Just like ANIMALS

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ONE {skirt} // TWO {pant} // THREE {clutch} // FOUR {dress} // FIVE {heel}

In Texas, animal print NEVER goes out of style.  This Spring, I’m LOVING the literal trend of animal print!  Don’t be surprised for find your floral and fauna mixed and see the domestic pets make an appearance.  Gotta love those dogs and cats.

Whoo whoo doesn’t need a pair of those owl pants?!  Couldn’t help myself!  And that cat slash deer dress… less than $30.  Don’t mind if I do!

What do you think of the newest animal print trend? LOVE or Hate?!

Head on over to the new Fashion blog at Fort Worth Texas Magazine to see my FOUR other print picks for the season! {The post will be up later this afternoon.}  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend friends!


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Rxoxo, Sam

6 thoughts on “Just like ANIMALS

  1. I love the animal prints! Now for courage to actually wear some… wish me luck! Think I can find animal print sweats? Haha!! Need to say good-bye to the SAHM shabby no-so-chic look, I guess…xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Tasha!! I know you are a shoe gal too, and I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the shoes! *sigh*

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