Style of Sam got a Makeover

I am SO EXCITED to officially unveil the NEW Style of Sam!!  It’s a new year and starting it off right with a new blog design.  As I alluded to earliest this month, this redesign has been in the works since April!  It’s been in place for a bit, but I’ve been tweaking some things here and there.

Let’s start from the top, shall we!

style of sam, new blog design

Mr. S told me that a slider was a #musthave.  LOL!  He visits car sites and really likes the ease/functionality of a slider so you don’t have to “scroll down” to see the content on the page.  So there we have it – a NEW slider for SOS!  Another addition is the subscription sign up RIGHT THERE so it’s easy to find!

The navigation bar and search box are back at the very top!  They are drop down menus that are pharmacy related, of course!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE with my new logo!  Could there be a more clever logo for a pharmacist/fashion blogger?!  #genius  The touch of gold just elevates it.  Amanda Dietz is the mastermind behind the logo and new site design.

high heel + mortar & pestle = the NEW Style of Sam

style of sam logo and navigation


There are some pretty cool happenings on the sidebar!  Amanda created a SHOP box to show off my current cravings/obsessions.  You can click on an item if YOU have to have it too!  Also, I have DROP DOWN menus.  Hooray!  No more long lists that take up precious space.  You can see them if you want!  Just click on the pink triangle.  As one of my friends told me, “You have a prescription for everything!”  And yes, that includes ‘prescribed reading’.  I’ve picked my favorite post to share.

style of sam sidebar


When you scroll to the bottom, you’ll get a peek at my latest Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram whereabouts!  Amanda formatted this beautifully and so simple.  Click on each box to take you there.

style of sam footer


My favorite update is the SHOP page!  It was a last minute decision for both of us but turned out awesome!  First, the category tabs lets you decide which one of my faves to shop.  Second, I have the cutest little space for a featured outfit.  When you click on it, a pop up box gives you a better look.  Plus, you can shop the item or see the post!  I love it!

style of sam shop page

The last major change is the contact page.  I went BACK to stationery.  If you’ve been a blog friend for awhile, you may remember my sequined girly pink days!  I was always a fan so it made a comeback!

style of sam contact pageThis is it!  You’ve gotten the official tour!  Click around and tell me what you think!  Happy Weekend Friends!

Rxoxo, Sam


9 thoughts on “Style of Sam got a Makeover

  1. This is a wonderful new look. The new functions are so professional and easy! Love it! Congrats!

    1. Thanks for all the support Maci! Missing you and the family! Sending lots of love… Besos!!!!

  2. I love the new format! Don’t know how you find time to do so much! I know you will be even more successful with your new layout. Even my fingers now hit the correct locations.

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