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This Alexander Wang streamer dress screams “Wear Me” every time I walk in the closet.  Although I can get pretty fancy drinking coffee in front of my computer, I had the perfect occasion to debut the dress last week.
alexander wang streamer dress, bcbg mitra jacket, miu miu star clutch, chanel bowtie booties

alexander wang streamer dress, bcbg mitra jacket, miu miu star clutch, chanel bowtie booties
alexander wang streamer dress, bcbg mitra jacket, miu miu star clutch, chanel bowtie booties
alexander wang streamer dress, bcbg mitra jacket, miu miu star clutch, chanel bowtie booties
Alexander Wang streamer dress // BCBG ‘Mitra’ jacket on sale // thrifted necklace {similar} // MaiTai cuff // thrifted and Stella & Dot bracelets // Etsy ‘oui’ and gifted rings // Miu Miu clutch // Chanel bowtie booties {super cute}
When I saw this on the rack at Last Call Neiman Marcus, I couldn’t believe it.  Surely, this was an oversight and could NOT have just been sent from Bergdorf Goodman!  How could this be?! I was going to MAKE it fit.  Luckily, the sizing worked out in my favor!  You may have seen my twitter and instagram ramblings.

On a side note, Mr. S says like I look like I got in a fight with a paper shredder.  He thought I should call this post ‘Tore up from the floor up’!  LOL!  That man cracks me up!

I wore this outfit to a rewardStyle x Kelly Wearstler event last Thursday.  In case you aren’t familiar with Kelly Wearstler, she is a interior AND fashion designer with a glamorous and distinctive style aesthetic.  She was the creative eye for the Viceroy Resorts and designed the Bergdorf Goodman restaurant, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I LOVE checking out her blog My Vibe My Life for inspiration.

Unfortunately, Kelly was unable to make the event because of unforeseen circumstances, but it was still a blast.  Her genius digital content manager, Erin W, filled us in on the upcoming news – another book and new blog due out soon.  We saw with our hands the new items from her Fall collection.  I’m dying over that gorgeous green leather jacket – it’s the perfect shade of green.  And I needed EVERYTHING on the jewelry tray.  There was lots of mingling with local bloggers, and I got to chat with two of my favorites, Judy and Jane Aldridge of Atlantis Home and  Sea of Shoes.  They are the sweetest dynamic duo!  I’ve been following Jane’s blog since 2008.  We even got a swag bag filled with a silk scarf and VIP discount card.  It was a great night!

{clockwise from top right} with Judy and Jane Aldridge // with Erin W of Kelly Wearstler // Jane’s beautiful red Valentinos // swag bags filled with Kelly Wearstler goodies // newest Fall collection from Kelly Wearstler

Some of my picks from the Kelly Wearstler collection:

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for all the sweet thoughts and comments about my big news.  Y’all are the best!  :) And TODAY, I’m going to see Garance Dore speak at SMU in Dallas!  I’m such fan and smitten by her charm!  She will be at Neiman Marcus in NorthPark Mall tomorrow which I am contemplating going to also.  Obsessed much?!  

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.  – Ben Stein
{I choose what I create in my life.}

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  1. Mica says:

    That dress is beautiful, love it with the clutch! Looks like a really fun event too :)

  2. Sarah Faye says:

    I LOVE this look on you, this dress looks amazing on you! Looks like a fun event xx


  3. Gorgeous dress Sam! And Oooh La La, I love your HAIR!

  4. Terry S says:

    That is one “SWOON-tastic” dress!

    I’m coining a new phrase. :)


  5. Rachel Lynne says:

    Amazing!!!!!!! I LOVE this dress. Absolutely beautiful Sam :) Gosh you just always knock it outta the park!

  6. Kimberlee says:

    That is an amazing dress!!! You’re turning into a real blogger going out to all these fancy events ;)

  7. Sam, you look absolutely stunning. I say this every time but it’s true. So pleased that you met the mom-daughter duo. They made a dynamic team.

  8. Okay, you’re like totally GLAMOROUS!
    What a dress!
    Mr. S’s comment is too funny! Men!

  9. Stacey says:

    Looking gorgeous Sam!! I hope you’re having a great week!


    Five Minute Style 

  10. kimberlyloc says:

    i like the way you toughened up that beautiful dress with booties, a blazer and a really fun clutch. you look fabulous, sam! sorry you didn’t get to meet kelly though :( im hoping that means you get a personal invite to her house sometime…hehe :)

  11. Love that clutch!! Such a pretty look!


  12. Stephanie G says:

    tore up from the floor up?? mr s is hilarious!! actually wanted to get the skirt version myself and my bf said the same thing (re: paper shredder) but i personally think it’s gorgeous!! so lucky to have found it on sale in your size!

    steph /

  13. Samantha says:

    ***** Thanks for all the sweet comments y’all! I was sort of over-the-top at the event, but it was fun anyways!! :):):) ******

  14. Grace says:

    DYING over this dress!!! Major! You look amazing!


  15. Sarah says:

    Would you be interested in selling me your Wang Streamer Dress?

    • Sam says:

      Hi Sarah!

      I LOVE that dress so not at the moment. If I do decide to ever sell it, then I will contact you first!

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