Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas // Stay In

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If you’re a procrastinator like me, then you know that all restaurant reservations are booked for Valentine’s Day.  NO WORRIES!  Lucky for you, I can be pretty creative at the last minute.  Choose to STAY IN with your honey, and I’ll bet you’ll have a better night!

Movie Night // Why not intimately watch a movie in the comfort of your home?!  Our definition of movie night includes watching something on Netflix with a full charcuterie, wine, and cheese assortment.  A little more sophisticated than popcorn and enough to satisfy the appetite!

Draw a Bath // Fill the room with candlelight. Pour some bath oil (or throw in a bath bomb), and get ready to wash away the day’s stress and relax with your beloved.

Make a List // Life is too short.  Tell your true love how much you treasure them by counting the ways… 1 to 10!  Read it to him with some wine and dark chocolates.

Massage // Spoil your sweetheart by melting away to knots… literally with this massage bar.  Couples that massage together stay together! ;)

And if things are going to get heated, why not get a little creative with this mask set?!  I’ll let you figure out the rest!  Oh la la…


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Rxoxo, Sam