From Grandma with Love // Looking Back


// Young Grandma //

grandma-and-little-m// the last time we got to visit with Grandma //

It’s taken me awhile to do this tribute post for Grandma.  It makes me very emotional to post the pic of her and Little M.  She was a beautiful lady and always had many stories to tell.  Isn’t she gorgeous in that picture with the crown of braids?!  She will be missed, but I know she is in a better place.  Hope you enjoy all of the past outfits I’ve worn from her.  Happy Friday Loves.

Rxoxo, Sam

14 thoughts on “From Grandma with Love // Looking Back

    1. Thanks Meg! I DO have all of those to keep her memory alive! It’s a very positive way to do it!

  1. Your grandmother was beautiful Sam, and such a stylish lady! I love how you can still give life to her wardrobe pieces, and now they are forever engrained on the blog here for hundreds (or thousands!) of people to enjoy.

    So sorry for your loss, but what a lovely tribute.
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  2. Its so nice of you to share this tribute with all of us. She was a beauty, that’s for sure. Its also a blessing she got to know your son. I wish my grandma had a chance to meet my children, especially my “middle” child. She is a loud redhead just like her with a crazy laugh and a penchant for saying exactly what she’s thinking, that was my grandma. Those photos of your son and gran are priceless gems.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Nicole. That’s so true – really a blessing that my son had a chance to meet her. It’s hard when you have someone so important in your life but not able to share it. My father passed when I was 18 so he never had a chance to meet my husband or my son. I still think of him everyday. It’s a good reminder that sometimes their memory lives in the future generations.

    1. Thank you so much Huong! You are so sweet. And that last photo really is beautiful. He kept holding her hand when we were visiting.

  3. Thank you for loving my mother so much and keeping her memory alive. She will always be beautiful memories.

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