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Move over makeup brushes!  There’s a new brush in town, and it is AMAZING!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen a post right after my introduction to the ARTIS Fluenta brushes.  It was LOVE at first site and application!

Warning:  I’m about to geek out on y’all.  Mr. S asked me if I was going to pull out a ShamWOW after my manic explanation of these brushes to him.  I like them THAT MUCH!

It was a brisk day in January when a lucky few of us met Neal Treadwell, the VP of Education and Sales, from ARTIS.  He’s been in the business… oh I don’t know… for over 30 years!!  Maybe he’s worked for a few prestigious brands that we know, like Bare Minerals and Bobbi Brown.  He just WOWed me, and I want to share all of that good info with you!

The ARTIS founder, Matthew Waitesmith, designed these fabulous tools after retiring from VP of Training and Development at MAC Cosmetics.  He realized that make up brushes never evolved from the watercolor paint brushes they copied, and Voila!  You have the ARTIS brush.

The first thing that I noticed was the design. They are SO UNIQUE with the curved handle and gorgeous chrome and black finish.  The actual brush is composed of CosmeFibre, an animal free, nonporous, and synthetic fiber that tapers to 4 microns – so it can hold and deliver more product.  It is SO SOFT that you might think it’s some kind of fur!  BTW, the fibers also have a little “memory” to them.  So if you toss them into your makeup bag while traveling and they get smooshed, you can just wet and reset.  {I know because I did this when we went to Florida.}

The handles are a resin based {the same kind used in high quality cars} which make them lightweight, balanced, and resistant to water/alcohol i.e. they won’t rust or your brush won’t fall off the handle like a few of my old ones after multiple washes.  They are really easy to use because of the weight but still feel really sturdy.

And the way you use them… it was really different at first.  These are designed to be ergonomic like you are putting make up on with a finger.  It took a two uses before I felt really comfortable, but now it’s super fast and easy!  {okay…not as fast as the video… I had to speed it so you got the point!}  Easy AND makes you look flawless. YES!!  Honesty, I’ve stopped using all of my other brushes {except for a brow brush}.

They are easy to clean!  There is a cleaning pad which is a microfiber cloth.  Neal said it could last a year if you washed it at least once a month.  You just rub the brush on it if you want to change colors {without blending} or like I did going from eyeshadows to using it for my brows.  I didn’t want sparkly brows!  And going from creams {like primer or lipstick} to powders is a cinch.  You just spray a little cleansing foam on the cleansing pad and rub the brush around.  It also sanitizes it!  During our meeting, Neal showed us how you could go from a red lipstick to a gold eyeshadow with no problem!

My favorites are the Circle 1 brush and Oval 8 brush.  You’ll see in the video that the Fluenta Circle 1 brush is what I use for eyeshadow primer, cream eyeshadow, and lipstick.  When I’m done with the lipstick, I quickly clean it with the foam for the next go round.  I’ve never had hot pink eyes!  ;)  The Oval 8 brush feels like a dream when I’m applying my foundation and perfect for blending and the décolletage area.

You can find the Fluenta collection exclusively at Neiman Marcus.  BTW, they are made in the USA.  Hooray!

Alrighty, it took me forever to do this post because I wanted to finish the video.  I filmed it three times {different occasions and locations} before it was clear enough.  It’s a little silly but very me!  Hope you enjoy!  ;)


ARTIS FLUENTA 5 brush set
ARTIS FLUENTA Oval 8 brush
ARTIS FLUENTA Circle 1R brush
ARTIS Cleaning Pad
ARTIS Cleansing Foam

Jane Iredale Amazing Base in Golden Glow
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX04
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
TOM FORD Cream Eyeshadow in Pink Haze (sold out) but spice is nice!
Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow in JoJo and Spicy
TOM FORD Eye Quad in Emerald Lust
Beauty is Life Blush in Vendetta
Bare Minerals Liner Shadow in Sable
TOM FORD lipstick in Aphrodisiac (old) but flamingo is really close!

I had already applied em Waterliner in Black Night and Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Noir.

So what do you think?  Would you be willing to try the ARTIS Fluenta make up brushes?!  They are different, but in a GOOD way!  Let me know your thoughts!  BTW, the name of the French song in the video translate to “The Finest in the Area”.  Thought that was appropriate for the brushes!


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Rxoxo, Sam
The ARTIS Fluenta 5 brush set and Oval 8 brush were graciously provided by Neiman Marcus.  All opinions are always my own.  Thank you for supporting brands/companies that make this blog possible.

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    1. Meg!! I know they are expensive, but I think a good investment since they would last a long time!! I know that ARTIS has another line that is a bit more cost friendly but is still the same idea on application. I think the main difference is the aesthetic and I don’t believe they’re made in the US. I’ll find the link and reply!

    1. Thanks Mica!!! I know… what a concept in brushes right?!

      And that is really weird! Maybe they will have a special launch? I can email the Neal, the education and sales VP.

      BTW, if you want me to get that gold tee or brushes and ship them to you, then I can! :)

  1. That was so much fun! Love the cleaning pad. MichaelArchangel decided to be my makeup brush during the video.

  2. Great video – I love how it was directed and the pacing and the music. It got to the point and didn’t drag out for 10-15 minutes. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much! It was fun to put to music, and I cut it to make sure it didn’t go too long! :)

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