Pink and Pom Poms

pom pom sandals and denim dress
I wish I could have recorded Little M’s expression when he saw these lace up pom poms sandals. It was an expression of pure joy! Then right away, he went to pluck each pom pom off… NO!

So is it a good or bad thing when your little one loves your sandals as much as you?! Does that mean my tastes are juvenile? If they are, then I guess they are. I love these sandals too much to care!

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Photography by Angie Garcia

Hello Friends! Happy Thursday! Our home study two Fridays ago went well, and I finally submitted a few things that were missing. I forgot to give them the pet vaccination records and insurance verification. Oops! Now, I’ll start working on the adoption profile book! Eek! I’m actually extremely excited to create it because Little M will be a part of it now. He LOVES reading our original profile book because he sees all of our family and friends. I know he will LOVE the new one even more.

Are you familiar with THE EDIT, Net-A-Porter‘s online magazine? Well, sorry for your wallet now that you’ve been introduced! These pom pom sandals showed up in my inbox, and BLAM! Apparently, I was hypnotized into buying them at that very moment… at least that’s what I’m telling Mr. S.

They are so happy that I could wear them naked, but THAT would be illegal! So, I decided the next best thing would be to wear it with my pink Longchamp bag and a denim dress (that becomes my daily wear in summer… just kidding… not really)! And why not wear it with tassel earrings, because tassels and pom poms go hand-in-hand right?!

THE STYLE Rx: You NEED a pair of pom pom sandals! (Okay, you may not need it, but you kind of need it!) They will make you have HAPPY FEET in two seconds flat.

When Mr. S laid eyes on my outfit, he had a look of confusion and terror. So maybe this outfit isn’t a win per se. However, I felt DARN happy and went grocery shopping and to lunch with Angie in it. So there Mr. S! I looked like a colorful fool and you weren’t with me!

By the way, I wore the sandals again with an off-the-shoulder gingham dress and my bucket bag {see my review here} to the #rsSchoolNight. That outfit was much better. So maybe Mr. S was right. ;)

What’s your take on the pom pom sandal? Is it a YAY or NO WAY?!


earrings & dress BEEHIVE {old-last seen here, love this one and this one}
bracelets JULIE VOS, JULIE VOS c/o
sandals NET A PORTER
bag LONGCHAMP c/o {OMG 40% off}
lips 100% PURE in FOXGLOVE


Rxoxo, Sam

6 thoughts on “Pink and Pom Poms

    1. Thanks Megan! I want to wear them all the time!

      And LOVE your throwback outfit- some things are just classic and will stand the test of time!

    1. LOL Mica! Thank you!

      Little M WAS excited about a sibling… until he watched some recent episodes of Daniel the Tiger where he gets a baby sister. It’s a really great cartoon show for goods with good stories and lessons. I guess the show was a little too realistic and revealed how much attention a new baby gets, so he told me that he WAS NOT ready for a baby brother or sister! Ha! One of my friends got a customized book for her daughter about being an older sibling that comes with a medal… I am going to try that next!

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