target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top, faux fur coat and chanel brooch


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target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top and hermes kelly

Last year (so crazy saying that), I wore these burgundy corduroy overalls to a Blogger Luncheon. We were celebrating friendship, and I always cherish time with my girlfriends. At the end of lunch, they asked me about the overalls. And whaddayathink… they’re from Tarjay!

target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top, faux fur coat and chanel brooch target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top, faux fur coat and chanel brooch target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top, faux fur coat and chanel brooch hermes balcons du guadalquivir bracelet, onecklace capital letters monogram ring hermes kelly bag with pink pouf target corduroy overalls with olivia palermo chelsea28 ruffle sleeve top and hermes kelly// Photography by Angie Garcia //

Overalls are not necessarily something that one considers “fashion forward” initially but I love the comfort and versatility of them, especially in Winter! It’s an added layer for warmth and the perfect opportunity to show statement sleeves. Yes, I’m aware that I sound like a broken record with all of this statement sleeve business. However, I’m taking advantage while I can before all of the wonderful drama of statement tops goes away.

THE STYLE Rx: Overalls aren’t just for Farmer Joe! They’ve made a comeback in a big way. Denim overalls are a basic, but go for different textiles for an elevated look! Wear it with a statement sleeve top, turtleneck sweateroff the shoulder top, monochromatic top (same color top as your overalls), oversized top (for a fun contrast), or crop top (for the younger ones) for a play on on the one-piece.

I fell in love with the burgundy color of these corduroy overalls right away. (Wearing size small but probably could have done XS.) Of course, I was also digging the flare legs and knew this would be an easy piece to incorporate into my wardrobe. I’ve also worn it to church with these velvet stacked heels. I have to wear “sturdier” heels when I’m hanging with the littles!

Happy Monday and hope everyone has a wonderful week! I’m trying to get organized again and OVERHAUL my life!  I started with my desk so now you can actually SEE the desk! (I’m not joking – you can ask my Mom and Mr. S!) Next, I’ve been pulling pieces from my closet to donate. And I really want to focus on simplifying things and restarting the Five Piece French Wardrobe this year.

I found some wonderful questionnaires to help guide you for a NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!

First of all is a blog post by Anuschka Rees (Formerly Into Mind) that gives you 50 Questions to reflect upon in 2016 and 10 questions to help your outlook in 2017!

Second is a reflection that I found during the Advent Season. Warning for those who aren’t religious!! This is a post from Dynamic Catholic on How to Make a Dream List where you focus on 4 areas of your life: your physical life, your emotional life, your intellectual life, and your spiritual life.

corduroy overalls TARGET
ruffle sleeve top NORDSTROM {sold out, similar sweater and here}
faux fur coat FROM GMA WITH LOVE {similar}
brooch CHANEL (love this studded one)
capital letters monogram ring ONECKLACE C/O
balcons du guadalquivir bracelet HERMES
heels TABITHA SIMMONS via Last Call {past season, love these}
kelly bag HERMES
sunglasses T+J DESIGN

Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Let me know where you take your donations ;) xoxo

  2. Ooh they’re so fun! I know what you mean though, overalls aren’t something I would spend a ton of money on, but a stylish pair from Target, why not!! That way when you’re like…’oh no, why did I buy these?!’ it’s okay because they weren’t expensive. Love them paired with that blouse as well
    Closet Fashionista recently posted…{outfit} FireworksMy Profile

  3. Mica says:

    Target? no way! I thought they were for sure a vintage piece, they have that fun vintage vibe. The colour looks awesome on you too Sam!

    Good luck with all of your decluttering and your wardrobe challenge this year! I need to seriously downsize, so I’m going to avoid shopping for 6 months. Or try to anyway, ha!
    Mica recently posted…Slouchy Tees, Shorts and LV Speedy bag for SummerMy Profile

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Mica!! Yes, Target has been killing it lately!!

      And you are so good at participating in all of those style challenges – I think that’s a good way to keep out of trouble!! I need to get on that boat!

  4. […] To help with my outlook on the New Year, I used the 10 Questions from Anushka Rees (formerly Into Mind) blog post that I mentioned here. […]

  5. Ines says:

    I love overalls so much! I like the way you make this outfit look luxe and special. The fur coat draped over maroon overalls is a nice combination! The embellished sunglasses are terrific, oh, and that layering technique that includes a white top under corduroy overalls is amazing! Love it. By the way, I also made a post about overalls, and how to wear them, check it out:
    Hope you like it.

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