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This post is sponsored by the Neiman Marcus InCircle Program. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible. All opinions are my own, and I only work with brands that I love!

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I couldn’t believe it. I confirmed a long-term collaboration with a top luxury brand, one that had been on my list of brands to work with for years! It was truly a pinch-me moment! Today, I’m sharing all about my experience as an ambassador for the Neiman Marcus InCircle program!!! Can you tell I’m excited about this post? Even though it was hard work, I TRULY had SO MUCH FUN!!

Let me start with a little history about me and Neiman Marcus. I didn’t set foot into a Neiman Marcus store until I was an adult. I really wanted to purchase a luxe eyeshadow quad, and I decided to give Neiman Marcus a try since we had just moved to Fort Worth. I walked in and was quickly greeted by a FRIENDLY sales associate who helped me find exactly what I needed. In fact, the service was so impeccable, and the sales associate was SO NICE and knowledgeable that I went back again, and again, and again. I truly became a life-long customer.

Y’all, that was over 10 years ago, and I’ve known some of the Sales Associates before we adopted Little M. They ask about the children all the time, and are SO KIND to any of us when we’re in the store! Baby M got a “makeover” with lip gloss when we were in the beauty department (Pre-COVID) and she was literally over-the-moon. When I brought Mr. S to the NM Cafe last year, he was a little concerned that I knew almost ALL of the employees in the store. LOL! They are truly wonderful people, and I consider so many of them my friends!

Now let’s get back to the fun stuff, shall we?



style of sam and husband at dallas cowboys game neiman marcus incircle concierge style of sam and husband at home with customized reata fort worth meal neiman marcus incircle concierge

The first was attending a Members Only Event at a Dallas Cowboys Game (pre-COVID). They sent a car service to pick us up and drive us back home. When we arrived at Cowboy Stadium, we had tickets to a suite with a huge spread of delicious food and drinks. I met some new friends, and we still keep up through social media. Mr. S LOVED it obviously and asked when we could do it again! LOL!

The second was using the Incircle Concierge (Circle 4+) to have a customized menu with one of our favorite local restaurants, Reata Fort Worth, delivered to our door. This was a more recent occasion and such a big treat for our family especially since we’ve put in-restaurant dining on hold. We set up the dining table as they would at the restaurant, and the kids ate on “adult plates with adult forks”. They LOVED it so much that it started a family tradition of formal Sunday dinners, and they help set the table (only the napkins and flatware for now)!



style of sam and brother with neiman marcus gift wrapped present incircle perkstyle of sam and family in egg chair backyard celebration

I’m not only an Ambassador but a Neiman Marcus customer and have utilized these perks many times over the years.

Free gift packaging (Circle 3+) is so convenient AND beautiful with the Neiman Marcus signature silver box and ribbon. I’ve used it to send thank you gifts to friends on the other side of the US. I’ve also used it to save time for friends and family so all I have to worry about it getting the present and showing up with a beautifully wrapped present.

THE STYLE Rx: You can find all things fabulous for style, home, and family at Neiman Marcus! Sign up for the Incircle Program to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable! 

Shop more, earn more! Doesn’t that sound like a winner? As you shop for your loved ones, your home, or yourself, you earn points toward a $100 point card that can be used on merchandise throughout the store. I love this and have saved my points cards towards the purchase of some Summer sandals this year!

One of my favorite days is Day of Choosing (Circle 2+) where you can earn double points for nearly every dollar. This year, I splurged on a new bag for an early birthday present and used double points that day!



style of sam at neiman marcus clearfork fort worth curbside pickupstyle of sam in outfit picked out by neiman marcus digital stylist

Since COVID-19 has changed our lives forever, Neiman Marcus made some changes that made my shopping experience safe and just as enjoyable!

One of my favorite experiences was a digital styling appointment to refresh my fall wardrobe from the comfort of my home! Amanda, my digital stylist, took notes on my preferences and sent over an amazing slide deck of shoppable outfits that I loved and were in trend for the season. I LOVED so many of her recommendations because they were SO MY STYLE or something I wanted to try. It was literally so easy! After our initial experience, we have kept us with each other through social media, and I consider her a fashion friend. Also, she has found some of my favorite accessories to date!

P.S. Here is the golden ticket to find your own style advisor! It’s available to any Neiman Marcus customer. Visit to take a quiz and get paired! You’re welcome!⁣ 

Another perk that is available to all customers is curbside pick-up! I LOVE this service because my Littles are ALWAYS with me! LOL! It’s easy to select curbside by going to “find in store” and then “add to cart for pick up” at your local Neiman Marcus. This has been a life-saver when I forget to re-order my skincare or makeup!

Neiman Marcus carries sustainable style and clean beauty brands which made shopping there for me so easy!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my Neiman Marcus experience and the perks as much as I LOVED being an ambassador! This has been a memorable year for me and my family for so many reasons, and the experience with the Neiman Marcus Group has only been a positive one for us. The kids tell everyone my favorite store is “Neimas Marcus”! They are ALMOST right. LOL!  The perks mentioned above are just a few of the benefits, and you can learn more about it at If you’ve never shopped at Neiman Marcus, then I urge you to try. In addition to the beautifully curated pieces they carry at different price ranges (they even carry BaubleBar), you will be amazed by their customer service and fabulous benefits.

Photography & Edits // Angie Garcia Photo & Ocular Pop



It’s been forever and a day, and I miss talking to you on the blog! We’ve been doing virtual school with my oldest and trying to keep my youngest one busy with any kind of learning!! If only I could clone myself but until that happens, we are using the Homer app and some “learning shows” on PBS Kids. It’s basically been the same since the end of August at our house with some weekends working at the hospital sprinkled in.

I am SO EXCITED because we have Fall Break next week for his school and will be headed to Broken Bow, OK! We rented a cabin with a playground through VRBO, and the kids’ minds are going to be blown because there are TWO bunk beds in the cabin! LOL! It’s the little things, and we’re really looking forward to our family vacation. Anything exciting going on with you, big or small? Let me know in the comments!

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