Moments with palmer // harding

palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam1b palmer // harding visit in Dallas, style of sam// with the designer Levi Palmer and Joanne //

palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam3// inspiration by Manfred Pernice’s sculpture //

palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam5 palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam6// inspiration by Faig Ahmed traditional and contemporary works //

palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam7// wearing a past collection dress and a top from the a/w 2015 collection //

palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam8 palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam9 palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam10 palmerhardingdallas-styleofsam11

Manfred Pernice image via // Faig Ahmed image via

The white button down shirt.  A classic revisited in the most unique modern way.  This is THE PIECE of palmer // harding, British design duo known for the “worlds most perfect shirts”.  Last month, I was truly honored to meet Levi Palmer of palmer // harding.  It was his second visit to Betty Reiter in Dallas, and I wasn’t going to miss him THIS TIME.  (Last year, I was knee deep in dirty diapers and no sleep and somehow missed his visit.)  Joanne, my mentor student, and I were privy to touch, see, and drool over their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection during the trunk show.

Levi was kind enough to share the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.  It stems from exploring the minor chaos between innocence and power, the softness of folk art and hardness of lines.  It is the juxtaposition of innocent silhouettes  of girlhood with more severe and powerful lines of womanhood.  Artistically, they were moved by Faig Ahmed, an artist who “disassembles” the traditional rug with fragments of contemporary form.  Manfred Pernice, a German artist who creates architectural sculptures, also influenced the latest collection.  All of this manifested as carefully constructed bouillon stumpwork on each shirt, skirt, jacket, or dress.  The detailing on each piece is divine, and I’d have to say my favorite was the black and white top and skirt that Joanne was wearing – the classic white shirt done to the utmost perfection.

Chaos is not total disorder, it is a multiplicity of possibilities,  a thing that is birthed from the void and about that which is possible. – palmer // harding

By the way, their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection is breathtaking (and my favorite).  Levi shared some pictures from that collection that haven’t been seen elsewhere.  Betty Reiter Boutique in Dallas still has some of these phenomenal pieces like that gazaar pencil skirt that I have on.  And in case you couldn’t tell, I am a bit OBSESSED with their line.  Shadia let me try on a past collection piece, the “Angel” dress, and I’m also wearing a long shirt from the upcoming a/w collection.  P.S. Levi let me in on a little secret… They are going to be introducing a “Classics” line which will bring back some of the past pieces.  PLEASE bring back that dress!

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse of  palmer // harding’s newest collection!  I am a HUGE fan of their work and was incredibly honored to meet Levi.  I felt instantly connected because he grew up in Temple, TX.  That just happens to be where I did my post-graduate pharmacy training, AND Mr. S and I bought our first house and lived there for four years.  Hooray for Central Texas!

Happy Tuesday!  And sorry this post was so late.  May got a little crazy because I am too unorganized/waited until the last minute to finish all of my volunteer hours for Junior League.  At least I got them done!   See you soon…

Rxoxo, Sam

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    1. Thanks so much Mica! Even hubby has been making comments about the all white! I just make sure whatever I’m wearing around Little M is washable! (Maybe I should do a post about keeping whites white or how to clean after a spill!)

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