GIFT GUIDE // Father’s Day Ideas

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How do you shop for THE man of the house (who also happens to be IMPOSSIBLE to shop for)? He’s wonderful, caring, loving, and you want to show him appreciation. He’s usually too busy to treat himself to new things i.e. you buy his clothes, etc. Here are a few elevated basics to get you started on some Father’s Day gift inspiration!

ONE // Personalized Whiskey Glasses // Mr. S loves sipping on whiskey when his buddies come over. The personalized set is so classy and comes with the stone rocks. Another option is this old-fashion whiskey glass set with the large circular ice ball molds! Mr. S actually has these ice molds and loves them.

TWO // Cufflinks // These Burberry are on the pricier side but extremely classic and will stand the test of time. They are available in a silver or gold finish depending on what your man prefers. If you have the budget, it would be sweet to get a new shirt to go with the cuff links. These HUGO no-iron shirts are some of Mr. S’s faves.

THREE // Jack Black Skincare // Mr. S randomly asks to borrow some of my facial skin care products, so I’ve meant to look into a skincare set for him. I found this great Jack Black set, or this travel sized one, and even a Kiehl’s Mens’ Starter Kit too!

FOUR // Leather Wallet // Mr. S and most husbands/fathers are way too frugal practical to get themselves a new wallet. Mr. S’s wallet was like a Costanza wallet busting at the seams and hanging together by some threads. (Okay, I may be exaggerating a little… but it really was ginormous!) I got him this new wallet for a present last year, and it made him finally edit his wallet!

FIVE // Pour Over Coffee Stand // It is SO AMAZING that these are even a gift option nowadays as they were so hard to find previously. If your father or husband loves coffee, you must get him a pour over set. This is beautiful with the brass stand, but there is also the Chemex Pour Over which takes up less space if you store items away.

SIX // Picture Frame // There’s the saying, “One picture equals a thousand words.” I was searching Pinterest and found the cutest idea for a Father’s Day present. (Check out the picture below.) After snapping a million pictures to get the perfect shot, I ordered the print online and put it in a fun frame for Mr. S.

SEVEN // RAYBAN sunglasses // These are universally flattering on everyone. They’re timeless. If your father or husband needs a new pair of sunglasses, then this would be a perfect option… OR you can get the Rayban Aviators if you think he’d prefer a wire frame. Same deal with those!

EIGHT // Bluetooth Speaker // Most men love music, and my man LOVES blaring his especially when working out in his man cave (aka the garage). This is a fun option because he can take it to the office or where ever he pleases!

Hopefully,  this gives you some general ideas for Father’s Day! What presents have you given in the past?

BTW, we are officially a waiting family!!!!!!!! I’ve been working on the adoption profile book like a crazy person… getting a little crazy myself!

P.S. This is the picture that I put into a frame for our first Father’s Day. I wrote on Little M’s foot with eyeliner and took some pictures! Hooray for Pinterest ideas!




Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. Hello dear,
    Thanks for giving such wonderful fathers day gift ideas for dad. I like your all suggested gift ideas but especially Personalized Whiskey Glasses and Bluetooth Speaker I like most and I will plan to give these both gifts on this fathers day and I am sure that he will like it most.

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