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sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal line dallasSo I may have missed out on NYFW, but I had the opportunity to interview one of the designers! Sachin of Sachin & Babi visited Neiman Marcus Downtown Dallas last month, and I chatted with him about their new bridal line! Where was this collection thirteen years ago when we got married?

sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallassachin & babi interview, neiman marcus bridal collection dallas

// Photography by Angie Garcia //

He was at Neiman Marcus Downtown for the unveiling of their GORGEOUS bridal line. Honestly, the designs are insanely beautiful, artisan crafted, and the prices will surprise you. The collection ranges from $3000-$7000 for a handcrafted gown. WOW! When you compare that to other bridal designers in the same category, it’s AMAZING! Maybe, I can start planning for a fifteen year vows renewal ceremony! ;)

The wedding dresses are breathtaking. Angie captured a bride trying on my favorite dress.  Did you notice the unique black and white dress? It has HAND-PAINTED embellishments on the skirt, and they had to paint at least six layers. (We were admiring it and discussing in above picture.) I was truly amazed! The attention to detail is impeccable. The lace dress has removable layers for more movement at the reception. One would truly feel like a princess on her wedding day in one of these dresses!

A little bit about Sachin & Babi:

They are a fabulous husband and wife team based in NY and got their start in the luxury home brand with Ankasa in 2004. They were noticed by many leading luxury brands, like Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, and Carolina Herrara, and sought out for their incredible and intricate embroidery work. They launched their eponymous fashion line, SACHIN & BABI, in 2009, as it was destined in their family DNA.

Fashion is an evolution and there are no rules. What the industry craves is ever changing and what the fashion customer wants is affected by more than trend. What a woman wears evolves with her lifestyle and the realities of the world in which they live… -Sachin Ahluwalia

BTW, I love technology when it works, but curse it when it doesn’t. Somehow, I only recorded ONE minute of our thirty-minute interview! (Someone called when I was interviewing him, and I think that stopped the recording. Next time, I’ll use airplane mode. Hindsight is always 20/20.) I’m going from memory based on the interview questions that I asked him.

S: How did y’all meet? Where do you get your inspiration?

S&B: We met at FIT. Both of our families have backgrounds in fashion, and we have very similar backgrounds. She was studying textiles, and I was studying fashion. She is my muse and my model. I would finish a design and wake her up at 2am to try it on. The bridal collection idea sparked when a client emailed us and requested a bespoke dress for her wedding. It was a natural evolution.

S: Do you both work on the creative side?

S&B: Yes, people often ask me, “Who is actually designing?” I may design a piece, but we both work on the creation together. It’s a joint process, and she has a lot of input from the women’s perspective.

S: What is your favorite piece? (either RTW or Bridal)

S&B: We’ve gotten a lot of “talk” with the Benita top and more recently the Maria one shoulder top. We are redoing some of the cuts, but stay tuned as they will launch on the website.

S: Do you have a new style in the pipelines that you are excited to share with us?

S&B: I can’t give it all away, but we are working on more pieces that can transition for dressy occasions to everyday wear. Women are smart and want something with versatility.

S: If you weren’t designing Sachin & Babi, what would you be doing?

S&B: I like to have large groups over for dinner, and I prepare the whole meal. I love cooking… {So I filled in, “You would be a chef!” and he chuckled.} Yes, I could be a chef!

S: Please share a little something about yourself that no one else knows!

S&B: As stated before, I love cooking. We are addicted to this Netflix show that highlights a chef each episode. The name escapes me right now. {I think that he was talking about Chef’s Table?!}

sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus emerald noir collection sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus emerald noir collection sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus emerald noir collection sachin & babi interview, neiman marcus emerald noir collection

Currently, those beautiful emerald NOIR pieces are available exclusively at Neiman Marcus (see above pictures). I am in love with their whole collection.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this wonderful design duo. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with their Maria one shoulder top, Rosa strapless top, and grape cluster earrings.  As he stated, they can be dressed up or worn casually. Maybe, one of those should be added to my five pieces!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Yes, I did change my blog theme AGAIN! I’m working out a few small glitches so let me know if you find any!

Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Mica says:

    Oh wow those dresses are beautiful! Love the detailing on them! :)

    How frustrating fir you that it stopped recording, but great you could remember so much. Sounds like a really fun experience for you! :)
    Mica recently posted…Colourful Jeans, Balenciaga Tempete Day BagMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Mica! I really wanted to try one on, but there was NO actual reason for me to do it!

      Next time, I know! I’ve done different interviews and this has never happened! Yes, he was SO NICE! I wish I could have also met his wife/co-founder!

  2. […] top and high-low hem jeans are a dressed up version of my usual uniform, and this is what I wore to interview Sachin at Neiman Marcus Downtown last […]

  3. Marry K says:

    Oh wow! beautiful dresses, loved them!

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