free people tropic babe set mai tai tassel earrings straw basket coach rainbow scarf sam edelman mel platform sandals


Why Ordering More to Get Free Shipping Fails Every Time + HELP Hurricane Harvey Peeps



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free people tropic babe set mai tai tassel earrings straw basket coach rainbow scarf sam edelman mel platform sandals

Yes, the title says it all! I was ordering this pair of pearl sunglasses (don’t even ask!) from Nordstrom Rack and needed another ~$70 to get free shipping. So, I added on this Free People matched set since 1) I had wanted to try it but never like paying full price and 2) figured it wouldn’t work because of the sizing and my belly button would show (which is a no no for me).

free people tropic babe set mai tai tassel earrings straw basketfree people tropic babe set straw basket coach rainbow scarffree people tropic babe set straw basket coach rainbow scarf sam edelman mel platform sandalsfree people tropic babe sonix avalon sunglasses set mai tai tassel earrings straw basket coach rainbow scarffree people tropic babe set straw basket coach rainbow scarf sam edelman mel platform sandals// Photography by Angie Garcia //

Little M was in the closet when I tried this two-piece set on and said, “You look so pretty”! DAMN! I literally had just said to myself, “This is going back” and then fell for his cute little voice and compliment and decided to keep it! BTW, he tends to tell me I look pretty when I’m wearing anything REALLY BRIGHT! LOL!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I LOVE matched sets. They are so easy and many times look like one piece! This From Gma with Love set here looks like a dress and my current outfit looks like a jumpsuit. I say this because people complimented me on my “jumpsuit” when I was wearing it that day. Amazingly, it fit without showing my navel because the bottoms are somewhat adjustable by tying it looser or tighter.

THE STYLE Rx: Keep your Summer bright, breezy, and easy with a matched set. I would probably wear a two-piece every day of the week if I could! Free People has GORGEOUS sets (I literally want them ALL), and Amazon Fashion has an amazing collection too!

FIT DETAILS: I got a size 6 because it was the only size left (normally size 2 or 4) but the top fit perfectly and is long enough to hide most of my rib cage even though it’s a crop top. The bottoms were a little loose. There is a zipper in the back, and I cinch the front tie really tight which makes them high waisted for me and hide my midsection. Hooray!

matched set FREE PEOPLE {here on sale}
earrings FREE PEOPLE
balcons du guadalquivir bracelet HERMES {pre-owned skinny bangle}
rainbow scarf COACH {old, so cute}
sunglasses SONIX


I’m not going to lie. It’s hard to write about fashion when my home town is flooded, and my mom and brothers are still there. Luckily, they are safe but some of my other family members and friends have lost their home and belongings. So many people have shown bravery and courage during this time, and I hate not being able to directly (physically) help at this time. I decided that listing some ways to help would make this blog post worthwhile for me personally.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams going on right now. It’s sad that people try to take advantage of others when they need help. These things listed are either an organization that I believe is legit or I’m linking to others that have more thorough lists.

  • You can donate on the American Red Cross website HERE or donate via text – text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10. They also have a directory HERE where you can find a blood drive that’s local to you to help medical victims.
  • The Catholic Charities is also accepting donations online HERE. My parish, St Patrick Cathedral, will be taking a special collection this Sunday, Sept 3rd, for Hurrican Harvey victims.
  • If you are a Fort Worth local, then you can check for ways to help, donate, and volunteer.
  • If you are a Dallas local, then you can check The Dallas News for ways to help, donate, and volunteer.
  • Alli K Designs is donating 100% of the profits for this beautiful Texas print to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.
  • Dallas Sites 101 has listed other ways on their Instagram to shop locally to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hope y’all are having a good week so far. I’m really struggling to stay motivated with blog stuff with all that’s going on in the world right now. My friend was back in the hospital and had surgery. I’ve been really worried about her and my family and friends in Houston. Sorry to be kind of a Debbie Downer, but sometimes it’s hard to be Samshine all the time. Just need to keep praying for everyone. Love y’all.

Rxoxo, Sam


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  1. Such a cute set!! And yeeeep, I fall into the free shipping trap all the time too!
    Harvey is just so sad! I can’t believe what is happening! I have a friend that just moved back to Texas this weekend to start working in San Antonio. Luckily he wasn’t hit hard but it’s so heartbreaking seeing what’s happening to other areas.
    Closet Fashionista recently posted…{outfit} Introducing the Dark Purple Chloé FayeMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      OH NO for your friend Meg. Hopefully, he can adjust to San Antonio. A lot of Houston medical patients were transferred to San Antonio. Yes, the whole situation is so sad and tragic.

  2. Mica says:

    Sam, I get both blogging despite the bad stuff going on and also feeling a little lost by it all.

    When baby boy was in the hospital everything was shaken up, but I blogged through it as I liked to have a little moment of sanity and feel some kind of normal with all the tubes and wires and machines. Some days I couldn’t do it, others it was a welcome escape and bit of respite. Thank you for sharing ways to help – it’s good there are so many options.

    On the fashion side, you do look beautiful in this outfit! The pink is stunning on you!
    Mica recently posted…What I Bought After a No Shop Challenge: The End of 7 Months Without ShoppingMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Thank you, Mica. You always amaze me with how wonderful of a mother and person you are. I wish we lived on the same continent so we could meet!

      It’s so true. The blog sometimes is a welcome respite from it, but today was really hard. You don’t want to abandon it, and I realize that this is my forum to tell other’s how to help! So it’s a good use of my blog!

  3. […] Happy Friday Loves! Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. The sun started shining and some of the water has receded in Houston, but there is still a lot of work to be done for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. So many are dealing with losses. I broke down this morning when I found out about one of my best friend’s tragedy. I’m listing ways to help again. Sorry for the redundancy of Wednesday’s post. […]

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