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Happy Monday!  Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  Mr. S came home on Saturday – we hadn’t seen each other in almost 2 1/2 weeks.  He went on a different mission trip to Guatemala and left the day I got back.  So, we enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home to get ready for the week.  And today was my first day back to the gym in two months since January.  Can you say OUCH?  It wasn’t a pretty sight!  My heart was racing during just the warm up!  Even though it was a beating, it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.  I’m doing a lot of rambling about nothing… Let’s get to the fashion part shall we?!
When you think camo, it can go both ways.  Either YIKES or YAY!  When I saw this dress in a pile of sale items at Shareen Vintage, I said YAY!  It was meant to go with my cobalt blue belt!  However, I didn’t LOVE it the first time I shot pictures for the post.  So I took a breather {a couple of weeks} and re-shot the photos.  When I went to edit the post, I thought to myself “the first photos aren’t THAT bad”.  And now you can be the judge with the two version of my camo and cobalt post!

VERSION ONE {pre-bangs era}:

jacket: thrifted from The Vintage Mobile // dress: Shareen Vintage // belt: JCrew // necklace: Robyn Rhodes // peacock pin: F21 // bracelets: Nordstrom cuff {similar and double HERE}, Anthropologie wrap {similar}, thrifted gold // boots: Givenchy {similar} // bag: Bulga


dress: Shareen Vintage // belt: JCrew // cardigan: thrifted Ralph Lauren {similar} // necklace: gifted Robyn Rhodes // earrings: gifted Lucky Brand // boots: Givenchy {similar} // bag: Coach // sunglasses: Karen Walker

Which version do you like BETTER?!

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  1. Cute outfits!!! Love the peacock feather!

  2. I actually like both. They managed to look different when paired with different coats/cardigans and hairstyle

  3. sam, love the way you accessorized this pairing. so creative!!

  4. beautiful dress sam, I love the colorful belt and the peacock feather on the on the coat! hope you had a great weekend my dear!

  5. steph says:

    i like both too, if i had to pick one perhaps the camel.. ;) love the pop of colour on the belt!

  6. thekellytang says:

    Hahaha, I love your ramblings of nothing, and I definitely feel you on the gym thing! I love both versions, but I love love the peacock feather in the first one!

    <3 Kelly

  7. Mary Ann says:

    I think i like the first version the best – the styling really dresses up the camo. I wouldn’t have noticed it being “camo” if you hadn’t told me!

  8. Mica says:

    It is a tough one….I really like both versions! Have to go with the first one – definitely the peacock feather!

  9. Great dress!
    I’d have to say the second version is my favorite, although, they’re both lovely.
    The dress is very sexy in a different way…can’t think of a good word to describe it(not enough coffee this am, YET!)…but I like it!!

    Have a great day Sam!

  10. Niki says:

    I actually like both versions. Version 1 is more wintery and you can transition into Version 2 for Spring. I, too, got on the treadmill this past week for the first time since January (I just want to hiberate in the winter) and it was not pleasant. But I felt really good after.

  11. Ashley says:

    You look adorable! Love that dress :)


  12. Sam, absolutely stunning! Love the camo with the blue! It is an amazing dress :)


  13. Both are nice Sam! I super love the 1st one. Oh gosh, paired with that camel and peacock brooch. Exquisite girl! Glad you had an awesome weekend.

  14. Vanessa. says:

    You look great, I love the colors :)


  15. priti says:

    Beautiful dress. Love both looks but I like the second just a little bit more!!!

  16. Katrina says:

    I think version one is very regal and grand, but version two is also gorgeous because it’s a bit more edgy and relaxed. Either way you look like a doll. BTW, I’m having my first giveaway, if you have time, I would love it if you entered. :)

  17. Lindsay K says:

    Both versions look great. I like how you’ve styled it and love the colors.

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