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The other day, one of my readers Tabitha mentioned that she wears a LND instead of the usual LBD.  It reminded me to get out my trusty and comfy LND!

dress :: Gap (old sale item)
necklace and earrings :: Premier
bracelets :: gifted and thrifted
shoes :: TOMS
bag :: Coach

Navy is such a great color because it can stand on its own or be a beautiful complementary color.  With gold, it can look regal.  With tan, it can be casual.  With turquoise, it can be bright.  Somehow, I managed to mix all of that in this outfit! 
The dress has a drawstring waist.  I love the yolk and sleeves because they are 100% cotton (and the rest of the dress is a cotton blend) so it gives the dress a subtle texture difference.  My new earrings and necklace have been getting a lot of use!  The necklace is pretty simple – a long gold chain with little “coins” attached.  And the earrings are turquoise (I LOVE) and a matte gold in a large diamond shape.
This is one of the first Coach bags that I bought at full price.  I almost had a heart attack paying for it.  I loved it because of the color – it’s a tan-ish vachetta leather that could go with anything.  It’s has character with the studs and rhinestones so it’s not too simple.  And of course, how can you resist anything with a tassel?

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  1. definingtabitha says:

    Yay – thanks for the shout out!  I love this look and reconfirmed yup I’m DEFINITELY more an LND girl than LBD. :) Love that those TOMS wedges come in a leopard print.

  2. Dear Sam, thanks for your compliments. You know I still have that picture of the Long Live McQueen outfit vividly imprinted on my mind. I liked it so much that Im going to save it in my inspiration folder on my laptop! 

    Speaking of blog names, I thought the origin of yours is quite funny, especially the very first i.e. your friends wants you to blog. Eventually, it turned out quite well. 

    p/s: Just to clear some misconception: I don’t dress well at all whilst at work. But i just wanted to break away from stereotype that people in the medical/science background dress geekly or even plain dull.  

    pps: you’re very elegant and turquoise & gold accessories suits you. Im dying to see more outfit pics with your gorgeous Kelly.

  3. fleurdelyss says:

    I love the LND! For some reason I fell that they are more fun? And definitely not as expected as the LBD. I’m regretting not getting a Cynthia Rowley one I saw at Marshall’s for $20! 

  4. I remember that coach bag!  I was thinking about getting it because I liked the embellishments, it was a fast seller because I went back it was gone.  I love this navy dress on you!  It looks great and I love to use different colours to accent the dress!

  5. Inna says:

    LOL, tassels are hard to resist indeed! I have yet to buy a designer bag full price, but maybe one day when I’m rich and famous :)

  6. Kim A. says:

    Hey Sam! There was a commercial a long time ago that said, “You always look great in NAVY!” and that is so true. You can dress it UP or down. It’s a winner of a color! I like it because it’s always crisp and regal looking. I love how you incorporated gold, turquoise and tan into your outfit. You look great! I bought my mom a cute straw with pink lining Coach bag…Nearly killed me! HAHAHA But they’re great bags, which you’ve proven stand the test of time. Have a great Thursday girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  7. Julie Lan says:

    I loveee your style! these pics are awesome and the wedges are so cute.

    btw I followed your blog! (the widget wasn’t working before) I’m such a fan! :)

  8. Cara Lynch says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen these TOMS leopard wedges before! I have a silk LND I got from a sample sale that I adore soo very much!  You look lovely in yours and I love the necklaces and bracelets you styled with it. 

  9. love this simple outfit!!

  10. Samantha says:

    You’re welcome Tabitha!!  Love my leopard print toms!  :o)

  11. Samantha says:

    Oh thank you lovely Squeeze the Pug!  You are so sweet about the McQueen dress!  Really, I almost hyperventilated when I saw it (and then again for being on sale)!

    I know what you mean about work – I dress conservatively (no flashy shoes, etc) at work.  I want to be taken seriously as a professional.  And I love the fact that you are breaking the stereotype about medical/science people!

    Will need to bring the black beauty out more often!  :o)

  12. Samantha says:

    WOW Alyssa!  You should have nabbed that one!  What a great price for a Cynthia Rowley!  That’s okay though – I’m sure you’ll find another gem at Marshall’s soon enough!

  13. Samantha says:

    Thanks Bessie!!  You have a fantastic memory!  I think I called a Coach store not in my area and had it sent!  :o)

  14. Samantha says:

    LOL at tassels again!  Hopefully, you can find something with tassels to hold you over until a full price designer bag!!

  15. Samantha says:

    Hi sweet Kim!!  You’re right – I feel like navy is an eternally flattering color on everyone!  It’s just a nice change from black sometimes!

    I think I know which Coach bag you are talking about – they were so cute and pretty hard to resist!  But I’ve been very happy with the quality of all my Coach bags – even the vintage ones purchased off ebay!

    Have a fabulous weekend!  xo

  16. Samantha says:

    Thank you for the sweet words Julie!!!  And thanks for becoming a follower!  (Sorry about the widget earlier – sometimes the web gets crazy!) :o)

  17. Samantha says:

    Oh yay Cara!  Can’t wait to see how you style your LND!! :o)

  18. Samantha says:

    Thanks S!!  Sometimes simple is good!

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