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We’re officially home now! YAY!  But I’m trying to get caught up from being gone over a week!  I’m excited to get back to daily activities {ones that I can actually do} and catching up on my favorite blogs.  Thank you so much for all the love and support while I was out for my surgery.  I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but that’s because I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family that help me in so many ways.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have a treat for you today… a guest post from my friend Divya of Saved by the BEHL!  You may remember me talking about this cute fashionista from our lunch after the Missoni for Target aftermath!  I cannot say enough about her – she is an engineer, on track to get her PhD, a radio talk show hostess, wife, major deal finder, and super sweet!  I know you are going to love her as much as I do!

Hey Loves! (anyone who reads Style of Sam is def worthy of being a “love”) My name is Divya, and I blog over at Saved By The BEHL, a blog where I aim to make life easier by saving time, money and energy (heavy on the money) in my day to day life. I also capture the tips from my weekly radio show, share my journey as I complete my PhD, and document my many other random musings.

Hey! Love the awkward mirror pic!

I am so honored to be doing a guest post for Sam (and super intimidated at the same time) because she is such an amazing fashionista and an even more amazing person.  As if it wasn’t enough that she has to-die-for style, she’s super smart and equally as sweet.

My enabler and me. Also known as: my husband.
I am seriously addicted to finding good deals, and end up going through tons of emails/websites/coupon books daily to find whats out there.  I then like share the days top deal picks with everyone I know.  Sometimes it a free lipgloss, sometimes it’s 70% off Prada Shoes either way, it’s always fabulous deal.
Since I can’t hold a candle to Sam’s (and all the other fashionista’s) style, I thought I would share one of the things that excites me the most about fashion: How to get the best for less!  Here are some of my favorite deal websites!
  • Shop it to me. This site wants you to think of it as you own “personal shopper” and it def is!  All you have to do is go on to the main site when you set your account up and pick out your favorite stores, brands, sizes, colors etc.  Once it knows what you’re looking for it sends you emails at the frequency of your choice with ALL of the qualifying sale items from all over the web! It also tells you who has free shipping, and any additional promo codes that you can use. This site is for sure one of the best!
  • Ideeli.  This is a member-only site, (there is a link on my blog if you would like to sign up) and has fabulous deals on some serious high fashion brands. The sales are up for a few days at a time, and they only have a limited amount of each item. An example of the fabulous deals they have: Today they have a “high designer” sale that made me cry a little…

    Ummmm NEED to have these shoes.

    Can’t even handle how much I love this bag…

    Another plus to Ideeli, if you refer a friend (that’s what my link is) you get $10 in your account when they buy something.  Major Bonus.

      • SlickDeals.  This isn’t a fashion website but rather one for random, but extreme daily deals.  The deals on this site are some of the most amazing ones that I find. Here are some examples of the deals they have posted in the last couple of days.

        $2 bucks is hard to beat.

        Again, random but a great deal!

        They post about 10 -15 deals per day, and the selection def varies.  Another plus: this site is especially great for electronics.

      I hope my tips were helpful, and you guys are able to find some fabulous deals through these sites!
      Praying for a speedy recovery for you Sam!

      Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend Divya!  She’s smart, cute, AND a great deal finder!  Divya posts daily deals on her blog Saved by the BEHL.  I recently learned about Shop It To Me, but I didn’t know about Slick Deals!  Thanks Divya!  I have some other guest posts coming up later this year!   

      Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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      1. I’ve heard of slick deals and definitely need to check it out. One of my readers told me she got her Canon rebel t3, bundle pkg on slick for $399. Let me tell u…I felt sick after reading that email ahhhhh!

      2. I hope you have a good and speedy recovery! Love this post! :)

      3. steph says:

        welcome back sam!! and a big hello to divya ;) wishing you a speedy recovery! x

      4. Divya @ Saved By The BEHL says:

        Thank you so much (again) for the chance to guest post on here! Your readers seem to be as sweet as you! I hate when I miss a slick deals deal too!

      5. Nelah says:

        Welcome home Sam. No place is like home, isn’t it? Hope everything turns out great for you and for a speedy recovery. Your guest post is awesome. I wish I could be as savvy as her when it comes to finding deals. Lately I try to be good and stay away from all shopping sites altogether, fingers crossed.

      6. Glad you’re back, Sam. I hope you’re taking it easy :) (hugs) Everything went well?

        You guys are lucky to get such crazy deals in the US. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it here. BTW, just about the camera you asked about. It’s Panasonic Lumix LX3. It’s the older model (we’re up to LX5 now) and essentially the carbon copy of Leica DLux4. They both have the same lens, sensors, software etc. The difference is the red dot and $400. Hope this helps.

        • Samantha says:

          Thanks Marlene! I was wondering if it was a Leica – they are so amazing but the price tag is a little steep. Thank you so much for letting me know about the Lumix LX! Maybe there will be a deal on slickdeals!! :)

      7. I love a great deal! Divya and Sam, this was great. I subscribe to Ideeli, but I didn’t know about the other two. Soooo good to know! Excellent Post Divya! You’re too cute. Sam, welcome back girl :)

      8. I hadn’t heard of slickdeals, but now I will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing.

      9. sam,

        thanks for introducing divya…have to check her blog out…so many great deals. can’t pass up.
        and hope you get well soon.

      10. thanks for this post I really liked it

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