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style of sam, date night at home

style of sam, date night at home

style of sam, date night at home charcuterie boardstyle of sam, date night at home

style of sam, date night at home charcuterie board

style of sam, date night at home charcuterie board

style of sam, date night at home

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! We haven’t been able to get out and decided to do a date night at home! It’s definitely not a new concept to us. In the past, we weren’t always able to find a babysitter for two Littles so we would do date night after the putting the kids to bed. Our “creative thinking skills” has definitely helped up with during the quarantine. Today, I want to share some fun date night IN ideas!

// Photos by ME, Editing by Angie Garcia Photo //

Our date night was such a fun reprieve from the daily grind lately! We had uninterrupted adult conversation dining on a charcuterie board and sipping wine. (That’s kind of big deal for me because I don’t really drink.) Then we watched a movie. He totally indulged me and watched Miss Americana, a Taylor Swift documentary.

THE STYLE Rx: Keep it simple and fabulous with a LBD. It’s a date night classic and you can wear it later for work! 

Here are some fun date night in ideas:


We’ve done date night in multiple times but usually had on comfy clothes. This night, we got extra fancy by dressing up. It felt more like a real date which I LOVED! I’m wearing a LBD (little black dress) that worked well for our date and will be fab for work in the future. You know I love things that do double duty!

Alternatively, you can go the other route and make it a PJ party with your loved ones ~ cozy and comfy clothing for the win!


Our past date nights at home usually includes a movie. It’s a luxury to be able to spend 1.5-2 hours watching a movie and it’s an easy way to “veg out”. We are chatting over our food beforehand so I don’t feel so bad about it. Some other fun ideas would be:

  • making a pizza together
  • playing a board game like Monopoly
  • work on a project together – something like part of a house renovation or organizing
  • doing a yoga session – We done this!
  • baking a dessert together
  • shopping online – We use to go house hunting!
  • karoake night (if you don’t have kids who are light sleepers!)


On this date night, we did a charcuterie board and wine. That’s kind of a cheat meal but has been our favorite for years. I had just been to Costco so we had everything needed. You could make dinner and dessert as part of a date night experience (as mentioned above). I’ve been reading The Engine 2 Diet so I am contemplating us trying to make a new recipe for our next date night experience!

If you eat dinner as a family and then put the kids to bed (like we do), then you can enjoy dessert together! Or you can support your local businesses and order take-out or delivery!

These photos were taken for an Instagram campaign that I’m doing with Neiman Marcus and the InCircle program which is why you see the bag. We DID REALLY have a date night this evening, and I love Neiman Marcus. It is one of my favorite places, and it’s like visiting friends when I go to the store (pre-COVID). I have known some of the SAs for years (as in 2008 when I moved to Fort Worth). They have all the fabulous things needed for a date night in, and these are the pieces that I purchased (some new, some old) ~ dress, candle, body shimmer. Hope you enjoyed this post!
What’s been your most creative Date Night IN idea?

dress BARDOT
neckmess MARLA AARONS (chain + silver lock), MARLA AARON (loop chainstar lockheart lock),
earrings MIGNON GAVIGNON | heels AMINA MUADDI (in blue, look for less)

Happy Thursday Friends! This has been the LONGEST week so I thought this post could spark date night in ideas for Friday night! I hope everyone is staying well and healthy. One of my best friends was tested for COVID, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the results. My other best friend is being very strong, but I am not going to lie. I AM SO WORRIED!!! :/

Homeschooling is a struggle, and I am saying lots of prayers for more patience. I’ve tried to make things more fun, but it doesn’t seem to be working. HOW DO TEACHERS DO IT?!

Anyhow, we are lucky that the weather has been gorgeous! THANK YOU to Mother Nature! WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TODAY?

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