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Simple is good.  That’s a fact.  I strive to get my life back to simplicity.  According to all of my friends, that will never happen (with kids)!

Although most of you see the “fancy” side of me with LOTS of accessories, I am actually a lover of classic, modern, and minimal things.  It seems crazy that a person could be drawn to such opposite styles, but according to Emily Henderson, it’s very true and opposites complement each other.  I recently finished her book, Styled, to get inspiration to finish the house before Baby #2 shows up sometime next year. My two styles are Zen and Modern Glam, which TOTALLY make sense to me now!  Anyhow, I digress.

When I was asked to try to help introduce Eduardo Umaña’s watch, the Classic NATO, I jumped at the chance.  It’s such a beautiful watch that I could not resist. I love his story and the principles that he endorses. He believes in changing the status quo for good through his entrepreneurial journey.

Eduardo is an engineer by trade and starting designing this watch his Sophomore year. By Senior year, it came to fruition and he made a limited number which he sold to friends and family.  I’m highly biased, in a good way, because both parent-in-laws and many friends are engineers.

I want my products to do well, but it’s also very important to me to do good. – Eduardo Umaña

In addition to beauty, this watch a sustainable product!  Eduardo has sourced the highest quality materials: US case machined and ceramic treated, Swiss movement and assembly, sapphire crystal, and a handmade Italian leather strap crafted in Amsterdam. The packaging (as seen above) is acrylic and raw paper made in the US.

The Classic NATO watch comes in three different metal colors, silver, black, and gold with the leather bands available in black, natural, or chianti.  I have the gold watch with black leather.  It’s a sophisticated combination, and the gold is a very matte and subtle color.

BTW, if you live the San Francisco area, today is the last day of his pop-up shop located at The Nasdaq Center at 505 Howard St.  You should check it out!

What do you think of the watch?  Eduardo also has a lamp in development which turns on by whistling! I cannot wait to see it!

*The watch was provided by Classic Engineering, but all pictures and opinions are my own, of course!*
Rxoxo, Sam

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