Happy 2015!

Happy New Year Friends!  I hope everyone had fabulous holiday time with friends and family!  We did a lot of relaxing and hanging out.  This was Little M’s second Christmas and New Year, but he is older so we enjoyed it in a different way.  He figured out how to “unwrap” presents and was a pro a tearing the paper into small pieces!  BTW, he loves his little piano!    For New Year’s, we spent the night in and watched a movie.  Mr. S didn’t even make it to midnight before falling asleep, but he got a kiss when I woke him after the movie ended!

I LOVE the New Year always because it signifies a time for a fresh start and clean slate!  There are a couple of things I have planned for this year…


J Crew cashmere sweater || Max Mara camel coat || Painted Dessert Rug || Black & Gold Accent Table || Karlie Kloss Entryway || Pink Bra and Satin Hipster by Fleur du Mal || White Bra by Negative Underwear

What are your New Year plans?  Do you make new resolutions every year?  I’d love to hear!

Rxoxo, Sam

10 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

    1. So true Meg! Another one of my friends said it makes a gal feel sexy from start to finish! I’ve always just worn whatever – knew it was getting bad when the hubby started teasing me! It’s usually the other way around!

      And I even got new PJs – you inspired me after your post in that super luxurious looking set!!

    1. I hope you have a really FANTASTIC 2015 as well Mica! I foresee lots of fun things happening for you as well, especially with Little T in the mix!

    1. Happy New Year Steph!!! Thank you!! Means a lot coming from you – your site always looks so fresh!

    1. Thanks Rebecca!! I’m going to do a post on it later this week!! :) It’s great when something you’ve been working on forever finally comes to fruition!

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