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Helloooooooo!  Yes, I’m still alive.  I guess the lack of sleep from the little one and craziness of the holidays finally caught up with me.  iii’vvveeeebeensoooooootiiiirrreed.  It’s nice to be back! …

Last month {crazy it was last year!}, Oscar Adames, the J Brand denim fit guru visited TOOTSIES Dallas for a blogger brunch.  Can you say sassy Dominican with an eye for denim style?!?!  He is absolutely hilarious and such a doll.  He’s worked with celebrities like Madonna and Mick Jagger, but he LOVES helping women of all shapes and sizes get the perfect fit for their denim.  We were lucky enough to hear some of his secrets AND have him fit us!


Thanks to Morgan of A Treasure Hunt for sharing this pic!  Lovelies from left to right:  Ashley of SideSmile Style // Heather of Style by Fluent // Oscar Adames of J Brand // Morgan of A Treasure Hunt // moi // Elizabeth of The Now StyleBook

jbranddenimguru2 // seriously in love with this cobalt blue alexis top and jbrand coated denim {available at TOOTSIES} //
jbranddenimguru3// watching the guru at work //
jbranddenimguru4// J Brand floral bomber jacket and photo ready jeans //

jbranddenimguru5// always a fan of the flare jeans – the J Brand martini jeans //

jbranddenimguru7// my fave picks – a gorgeous olive leather jean, white moto jeans, and the black coated denim //

jbranddenimguru6// the gorgeous model {who is headless in above pics} and Oscar //

His thoughts on denim.  The fit should be… like giving your husband (who has had a couple too many glasses of wine) $200 and telling him to buy you a bikini!

A secret for denim fanatics!  If you don’t want to wash your perfect fitting jeans, put them in a ziplock bag and stick them in the freezer for 4-6hrs to kill the germs.  What?!?!  Who knew!!

Apparently, most of us need a size smaller than we think.  I followed his advice and WOW does it make a difference.  J Brand has this stretch technology that kind of sucks you in from all angles.  I think WE ALL need some of that!

He even showed us a trick with a fur vest.  (This seems to only work with one that isn’t lined or truly fur.)  Turn it upside down and wear it that way – gives you kind of a shawl effect!

And did you know that J Brand launched ready-to-wear?  Don’t you just luuurve that floral bomber jacket?

TOOTSIES has the largest selection of J Brand jeans in the metroplex, so I had a hard time choosing one pair.  I went home with two – the white moto and black coated denim!  A huge THANK YOU to TOOTSIES for the gift card!

Do you know of any other denim tricks?  Share your secrets!  I wash my jeans inside out to prevent fading.  And sometimes, I tuck the hem of my skinnies under if they are too long for a certain pair of shoes.

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  1. Mica says:

    Sounds like a fun event! :)

    I always wash my jeans inside out too, and I make sure to dry them in the shade, as the sun here can fade clothes quickly!
    Mica recently posted…Casual Friday Denim Jacket, Dress, Alexander Wang Rocco. Special Video OOTDMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Oh that’s good to air dry them. I usually throw mine in the dryer to “reshape” them because they get washed after a couple of wears and have stretched out.

      It was fun! I love learning new tricks for clothes! And it’s great when you have someone so passionate about it to teach you!

  2. Ooh how fun! I knew the freezer trick, but wearing the vest upside down is a fun idea
    Closet Fashionista recently posted…{outfits} This Week in FashionMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Wow! So many have heard of the freezer trick! Who knew!

      Yes, I want to find a vest that I can do that with. He demonstrated with Heather’s vest that day! It looked so cool!

  3. Elle says:

    OMG I love the j brand alexis top – am going to try to find one straight away! Elle from elle’s parisian chic blog

    • Sam says:

      Hi Elle! Sorry if it was confusing the way I wrote it, but the blue top is Alexis brand! It’s a little difficult to find online but you can call TOOTSIES and they would be able to ship it to you! It is GORGEOUS!

  4. the alexis top is gorgeous! so many great tips sam ;) i knew about the freezer one because of the japanese selvedge denim trend where people don’t wash them for 6 months or so to get a proper wear in. definitely NOT recommended if you live in humid places! fit model’s legs are <3333!
    steph / absolutelyfuzzy recently posted…SpottedMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      I know – that Alexis top… still dreaming about it! And THAT is crazy about the 6 month trend. So interesting to know – I’m going to have to google it! Mine would start to smell! LOl!

      That model was so pretty with her mile long legs!

  5. Monica says:

    Oscar is amazing!!! I end up getting the upside down martini jeans when he was here!

    Monica recently posted…Best DressedMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Totally agree! Oscar IS FABULOUS!! Those martini jeans are so great! I already have the Love Story which is why I didn’t get the Martini’s. Elizabeth got them and they are SO FLATTERING! I bet they look amazing on you!

  6. That was such a fun day!! I am still thinking about those white jeans!! I have really really loved my Martini’s …need to do an outfit post stat! xo
    Elizabeth // The Now recently posted…NOW WANTING|| Mansur Gavriel Bucket BagMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      It WAS such a fun day! And your legs look a mile long in those martini’s!! Definitely need an outfit post with those bad boys!

  7. […] is winter white-ish because there accents of black!  I’ve been dying to wear my new jeans {from this event} and this new-to-me Chanel blazer so this outfit killed two birds with one stone!  Okay, can I […]

  8. Runa Laila says:

    I expect him to work with Studio D’Artisan. He is so popular for his innovative style ideas

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