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COLOR CODE YOUR CLOSET – How to Organize your Closet by Color



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style of sam - how to organize your closet by color

Hello GlamFam!

We are one month into 2024 and I don’t know about you but I am getting that Spring cleaning itch! This can be a tricky time of year with dreary weather, short days, and cold temps but guess what?! The days are slowly getting longer and the weather will (hopefully) be getting nicer very soon! In preparation for those sunny days ahead, this is the perfect time of year to attack those items on your to-do list, more specifically, organizing your closet! 

Not only is it important for your closet to be neat and tidy but why not take it one step further and organize your closet by color? When you organize your closet by color you are creating a streamlined and efficient space that is also visually appealing! You may be overwhelmed at the prospect but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think and SO worth it. So, if you ever wondered how to organize your closet by color, just follow the steps below!

style of sam - how to organize your closet by color

How to Organize Your Closet by Color

1. Declutter

  • This is the MOST important part of organizing your closet because the organization will not be as successful without decluttering first so DO NOT SKIP.
  • Take all items out of your closet. If you have a large closet or a lot of items, then you can do it in sections ie. tops, pants, skirts, etc. (This will also help with  organization later.)
  • Try on all pieces of clothing. This is another step that you won’t want to skip as you don’t want to keep clothing that doesn’t fit properly.
  • Use the 3 Bin Method – Sort into keep, donate, or trash.
  • Within the “keep” pile, there can be a clean and repair/alter section.
By the way, I made a FREE Closet Organization Checklist for you 👉🏻 CLICK HERE  

style of sam - how to organize your closet like a pro

2. Clean

  • While clothing is out, then clean the closet.
  • Wipe down and dust shelves, hanging rods, bins, and walls.
  • Vacuum the carpets or wash the floors. (Don’t forget those pesky corners.)
  • This is another important step because a clean state is the best way to start.

How to organize shoes by color Style of Samstyle of sam - how to organize your closet like a pro

3. Organize

  • Hanging
    1. Same type of hangers – try using all flocked, wooden, or plastic to keep consistency
    2. Hang by color – I usually do white, ROY G BIV, and then black
    3. Hang by sleeveless to long sleeves or shorter to longer on skirts, etc. 
    4. Use “Cove” hangers or accessories if you don’t have a long hanging section (for dresses, etc.). You can also use the “Cove perch” accessory to keep matching sets together in the closet. (I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook how to use the Cove perch!)
    5. Bonus: Have a section where you can hang an outfit or plan for the week. I love this idea to make early mornings easier and have 2 extendable valet rods in my closet for just that!

style of sam - how to organize your closet like a pro

  • Bins
    1. Bins are great for keeping items organized but most importantly you have to label them!
    2. I like to use bins for anything hard to put on a shelf or hang like clutches, winter scarves, flat shoes, etc.
    3. Use wicker bins, or any type of solid material, for items that might not fit into your color coordinating arrangement or use clear bins to display your perfectly organized items!

Style of Sam Organizing your closet like a pro

  • Drawers
    1. Fold items in your drawers into a “file system” so that you can easily see items. This works great for workout clothing because they can fold up quite small which helps to maximize the space.
    2. Use drawer separators or small bins for items like bikinis, underwear, etc. 
    3. Assign each drawer a purpose.

Style of Sam how to use the file system in drawers for workout clothesHow to organize your closet by color Style of Sam

  • Shoes & Bags
    1. The best way to organize shoes is to display them on a shelf, shoe rack, or shoe cubby by color
    2. If short on space you can try using a hanging door rack
    3. Use a riser for bags to continue a streamlined look
    4. For sandals try displaying one heel and adding acrylic inserts
    5. Add foam inserts to your tall boots to keep them from falling over
    6. Use belt organizers for an organized yet visually appealing solution

How to organize your closet by color Style of SamStyle of Sam Organizing your closet by color like a pro

THE STYLE Rx: Make your life a little bit easier by organizing your closet by color! It’s efficient, pleasing to the eye, and it makes getting ready in the morning easy as pie!

4. Maintain

  • Now that you’ve figured out how to organize your closet by color, you’ll want to get in the habit of returning items to their designated space.
  • Regularly assess your wardrobe and make adjustments wherever needed and be sure to add any new items to their appropriate space. It’s easiest to do every season or when you purchase a new item. 
  • Don’t let all that hard work go to waste!

Style of sam - Shoe organization by color

It’s as easy as that! Once you’ve followed these steps you’ll find that your closet not only looks fabulous but it’s also efficient and way less overwhelming! The best way to decide what to wear is to have all your options aesthetically displayed right in front of your eyes and a color-coordinated closet makes it a breeze to find the perfect ensemble for any occasion. To make it even easier for you I’ve created a FREE Closet Organization checklist! Give it a try and let me know what you think! 




Happy Friday GlamFam! I’m so excited to finally share this post – it’s been “in the making” for a long time! This massive undertaking was initiated by Fort Worth Neat in 2021. They created the structure and really helped me to first declutter and then they did all the organization and laid the groundwork to have a system of maintenance. I’ve added things here and there but I credit them with getting me kick-started on this closet journey!

Anyhow, Mr. S and I are headed to a TOOL concert tonight! LOLOL! One of my friends asked what that was, and I told her that was a band! I’m pretty sure it was before her time and also not her genre of music because I believe they are considered heavy metal! I’m going to be supportive of Mr. S although I will probably bring ear plugs! 

Let me know what you are up to this weekend! Until the next post…


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