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I really love faux fur.  And admittedly, I feel like an alpaca wearing this vest!  But, it’s one of my favorite “fun” winter items!
turtleneck :: White House Black Market
vest :: F21
earrings :: Anthropologie
cuff :: Mai Tai
skinny jeans :: LOFT
boots :: Steve Madden (Marshalls)
bag :: Coach (outlet)
I remember the day I bought the vest.  I was in F21 and saw it on the sale rack.  SCORE!  A gal and her friend were also eying the vest.  She walked away and very loudly said, “I could NEVER wear something like that”!  I took it as a sign that it was meant for me! YAY!  It makes me smile whenever I wear it – almost like putting a small Muppet suit on!  I’ve also worn it over a black dress with a brown belt and brown boots.
The purse was a lucky outlet find.  Apparently, it was damaged because some of beads had fallen off so it was over 60% off (this is quite a few years ago).  I called Coach to see if that had any replacement beads – No.  So I went to Hobby Lobby, found some, and rebeaded it.  You can’t tell unless you are looking really closely.
Would you buy an item if it was damaged but discounted?

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  1. Cara says:

    Cute winter outfit, I love all of the cozy, chic pieces you’ve combined here! That vest is fantastic, it definitely was meant for you. I’ve bought damaged but discounted before, usually the damage is so subtle you can’t see it!

  2. Aline C. says:

    soo fuzzy :D can i touch it? Very cute outfit.
    When my friends say “i would never wear that” I know it’s meant for me too :P hehe
    Don’t you just love slightly “damaged” goods with slashed prices, best thing ever!

  3. You don’t look like an alpaca, but I would love to feel how soft that vest is! I bet it keeps you quite warm and cozy. I like how you kept everything else simple and added some fun bracelets. Heather

  4. Wow, I really really love this look! You should be in Aspen or somewhere in the snow.
    And yes, I would buy a damaged item, but the discount would have to be substantial!

  5. Nini Nguyen says:

    You look cute. I love the vest!

  6. skippysays says:

    OMG first of all- I LOVE hobby lobby! We don’t have one in CA but I visited when I was in Austin and was jealous.
    I also love that you took that girl’s comment as a side it was made for oyu :) You go girl!

  7. Katherine says:

    You look so cute! I love alpacas haha – and yes I would buy a damaged item if I could fix it and it was on major discount like that bag! BTW – am glad your nails worked out, my Mr. gets scared too when I do them like that haha :)

  8. Leticia says:

    I can see why you like it. It is such a cute vest! I would buy a a damaged item if I felt I could fix it myself. One of my hobbies is to get vintage/Coach Classics and rehab them.

  9. kileen says:

    the fur vest looks so warm and fuzzy!! love how you styled it with these boots! and i can’t tell anything missing from your purse. great buy!

    cute & little

  10. Sam, I can’t believe that girl said that out loud! How ignorant and tasteless! Well you scored a great vest! I love it on you. The other items that caught my eye right away were the bag and boots. LOVE them BOTH! It just completes everything. If I could fix the damage, I most definitely would. I bought a great patent leather tote that had a scratch at the bottom. Who’s gonna notice that? Bought it SUPER CHEAP! Hope you’re having a great day.

  11. Dear Sam,

    The other girl must be gutted that you laid your hands on those furry vest first. You look very nice in it, and well paired with the light denim.

    I would buy a damage good if I knew that I could rectify it. No harm in that. In fact, can’t even tell that your purse has been self mended. It looks new to me.

    Thanks for your really heartfelt comment on my page the other day. It was really sweet of you. And yes, I totally agree that it is nice to meet so many lovely ladies in the blogging world.

  12. Shels415 says:

    Lovely outfit! And I would buy it depending on the damage, if it’s fixable I would definitely buy it.


  13. I love faux fur! The last time I tried rabbit fur vest, I couldn’t stop sneezing. So I guess it’s back to cheap ol’ fake stuff. I would buy damaged goods if I know they’re easily repairable as long as the discount is pretty darn good.

  14. I love the vest Sam! I have been wanting a fur vest SO much but they are so expensive! You look beautiful!

  15. love the white fur vest!! looking fab!!

  16. Sayaka says:

    Hi Sam!! I’m a new follower.Your so talented for fixing up a bag yourself!! It looks perfect!! Oh an I love the fur vest on you!! It looks so cute.

  17. Sam…your blog is doing amazing! Everyday when I come to visit I see more followers and comments! I don’t mind buying something damaged if it can repaired because…you know who can do it for me…free of charge right??? hhehehehehe!

  18. Nelah says:

    Hi Sam: I would definitely buy a damanaged item at a discount price as long as the damage is not huge to the point that I can’t fix or conceal. Fur is winter’s best friend, I love the look of faux fur (as long as it is faux and not coming from animals that were tortured). I love this whole white/light winter look.

    Yep I am sure a Texan too :)

  19. kat @ paper doll theory says:

    what a lovely cozy outfit! want your vest sooooo badly. super cute

    love kat

  20. S – you and I could’ve been twins today. I took a bunch of outfit posts this morning and one outfit was exactly like this – cream top, fur vest, jeans and boots! I was going to post it too but thought I looked fat in it ;) You wore this outfit so much better than me. I love the neutral combinations in this outfit but esp. the fur vest. What a steal on that Coach bag – I would totally buy damaged items at discount if I was as creative as you and can fix it but since I can’t the damages would bother me so I usually pass. Also with damage items it’s a final sale so that would bother me too!

    Have a great weekend my dear!

  21. Do we have the same friends? I always buy what my friends say ‘NO NO NO’
    love the fur vest
    Have a nice week
    The Dolls Factory

  22. Anonymous says:

    i love all your outfits!

  23. Monika says:

    awesome post. I am a big fan of fur vests and love to try new types. I am definitely going to try some of these. Lately I have been buying faux fur vests from They were awesome too.

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