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So y’all knew I went to New York during Fashion Week (recap coming soon), but did you know the main reason I traveled was to attend the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Celebration?  Maybe it sounds cheesy on a fashion blog, but I go GAGA over that stuff… decor, interior design, DIYs, flower arranging, etc.  I have a field day daydreaming about how my house or garden will look after I do (insert project here)!!  But you know things are busy lately and so DIYs are lower on the to-do list.  This was such a treat to attend the event!


We started with a breakfast at the Hudson Hotel and heard a few words from the new Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Orr.  I met TONS of fantastic people and got to catch with my Fort Worth friend, Grace from A Styled Story!  Isn’t it crazy when you “catch up” with your neighbor in another state?!


looking kind of insane talking to Grace


with Amy B, health & fitness director at BHG

We then headed off in groups to our different classes and sessions like digital branding, the truth about getting a book deal (never going to happen for me!), food styling, and creating video content.  My two favorites were the ones that were a little more hands on… Photo Shoot-worthy Flower Arranging and Styling the Perfect Holiday Table.

I could have spent the WHOLE DAY doing flower arranging!  Matthew Robbins was the amazing instructor leading the class.  I mean… he only writes for Martha Stewart weddings and has a book, Inspired Weddings.  No big deal right?!

BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap5 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap6 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap7 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap8 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap9 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap10

So, here are some flower arranging tips from the expert:

  • Design in odd numbers for hero blooms
  • Turn the container as you go to keep the arrangement balanced (if it will be seen from all sides)
  • If not using tape, use chunkier stems at the base to create a grid.
  • When photographing:
    • Make sure the arrangement has a focal point
    • Darker florals need lighter blooms for contrast to show up
    • If you run out of blooms, arrange the floral to the camera (you won’t see the back)

There was so much eye candy in the table arranging session!  BTW, Eddie Ross is my spirit animal!!  I read his book, Modern Mix, in the airplane from cover to cover.  It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and completely inspired me!!!  He is doing a book tour and stopping in Texas next year.  I’ll keep y’all posted on when and where!

BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap11 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap12 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap13 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap14 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap15

at the end of the party swooning over Eddie’s book

Some table top tips from Eddie:

  • Mix stripes and patterns!  It’s like getting dressed!
  • “Bitch it up”!  Don’t let things be too precious!
  • For large tables, substitute a king sized sheet or 2 twin sheets and a runner if you don’t have a tablecloth
  • Changing colors of a candlestick will change the look of the table

I finally met Jen Ramos of Made by Girl.  We bonded over adoption two years ago when she was starting the process and I had just brought Little M home.  Sara of Style MBA was another style blogger at the conference.  We bonded over Celine bags! LOL!!  I really had such a fun time.


// wearing TIBI off the shoulder top, CAMEO culottes, ISABEL MARANT sandals {similar}, CELINE luggage tote //

You HAVE to meet my ridiculously funny and awesome roomie, Chelsea.  She is a DIY home and lifestyle blogger at Two Twenty One.  So, we met on facebook because she needed a roommate at the last minute (hers bailed) and I needed one because I AM LAST MINUTE!!  Voila, it was perfect.  And then there was the room.  We shared a cozy queen and there was this shower with a glass wall that was covered by a sheer curtain.  That’s the BEST when you meet someone 15 minutes before bedtime.  Luckily, she rocks and is cool (and not a serial killer) so all was good!


The conference ended with a Cocktail Party on the rooftop and guess what?!?!  Brooke Shields, the September Cover model, made an appearance.  Not gonna lie… Chelsea and I stalked her until we could say hello and get a pic!  She is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet.  I told her how much I loved her hot pink chairs which were her mother’s, and she gave the best smile!

BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap16 BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap17BHG-Stylemaker-Celebration-2015-Recap20

// wearing NICOLE MILLER tutti frutti top, REBECCA TAYLOR culottes {similar}, REBECCA MINKOFF sydney bag //

Hope you enjoyed the recap!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s NYFW recap!



Rxoxo, Sam

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  1. I loved the pink chairs, too! But I’m sticking with my red furniture.

    Love the floral top! You look so happy and I like your photo with Brooke

    1. I know Julia!! Never thought about kale for an arrangement but it’s so pretty!!

      And Chlesea and I basically stalked her to get a picture, but she was so gracious!!

    1. Thanks Mica!! I feel like I need to “practice” flower arranging more often. Gives me an excuse to have beautiful flowers in he home! :)

    1. Seriously!! LOL!! I’m surprised you didn’t include that shower pic!! #socrazy

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