I’m Dreaming of a Clean Closet

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Amidst all of the holiday chaos going on, I’ve been daydreaming about how to organize my closet (and home and life) after the holidays!  {I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to just closet organization!}  Anyhow, I will dedicate at least two weeks in the new year to get the house organized.  One of my friends told me to give myself grace and not feel guilty! I always feel guilty for dropping Little M at school.  CLEAN and ORGANIZED closet (and life), here I come!

BTW, I am using the Kondo Method.  I started small with my sock and underwear drawer, and they look amazing (and have stayed that way for two months)!  I’m happy about small wins!

What are your closet organization (or life organization) secrets?!  Please share!!  (I beg you!)

Rxoxo, Sam

4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a Clean Closet

    1. Oh good!! It’s a really easy read, and she makes every step make sense! Basically, I’m trying to do the same as you because we are getting ready to start the adoption process again! But LOL about wishing for the contents of the closets- I hear ya girl! I really do!!! :)

    1. Thanks for such a great response Celeste!! I love that way of thinking! <3 And thank you for taking the time to stop by! :)

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