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Sam is the creative director and voice behind the personal style blog, Style of Sam. She is a pharmacist who has a passion for fashion and started blogging to find the happy life prescription during the longer than expected journey to start a family.

Sam expresses her creativity, inner fashionista, and love for all things fun and fabulous on this creative space. Her style preferences range from vintage and bohemian chic to haute couture. She is a self-proclaimed style gypsy, foodie, and work in progress. Sam believes in faith, love, art, happiness, dance, laugh, glitter, and mascara. She loves animals and surrounds herself with positive people.


As a blogger, you’ll find Sam trying different trends and discovering emerging designers. {See her post on Palmer/Harding and Charles Youssef.}  She loves architectural pieces and classics with a twist. Her favorites are to mix high and low and sprinkling in vintage pieces. Even if she is in head-to-toe designer, she likely purchased pieces on sale or from consignment (like Neiman Marcus Last CallClothes Circuit, The Real Real, LGS, or Feminine Fashion).

As a mother, Sam lives in a uniform of tees and trendy tops, jeans, and chokers (Baby Girl can’t pull those off) that are from her local faves like Target and Beehive! She won’t give up style as a momma, but wears things that can be washed (even all white)!

As a pharmacist, Sam dresses conservatively (since she works at the hospital) and frequents pieces from CAbi, Nordstrom, and again Target.


Fashion should be fun.

You are never too old to play dress up.

Dress for how you WANT to feel.

Believe in fashion fairy godmothers.


Help others discover the glam and fun in fashion by mixing high and low, new and old,

and sharing the importance of organic or green beauty.

Find Style of Sam elsewhere on facebooktwitterinstagram,and pinterest. You can email her at styleofsamantha@gmail.com.

Mr. S is the love of Sam’s life. They married in 2003 and have been living a blessed life with small but manageable bumps in the road.

Franklin is one of three bits of fuzzy happiness in Sam’s life. He often makes guest appearances {aka photobombs} in blog pictures and posts.

Toby is a grouchy cat who is mean to all the other animals and sometimes tries to eat Sam’s hand bags. His nicknames are Tobi One Kinobi, Screamy, and Brat.

Little M and Baby MJ are the joys of her life.  They fill Sam’s heart with more LOVE than she could ever imagine and give her new meaning to life.  She feels so blessed to have them.

Franklin, Toby {RIP}, and Sophie {RIP} were adopted from the animal shelter.  Little M and Baby Girl were also adopted.   Mr. S was found in AggieLand.


STYLE OF SAM FAQSIs this what you wear to work?

Some outfits are what I wear to work {and I will usually mention it in the post}.  Some outfits are what I wear to run errands, have dinner with Mr. S, or dream up in my head for sipping coffee in front of the computer!

Who takes your pictures? Is it Mr. S?

If I don’t mention Mr. S, then it’s usually me, a tripod, and the trusty remote {and sometimes cats and/or a dog}. If someone else takes my picture, it is mentioned in the post.

What camera do you use?

It’s a Canon EOS Rebel T2i, andI’m still learning how to use it. I purchased a Canon EF 50mm f/ 1.8 II camera lens, and it has made a world of difference!

How tall are you?

I’m 5’4″ on a good day, but I am usually wearing heels so at least 5’6″!

Why did you start the blog?

I started blogging in 2008 during a 3 month stay in Europe to chronicle the events in my life. My friends strongly encouraged me to start because 1) I am horrible at communicating with my friends – God love ’em for still loving me 2) they all had blogs so we could keep up with each other and 3) I wasn’t working while in Europe. Originally, this blog was named “My friends want me to blog” then it changed to “Inside my closet”. I finally changed the whole URL so I could blog about my interests. And I actually started posting consistently in April of 2011.

What kind of dog is Franklin?

Franklin is a mutt, or “suburban purebreed” as Mr. S calls him. According to the vet, he is part Basenji. We also think he is part terrier.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everything inspires me, especially catalogs from Anthropologie, JCrew, or Neiman Marcus. I love looking at things in nature for ideas also. I come up with the best ideas for posts when I am putting on my face in the morning. I have a notebook for ideas in my makeup drawer.

Where do you get your thrifted things?

I go to the local resale shops – Clothes CircuitFeminine Fashions, and Luxury Garage Sale. My favorite online shops are The Real Real and Vestaire. I also check out estate sales and wrote a post about it HERE.

How do you do your hair?

I use a straightening iron to make loose waves in my hair. I made a “how-to” video! Here!