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Happy Monday!!!  I told you that grey and brown would be repeated – this time with some navy.  (This is one of my fall uniforms.)  Let me tell you a little story about my over-the-knee boots.  I found these boots on sale at Anthropologie last year but wasn’t quite sure about how they looked on me.  After seeing myself in a full size mirror at home, I went back to Anthropologie with the box and receipt.  Funny thing is the person working the register that day had the same boots on.  I told her I was returning the boots but a little sad to do so.  She urged me to reconsider since they were a really good sale price and she really liked her pair.  I went back home with the box and receipt.  As you can see, I kept them!

cardigan :: Walmart
top :: Anthropologie
necklace :: Banana Republic
earrings :: Premier
jeggings :: LOFT
boots :: Timberland (Anthropologie)
bag :: Coach

The boots are really comfy since they are lower heels so I can wear them all day.  And I really like the back detailing on them with the buckle.

Have you ever changed your mind on a return?

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  1. So glad you kept the boots because they are AWESOME! You look gorgeous as usual :)

  2. Chrisology says:

    I have changed my mind on several returns and sometimes wish I hadn’t returned them. I love the boots but of course I would have to see what all I can pair it with. I love the necklace and the length for the look you created. You have a new follower and I wanted to say HI! I look forward to reading your blog. When you get time check mine out and if you like it follow me in return.

  3. skippysays says:

    Those boots are adorable! I don’t see why you didn’t like them- they look great on you! The back detailing is so pretty, and I love the color too!

  4. Good thing you kept them, they are absolutely fabulous and they look amazing on you!
    Love the whole look!

    I’ve bought and returned so many items. Especially if they only have one left in my size I buy it and at then end up returning it as I wasn’t too crazy about it. :)

  5. Leticia says:

    GAH! Love those boots! And there is that gorgeous Ali bag again. :)

  6. chicology says:

    The boots are lovely! Good thing you kept them :)

  7. You made a grand decision S. I love these boots esp. the details on the back! Another fab outfit, I love the blue necklace and matching earrings. Are you a Coach fan S? Reason I ask is because I am one too! Although I have cut down substantially. I went from owning close to 30 and now down to 6. The one you are carrying now is one of my favorite from their Legacy line!

  8. Anna says:

    Good thing you kept them because they’re smoking! You can wear them with leather leggings and a blazer for an evening look and jeans and a cardigan for a day look. So let’s see, versatile, chic, and on sale? It’s a great keep.

  9. They look fantastic on you. I’m just so jealous that you can get away with a t-shirt and cardigan while I’m bundled like the Michelin man. Brrrr… cold here.

  10. So glad you decided to keep the boots! They look great on you! You look gorgeous, as always :)

  11. Sam, I am so happy you kept them girl! LOL The design is awesome. I’ve never seen a buckle in the back like that! That’s why I love that store… everything is so unique and not cookie cutter. I also like that long necklace you are wearing! Gorgeous turquoise!!! I hardly ever return (unless the size is totally off). I do a lot of online shopping. Hope your Monday is going great girl! I still can’t get over that hello kitty car you posted on Twitter. SO CUTE! I want a black and pink one. HAHAHAHA Hello Kitty never grows old.

  12. LV says:

    I love your boots and your bag! you look gorgeous!

  13. i love brown with blue. you look chic and elegant.



  14. Cara says:

    I’ve definitely changed my mind on returns before and haven’t regretted those decisions. Lovely boots and really cool turquoise/gold necklace. Your hair looks amazing today!

  15. I just love your boots-good thing you kept them-they’re so versatile! I am such an impulsive shopper so I always end up returning pieces!

  16. Nice Boots!!! I would have never guessed they were Timberland. They are definitely KEEPERS!!!

    7eventh Letter

  17. I’ve definitely changed my ideas on a return sometimes I bring it there and for some reason the line is too long so I keep it! I am glad you kept them! They look fantastic on you!

  18. i love a top just like yours in black and it’s allsaints.
    and i think you made the right choice of keeping the boots, they look good on you!!

  19. Jen @ redsolesandredwine says:

    Ohh love the casual but chic outfit. The turquoise outdoor furniture is awesome :) Love the boots and so good you kept them. They look stylish and comfy.
    Red Soles and Red Wine

  20. Samantha says:

    @sayskippy – I wasn’t sure because I sort of have sausage legs, and I felt like the boots were the casing! That sounds bad, but that was my initial reaction!

    @just tututiny – I am a Coach fan. I had to stop myself because it got out of control I’m very impressed that you downsized so much! That’s amazing willpower!

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