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When I was visiting my uncle last month, I fell in love when my cousin I picked me up in a gorgeous leather jacket.  {I’d been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket.}  When I got home, she let me know that she found the same jacket on clearance at TJ Maxx in my size!!  Thank you I* for being such a good style spy!!!!
LOL @ my dog’s behind in the pic! He’s so photogenic!

leather jacket | Elizabeth and James {similar}
shirt | JCrew {similar}
necklace | thrifted {similar}
earrings | Anthropologie {similar}
oui ring | Etsy
belt | H&M {similar}
jeans | F21{similar}
heels | Prada {similar}
bag | Coach {similar}
sunglasses | Nine West {similar}

Leopard is perfect to pair with anything, so why not wear it with my leather jacket?  I think the mix of black, brown, and grey go well.  They are all neutrals so it’s easy to match and go.  And aren’t those crazy sunglasses?!  I found them at Marshalls a couple of years ago – they make me feel like Elvis when I’m wearing them!  Happy Friday!

I’ve been resting and seem to be recovering better/faster than my first surgery in August.  So thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers!  Luckily, I still have some blog pictures saved up from before the surgery, but hopefully I fit into normal clothes again soon {and not just stretchy sweatshirts and sweatpants}!

What accessory do you wear with your leather jacket?

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  1. with the sunnies, you look so glam!! love the pairing & every single piece of your accessories + of course the leather jacket…very detailed and seamless!!

  2. Mica says:

    Love this outfit – especially the shoes! So great you find your perfect leather jacket – it really suits you!

  3. Aline C. says:

    Love the outfit! Head to toe <3 <3 <3
    I’m still looking for my perfect leather jacket :(
    ADORE your ring, I must have it! Saw one that looks like it at Accessorize.

  4. Callandra says:

    Omg Sam! That leather jacket fits you like a glove, I love it so much!! I like to mix romantic pieces with my leather jacket….especially in the spring ;)

  5. Lilly says:

    Wow, LOVE everything about this look! You look gorgeous Sam!
    I don’t have any certain pieces I wear with my leather jackets…just whatever works for that perfect final touch :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love this gorgeous look Sam! That jacket is perfection paired with the leopard heels :-)
    I think you could wear almost anything with a great leather jacket, but I prefer skinny jeans and heels – just like what you’ve done here!

    and lol at your dog! Love it :-)

    XO – Marion

  7. Leticia says:

    That is a grea t jacket, and I love the shoes!

  8. You look absolutely stunning! I LOVE this look, and adore your leopard print pumps… reminds me that I should wear mine more often :)

  9. skippysays says:

    Glad to hear you’re recovering well girl! I love your new jacket, and those jeans are awesome- the little side zip detail is the perfect touch :)

  10. You look gorgeous Sam! I am so glad to hear you are recovering well. I love your new jacket and those jeans are fab and so flattering on you! Those leopard heels are perfection! -Dreama

  11. LV says:

    I want your shoes! You look gorgeous and so stylish. Your leather jacket adds a little edge and the shoes a little sass. I love it!

  12. lmao omg this totally inspired a post for me!

    But on to the outfit… lovely! I had a leather jacket from H&M but after 4 years it was looking torn and tattered. Definitely on the hunt for a new one!

  13. Iulia Romana says:

    I totally love your heels & jacket ! And the dog is so adorable :)

    PS: I’m hosting an international giveaway on my blog ♥ Come and join!

  14. Katherine says:

    We are leopard twins today! I love that leather jacket, what a great eye. Happy CNY!! <3

  15. Stacey says:

    Glad you recovering well Sam!!

    Love the jacket, can’t believe you found it on clearance lucky girl!! Your hair gorgeous here!


  16. Sayaka says:

    You look gorgeous in the leather jacket!! I love your shoes too!! And I didn’t know you had surgery, but happy to hear your recovering. Take care!! xo

  17. irisee says:

    WOW the jacket fits you perfectly!!! Good thing I do my weekly rounds at TJMaxx ;-) Love the whole outfit….you always look so put together.

    Miss you guys and hope to see you real soon!!

  18. You do leopard SO well!! Love Franklin in the pics :)
    Have a great weekend Sam!

  19. Divya says:

    Love the shoes and the jacket! You always pull together the most amazing outfits! and that ring is gorgeous.

  20. chicology says:

    Hey, I love this outfit!! Nothing to fault…everything is so perfect and flawlessly matched.
    And those heels…super chic. :)

  21. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Love your outfit. I’m crazy about leopard prints too. Gaaaah, your hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I know what you mean about finding the right leather jacket. Fab outfit. I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering well and back on track again.(hugs)

  22. I love this outfit Sam and what a great find on your cousin’s part! I hope you will be feeling better soon and happy new year :)

  23. Eugenia says:

    CUTE outfit!! I am in love with the heels!

  24. Katrina says:

    You look like a star!!! Love everything about it Sam! xoxo Katrina

  25. Awesome jacket Sam and that necklace is GORGEOUS! :D

  26. Great photos!!!
    LOVE your new leather jacket!!!
    The leopard heels are amazing!!!

  27. jamie says:

    you are so photogenic yourself, girl! and lol at your doggie’s behind, too! haha.. i loveee leather! i like mixing it with metals and floral print :) you look awesome!

    love, jamie

  28. Myisha says:

    Glad you are recovering well. Cute coat!

  29. pjlatte says:

    You look gorgeous!!! Love the black & brown combo and the leopard pumps is just an added bonus!

    (✿◠‿◠) Follow me & my bags. shoes, and all things dainty at:

  30. JustPatience says:

    Love this look. So polishes. Those leopard pumps are gorgeous.

  31. steph says:

    Haha when I saw your dog after your comment I LOL’ed ;) So cute.

    Love the new leather jacket! I’ve been sort of looking for one and saw something similar on sale from Elizabeth and James but they sold out of my size really quickly.. not really in a hurry to find out since it’s now mid 30c here. Really dig the shoes too :)

  32. Jeff Smith says:

    I love it Nice post….

    Leather Jackets

  33. Jen @ redsolesandredwine says:

    Wishing you a wonderful recovery and you are looking fabulous. Two of my fav things, leopard and leather and love that it’s a leather blazer. Great find!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  34. i am absolutely loving this look! <3

  35. Mary Ann says:

    You’re rockin’ this leather jacket – and I agree, huge LOL at the doggy heiney!

    Also, I made 2 purse clutches and I’m giving away one – you can pick which size you like! Check it out here. :-)

  36. great look, so polished, love it!

  37. Egle says:

    Love the leopard pumps!

  38. TheTinyHeart says:

    What a gorgeous leather blazer! I recently wore a similar look (blazer, button down, and leopard shoes) :)


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