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This past October, I was delighted to meet and chat with Kate Somerville during her visit to Neiman Marcus Fort Worth.  I know, I know… I’m just now getting around to posting about it.  My morning started with a fun Q&A session with Kate and then finished with a heavenly oxygen facial!

Kate was genuinely one of the absolute NICEST people I’ve ever met and is so humble about her successful company.  She took her time to answer all of my questions and chatted as if we were out for coffee.  After her Q&A session, she was on the floor saying hello and answering questions for all the clients who came for an oxygen facial.  She is JUST AS WONDERFUL as her products.

Here’s a recap of our chat…

S:  I have problematic skin with eczema patches that are very visible on my forehead and neck.  Is there something that you would recommend (based on your own experience with eczema)?

K:  Diet, stress levels, and allergens can really affect eczema exacerbations.  Personally, wheat, acidic foods, and sugar really affect me but it could be dairy for someone else.  Internally, you should take in lots of water and green leafy vegetables.  Topically, you have to keep skin moist because it’s caused by over dryness and over stimulation.  Take baths and not showers because they wash away your natural oils.  And as soon as I get out of a bath, I put on Curel.  When I have a severe breakout, then I use my severe eczema cream.  I actually use my eczema cream on my hands everyday; it has colloidal oatmeal and holds moisture for over 24 hours into the skin.  So Curel on the body, and eczema cream on the eczema!  Avoid detergents if possible.

S:  I’m really excited about the dilo oil discovered in Fiji and all of it’s properties.  Is the dilo oil going to be a single agent or do you plan on expanding it to a line?

K:  We were considering it for a body butter because it’s so healing and has so many properties; It’s used as a bug repellant, for burns and bug bites, increasing firmness and elasticity, and also helps with age spots.  But it is going to be a single agent.  I don’t know if you know but it’s very fragrant and strong, so we have it mixed with coconut oil to make it more pleasant.

S:  Since I am a huge oil fan, I do plan on getting the dilo oil.  Would you use that at the end of your routine?

K:  Yes, that would be your booster.

S:  What inspires you or your new products?  And what is your favorite product?

K:  That’s hard!! I’ll tell you  my go-tos… our gentle daily wash, the new Mega C Dual Radiance Serum, and Retasphere Micro Peel.  {Me: I was worried that would be too harsh for my problematic skin.}  No, it’s beautiful and won’t hurt sensitive skin.  If I was traveling and couldn’t bring very many items, I would bring the Deep Tissue Repair and ExfoliKate.

S:  Do you a new product in the works that you’d like to share?

K:  Yes, we have a new eye serum for KateCeuticals exclusive to Neimans.  It’s great because it’s really hydrating and helps with puffiness and brown spots.

S:  Would you share a “secret” something about yourself?

K:  It’s hard because I built this this brand that’s very prestigious… it’s in Neiman Marcus.  It {the products} really just works.  But I’m not a fancy person – I grew up on a ranch, I’m very down-to-earth and really into nature, and I’m really more of a hippie!

She really was so sweet.  I felt like she was my long lost skincare guru bestie!

Now, I have a chance to tell you about my Kate Somerville go-tos!  Guess there are some advantages of posting two months later!

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 ONE // ExfoliKate // I’ve listed this in gift guides because it truly is the most amazing exfoliator I’ve ever used!!!  And I’ve used A LOT.  Did I ever tell you that I worked at the cosmetic counter for Shiseido and Estee Lauder when I was in college?  Trust me… this is THE BEST!!

TWO // Cytocell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream // I’ve used this eye cream religiously since the end of October because I have the WORST dark circles.  It has decreased some fine lines, wrinkles, and under eye puffiness.  However, I still have dark circles which get especially bad when my allergies flair up.   They’ve been horrible lately {because of my awful diet during the holidays}.  It did not clog the pores around my eyes {which is a pet peeve of mine with eye cream}, and the consistency is divine and perfect for under my makeup.

THREE // DermalQuench Liquid Lift // Basically, this is the “home version” of the oxygen facial and I LOVE it.  I just ran out and need to get another.  I could tell the first day that I didn’t use it because my skin fell extremely dehydrated.  I kept adding more moisturizer!  Warning:  Because of the way you administer this treatment, you may wake or keep your significant other up during your skincare routine!!  I think Mr. S is secretly happy that I’m out!

FOUR // Dilo Oil // I was extremely excited to try this oil because I’d heard so many good things about it {firmness and elasticity, evening skin tone, and hydration}.  I have a huge age spot on my cheek and it’s lightened just a bit.  It has a beautiful smell.  Well done hiding the strong smell, Kate!  After applying to my face, I run my hands through my hair to help smooth it during the winter.  FYI:  I noticed immediately that the consistency of the oil is thinner than other facial oils that I use… most likely because it is mixed with other ingredients.

FIVE // Restor8 Replenishing Serum // This serum has a refreshing citrus smell and helps with hydration to plump up skin.  I’ve also noticed my pore size has decreased and my skin tone has evened.  Basically, I feel like it’s a fantastic hydration booster that’s been saving my skin during these extremely cold winter months!


If you have a chance to meet the “guru of glow”, then you should!  She is absolutely fantastic.  And if you have a chance to get an oxygen facial, then MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!  The skin is drenched with vitamins and hyaluronic serum, and then the oxygen treatment helps the dermis absorb it and increases the skin volume to “plump” it.  Seriously, my skin looked woooonnderful after the oxygen facial.  BTW, Neiman Marcus Fort Worth is having oxygen facials this weekend on January 23rd and 24th.  Call 817-738-3581 ext 2025 to book an appointment.  Just keeping you in the know!

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Rxoxo, Sam

Kate Somerville products graciously provided by Neiman Marcus {except for Cytocell and Dilo Oil}.  All opinions are always my own.  Thank you for supporting brands/companies that make this blog possible.

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    1. Thank you Meghan! Skincare is really important to me too. I’ve been really happy using her products and notice a change in my complexion. It’s always hard to find the right “balance”.

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