Burgundy on Burgundy for Fall

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leather mini skirt FRENCH CONNECTION c/o // tee LNA c/o {old} // earrings BY BOE // taner collar necklace GORJANA c/o // bracelets RYAN SADKIN c/o, PIM & LARKIN c/o PIPERLIME {similar} // cage booties SAM EDELMAN // trapeze bag CELINE via Last Call // sunglasses PRADA

Photography by Mary Summers

As soon as this chic little mini skirt arrived, I was dying to wear it… even though it’s still warm in Texas.  I paired with a monochromatic tee and nude peeptoe booties, but I think it’d be so cute with a graphic tee also!  When it gets chilly, it will look great with a camel sweater.  BTW, only the black leather skirt is available online right now.  I’ll let y’all know and update this post when the burgundy is available.  QUICK UPDATE:  The burgundy leather skirt was an exclusive for Bloomingdales!! Now you can get it too!

By the way, that’s my tassel necklace being worn as a bracelet.  That’s what happens when I’m rushing out the door with Little M trying to get somewhere on time.  I end up forgetting my jewelry and wearing whatever I find in my bag!  I’m being resourceful.

The Style Rx:  A leather skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe for Fall/Winter.  You can even wear it in Spring/Summer with a simple tee.  Year-round leather… Now that’s a no brainer!

And thank you for all the positive vibes/thoughts/prayers y’all posted on Instagram about the GIL and Little M.  GIL’s funeral is today.  Little M did really well after surgery and is healing like a champ.  Love you guys and appreciate all your support!!

Rxoxo, Sam

13 thoughts on “Burgundy on Burgundy for Fall

    1. THANK YOU Christina! And you look GORGEOUS in that blue tulle skirt!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    1. Thank you Meg! The top is cozy – I’ve found that most tops from LNA are super comfy! I was lucky that it matched the skirt perfectly!

  1. Love the monochrome, burgundy looks amazing on you! :)

    You are really resourceful with the necklace as a bracelet. If I had to try and accessories my look with items in the baby bag….I’d end up wearing a teething ring or something haha. It was not helpful last night when I got all dressed up for dinner and evening out and little baby T had an explosion all over my dress. I had nothing to change into!
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    1. You literally made me LOL with your comment!! :-D A lot of times, I take my jewelry off and throw it into my bag right before I pick up the little guy from school. I usually forget to empty my bag at night so there’s random jewelry in it!!

      And he did have an explosion on me once, but we were at home. I’ve never thought to bring a change of clothes for myself!

      BTW, you look AMAZING in that drop waist striped dress. I’m always afraid to try them bc of the cut, but you make it look great! Makes me consider getting one!! :)

      1. haha I know that feeling of just throwing something in the bag and then forgetting to take it out later. I found a french fry in there one day! No idea how it got there, he’s not into solids yet!

        I am immensely jealous that you’ve only had one explosion. My son seems to be much messier than your son, haha! I think I’m going to start packing a scarf in the baby bag – at a pinch I can make it a top, dress, or something to hide a stain! :P
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        1. So smart about the scarf Mica!! And we JUST RECENTLY starting venturing out bc I was such a nervous/worrisome momma which is probably why explosions didn’t happen. I’m sure if we were out more, it would! LOL!

          One of the times it was “happening” was on the plane ride back from NYC. I could see his diaper growing (in back and starting to come out) and the drink cart was in the aisle. Luckily, the flight attendants were very understanding and moved all the way back so I could get to the WC in time! Whew!

    1. Haha Kimberlee! The blog pics capture the “moments” when I’m put together. OTW, I’m a mess! I remember going into a store on when I was having a “very mom day” to return a cake stand, and the lady asked me if I was the same person who picked up the cupcakes. She said that I looked a little more casual that day! {Which means I had glasses, my hair was a mess, and I probably didn’t match!!!!!}

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