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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with backpacks.  When I heard they were coming back, I gave a big eye roll.  Why would I ever want to wear a backpack?  I’m not in school anymore!  

After a day at the museum with Little M, I decided I NEEDED one.  He cannot walk yet and I was bent over walking him around.  My cross-body bag would swing around and hit him in the back!!!  So there… backpacks are BACK in my life anyhow.

I’m pretty sure one of these will be my FIVE PIECE FRENCH WARDROBE purchase for the season.  Of course, I’m mad dogging the Chanel, and this quilted backpack is a strong runner up!  And it’s great timing because Neiman Marcus is having a having their shoe and handbag event (plus you get can double points for purchasing something in shoes).  These heels are currently in my cart!  Although I have a similar pair from Ann Taylor, the patent leather is peeling so I need another.

Are you going to sport a backpack this season?! 

Rxoxo, sam

4 thoughts on “PRESCRIBED // Backpacks

    1. I know – sleek is so chic! That’s why I really like that Balenciaga one. But at the same time, it also seems kind of stiff… so it’s always so hard to decide!

    1. Oh that’s cool Michelle! (I just checked it out on Google.) I know what you mean about getting two. The quilted is super cute, but the camera one seems to be more roomy. I guess it depends on what you plan on using it for.

      I got mine and just use it for my stuff and my little guy has his own backpack. So for me, it didn’t have to be as big!

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