Red Maxi Redo

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red maxi FRENCH CONNECTION c/o | earrings KARA ACKERMAN c/o | impromptu necklace LULU FROST  {similar from her} | rings OUI ETSY, BY BOE | bracelet JIMMY CHOO x H&M | nudist sandals STUART WEITZMAN | vintage camera bag CHANEL {similar to rent} | lips CHANEL REBELLE {Monte-Carlo looks similar}

Photography by Mr. S

We went to a wedding last weekend for our cousin.  I really wanted to wear this red maxi to celebrate the union {because red symbolizes happiness in the Chinese culture} but it’s too long.  Normally I wear it with my leopard platform wedges and the the hem skims the floor, but I was going to be carrying the little man around so I didn’t want to chance having a fall.

I decided to do what any reasonable Macgyver-type gal would do and use safety-pins to shorten the dress!

I folded the front hem under and pinned it in two places on the seam of the waistband.  It created a nice bubble/draping/Grecian effect and was short enough so I would not trip!  AND I could wear strappy sandals!  Perfect-o!  Just wanted to share my quick tip in case you’ve ever had this problem.

Rxoxo, sam

11 thoughts on “Red Maxi Redo

    1. Thank you dear Maci!! I had NO CHOICE so it HAD to work! {You know how things get when you’re running late but have to hurry!}

      1. Yes, I undesrstand! I made a quick change out the door at the last minute…only to trip over the dress during the whole funeral. Wish I’d have thought of this!

  1. That is such a great idea to shorten the dress in a pinch! I’ve had some maxi dresses that were halter ones and I’d just fold the halter neck down so it was strapless, and belt it to keep it up, so I could walk in it, haha. Now I have a good tailor I just take everything to her, after a really nasty fall when I thought I could shorten my pants myself……I never tried safety pins, I wish I had!
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    1. Well, I think its probably better to have a great tailor for the pants. And that’s so scary about your fall! :/

      I just needed to shorten that dress in a pinch so I could AVOID a nasty fall with the little guy. It’s one thing if it’s just myself!

      And FANTASTIC idea about the halter dress – may copy you on that for sure!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I take forever to get my clothes altered so I always need quick tips to get by! And I thought the necklace was really clever! ;)

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