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It’s that time again… THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2022 is upon us! I wasn’t going to do a post this year, but many of you requested on Instagram Stories which surprised me. So here are my NSale picks and ultimate guide for 2022! I’m starting off with some housekeeping information so you can have the best shopping experience. 


First… the important dates you should know so you can mark your calendar:

  • July 6: Early Access for cardmembers with Icon status.
  • July 7: Early Access for cardmembers with Ambassador status.
  • July 9: Early Access for cardmembers with Influencer status.
  • July 15: Anniversary Sale opens to the general public.

Second, the key is to shop early, and here are the details that you need to know….

  • Early access is available as a Nordstrom cardholder. Apply here if you do not have one!
  • If something is sold out, then check again later. Frequently, items are returned or restocked.
  • When shopping – if there are only a few items left, then go ahead and check out before it sells out! YES, things sell out that quickly!


By the way, you can head to my “Nordstrom Anniversary Picks” shopping page for the details above and my boutique of favorite NSale picks!

Third, why should you shop at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

This is their annual sale where Fall items are discounted as well as beauty and home products. You will see this hyped by so many influencers and I am over it which is why I was surprised that y’all requested this. Yes, there are a lot of great deals but you don’t need ALL THE THINGS.


Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing something…

In Texas, it’s over 100 degrees outside. I will recommend some great Fall pieces, but you should really consider what YOU WILL WEAR by the time it get chilly here… in February-ish. A lot of these Fall items may be sitting in your closet for months and then you may forget about them when it’s finally gets cold. We don’t need to spend money on items that we don’t wear right?!

  1. Do I absolutely LOVE this item?
  2. Will it go with pieces that I already own or do I need another shoe, special bra, etc. to wear it?
  3. Is this something that I will wear next year (or is it just a trendy piece that I won’t care about later)?

Now onto my Nordstrom Sale favorites:


nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 beauty picks

I’m MOST EXCITED about the beauty items! Beauty items rarely go on sale, and some of these are basically two-for-one deals or extremely discounted!

  1. BEAUTY BIO SKIN & HAIR GOALS SET $179 (retail $353) – I LOVE my GloPro & discovered it at the NSale years ago. This amazing set comes with everything to cover your head to toes including a scalp attachment & serum, face attachment & zen bubble cream, and body attachment. All of this is backed by science and really makes a difference.
  2. LIGHTSTIM FOR WRINKLES $167 ($249 retail) – This one sold out in a flash last year! I read so many good reviews that I decided to purchase it for full price. I haven’t been consistent with it as much and JUST BOUGHT the Dr Dennis Gross mask this year so I can do things with the mask on. It seems to be sold out online but the store had plenty!
  3. WESTMAN ATELIER WEEKENDER SET $138 ($171 retail) – This is one of my FAVORITE luxury clean beauty brands, and I LOVE all the items in this set. It’s a blush, highlighter, and bronzer set that will give you that amazing vacation glow!
  4. NEULASH EYELASH CONDITIONER DUO $98 ($196 retail) – My lashes are in need of major love & care after taking off my lash extensions. This set is one that I purchase every NSale and really works on my lashes! It’s basically a 2-for-1!
  5. RIKI 10x MIRROR $150 ($230 retail) – I have this and use this mirror every day! You may wonder if spending this much on a makeup mirror even makes sense? I am telling you the LIGHTING makes a HUGE difference! It also comes with a magnification mirror and an iPhone holder. Seriously, I LOVE this mirror so much and even purchased the travel mirror too!
  6. MOON JUICE SUPER YOU DUO $68 ($98 retail) – This dietary supplement contains 4 adaptogens that support stress, energy, mood, and focus. I did notice a difference in my mood after taking it and was disappointed that this set wasn’t part of the NSale last year. But, it’s BACK! FYI, you are only supposed to take ashwagandha for a short time and then discontinue.
  7. AUGUSTINUS BADER RICH CREAM SET $221.25 ($369 retail) – During the 2 years of COVID, I simplified my skincare routine and it included Augustinus Bader. My skin is really dry so the rich cream worked wonders for me. I went from at least five steps to cleaning and then applying the rich cream! (Right now, I am testing something else but this moisturizer is amazing!)
  8. PMD FACIAL CLEANSING DEVICE $66 ($99 retail) – Want to feel squeaky clean but not overdry? This device does just that! I love it!
  9. OSEA GOLDEN GLOW DISCOVERY SET $48 ($88 retail) – This botanical oil takes 9 MONTHS to produce! Yes, you read that correctly, and it is heaven in an oil! I love that the set is the full & travel size as well as the moisturizing body balm.


THE STYLE Rx: Grab your wardrobe staples & beauty essentials while they are on sale! 

I went TO THE STORE and tried on outfits for y’all! Since I haven’t been into the store in THREE YEARS, I was THAT LADY leaving with all the bags! LOL! I got lots of beauty, some accessories, shoes, clothes, and always shoes and jackets for the kids.

And now onto the outfits!


style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Naked Wardrobe long sleeve crop top $34.90 (retail $46) in size M
Open Edit faux leather pants $38.90 (retail $59)
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

These faux leather wide leg pants are SO FLATTERING, and the price is unbeatable! I wore it simply with a long sleeve crop top, but it would be so CUTE with a chunky knit sweater! I wore my faux leather joggers SO MUCH the last 2 years, and I know this will be worn a lot when it gets colder!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Topshop Blazer $49.90 (retail $) in size 8
Topshop Trousers $49.90 (retail $) in size 6 – needed a smaller size
Tank $10.90 ($14) in size M (similar)
Treasure & Bond felt hat $31.90 (retail $49) OSFA – there is a ribbon that you can adjust to your head size
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

I was so excited about this suit set because it’s a matching set and can be worn separately, but they didn’t have the correct sizes in store! It is a very relaxed suit and super comfortable if you work in a more casual environment. It is on-trend and would be fab for a Girls’ Night Out!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Open Edit Bomber jacket $58.90 (retail $89) in size M
Naked Wardrobe long sleeve crop top $34.90 (retail $46) in size M
Open Edit Track pants $45.90 (retail $69) in size S – I ended up getting the M for a more relaxed fit, and it sat higher on the waist.
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

I don’t know if this is considered a “set”, but I bought it as one! I love the simple black track pant (which also comes in white) and can see myself wearing this now with these sneakers and then later with the bomber jacket! The jacket has an easy silhouette and isn’t too heavy.

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

PistolLA jumpsuit $99.90 (retail $158) in size S
Treasure & Bond felt hat $31.90 (retail $49) OSFA – there is a ribbon that you can adjust to your head size
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

This is such a CUTE utility suit! Definitely size down. There are adjustable buttons on the waist and I had it on the tightest setting but there was still plenty of wiggle room. If I didn’t already have a similar jumpsuit, then it would have come home with me!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Naked Wardrobe body-con dress $54.90 (retail $72) in size L (did NOT have my Spanx on underneath)
Open Edit faux leather trench jacket $78.90 (retail $119) in size XXS – runs big so you can size down
Treasure & Bond felt hat $31.90 (retail $49) OSFA – there is a ribbon that you can adjust to your head size
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

This body-con dress is very form fitting and definitely sucks you in! I went with a larger size since it’s white and wish that I had worn my Spanx. The faux leather trench coat was a last-minute find on the way to the dressing room, and it is gorgeous. I believe it’s meant to be oversized because the XXS fit me! It would be an easy topper to go with so many things because of the neutral color and can double as a rain jacket!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Open Edit Bomber jacket $58.90 (retail $89) in size M
Tank $10.90 ($14) in size M (similar)
Topshop Faux Leather shorts $36.99 (retail $56) in size 8 – needed a smaller size
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

If you are looking for faux leather shorts, then these are a great find! They aren’t too short and the waistband is very comfortable. I didn’t see size 6 available so I grabbed the next size. I usually size up on shorts so I feel more comfortable.  They would be super cute worn with a turtleneck and OTK boots!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

7 for All Mankind flare jeans $128.90 (retail $198) in size 27
Naked Wardrobe bodysuit $39.90 (retail $54) in size M
BLANKNYC faux leather moto jacket $59.99 (retail $98) in size S
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

I wanted to show you some flare jeans that are part of the sale – there aren’t too many! These are mid-rise jeans, and the color is so fabulous for now and even later! The faux leather moto jacket is one that I have purchased many times in different colors at the previous Nordstrom sales. It is such a quality jacket, and I highly recommend it if you don’t already own a moto jacket aka closet staple!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Naked Wardrobe bodysuit $39.90 (retail $54) in size M
Frame Le High Waist flare jeans $149.90 (retail $238) in size 27
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

Here is another pair of mid-rise flare jeans in a darker wash that is so slimming! This would be super cute during the colder months with this off-the-shoulder sweater and this black hat!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Topshop faux leather moto jacket $ 59.99 (retail $89) in size 4 – oversized
Naked Wardrobe bodysuit $39.90 (retail $54) in size M
Joe’s The Mia wide leg jeans $139.90 (retail $218) in size 27
Treasure & Bond felt hat $31.90 (retail $49) OSFA – there is a ribbon that you can adjust to your head size
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

I LOVE these high-rise wide-leg trouser jeans that are so flattering and lengthening. Surprise! They came home with me! The Topshop moto jacket is less structured than the BLANKNYC jacket if you prefer that instead. I like the cropped length which goes well with high rise jeans/pants.

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

BP fleece cropped jacket $59.99 (retail $89) in size S – oversized
Naked Wardrobe bodysuit $39.90 (retail $54) in size M
Joe’s The Mia wide leg jeans $139.90 (retail $218) in size 27
Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

The fleece jacket was a no-brainer, and I knew it was coming home with me the second that I saw it! It’s lightweight but warm, and I love the slightly cropped length. It is perfect to wear over workout gear or just casually.

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Good American bodysuit $84.00 (retail $125) in size 0
my own Laude the Label linen pants

I forgot to try this on until I was already dressed again so I wore it with my pants! I discovered the brand Good American at a previous Nordstrom sale, and I really love their quality. Good American sizing is different as they come in sizes 0 (XS/S), 1 (S/M), 2 (M/L). It seems like this bodysuit has quite a bit of stretch so the 0 was fine but I probably could have gone with a 1 which would also work!


There are TONS of great shoe and accessory deals going on, but I tried to limit myself this year! I got the hat, sunglasses, and a pair of Nike sneakers! I LOVED the white knee high boots, but I have a working pair from the last Nordstrom sale! The picture collage has some of my picks for this year!

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try onsstyle of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Vince Camuto Tressara Boot $149.90 (retail $249): It’s the chunky block heel for me! I love white/cream boots for a smooth transition right into fall and winter. They come in 5 different colors, including cream leather, tan leather, burgundy suede, black leather, and green croc embossed leather.

Steve Madden Valyant Bootie $84.99 (retail $125) – available in 6 different colors but only seeing 4 online

Nike Air Max Dawn sneaker $87.99 (retail $110) – These are the shoes that I brought home. I love the blush pink color, and they will be great for our walks at the park.

UGG Scuffita Slide $59.90 (retail $90)

Adidas Supernova running shoe $74.99 (retail $100)

style of sam nordstrom anniversary sale 2022 try ons

Dior Oversized Aviator sunglasses $319.99 (retail $480)

The Nordstrom SA told me that transparent lenses are the latest trend for sunglasses. You can wear them as part of your outfit “during the day” or for actual sunglasses. I have a wider face, so aviators are usually not as flattering on me. These oversized aviator glasses are PHENOMENAL, and I’m obsessed!

A better for budget version would be these QUAY 55mm aviator sunglasses $43.99 (retail $65) which are slightly smaller (compared to 65mm) but still similar in look and effect!



Alrighty GlamFam! This took hours to put together, and I hope you love it and all of the information for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022! If you have any questions, then please leave a comment or reach out to me on social!


Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting SOS!




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