to the front of my closet the night before….outfit, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, purse. And I lay out face care products I plan to use on the counter. I also move everything to the purse I plan to carry.

  4. […] always trying to find “life hacks” as Mr. S calls them, and I swear by these four tips to help me get out of the house on time(ish)! LOL! #foreveraCLIP (CLIP stands for chronically late […]

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