The SOS Guide to Father’s Day

**By the way, you can click on each picture to shop any item!** 

Father’s Day is a week away!  Have you gotten your special someone {father, husband, grandpa, brother} a present yet?  Here are some ideas for your daddy-o’s!!

1 // MAN JEWELRY // Mr. S won’t wear “man jewelry” but he WILL wear a watch!  I love this NIXON ‘Sentry’ watch.  It’s classic but Nixon tends to make everything look modern at the same time.

2 // COFFEE POUR OVER POT // Okay, so I am a coffee connoisseur… have you ever had a pour over cup of coffee?  It’s AMAZING.  This Hario Drip Pot is perfect because it even comes with it’s own flannel filter which allows you to get the full flavor and oils of the coffee.  If your man loves coffee, he needs a pour over.  If you don’t think he’s ready to commit to this ‘contraption’, then you can get this easy Starbucks set complete with a mug OR this wood pour-over stand like the ones you see at the coffee shops!

3 // CAMPFIRE CANDLE // We have a running joke in our house {and with our friends} that Mr. S is the girl in the relationship.  And guess what, he goes gaga for candles!  YES it’s true.  I got him a campfire candle from Anthropologie awhile back, and we were living ‘outdoors indoors’ until that candle was gone.  I couldn’t find it online, but you might try the stores.  However, I DID find this Wood Ash candle from Barneys.  It will set you back a bit, but supposedly it burns for 80 hours.

4 // PERSONALIZED TOILETRY BAG & GROOMING KIT // I always like personalized or monogrammed items – they make the recipient feel so special.  And this little travel toiletry bag comes with it’s own grooming kit.  At $36, it’s a steal!

5 // DUFFY’S BREW SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER // I just think that BEER shampoo and conditioner is AWESOME!!  Seriously, craft beer for a man’s do is genius!  My mom used to used my dad’s leftover beer to condition her hair and it made it so soft!!

6 // DOUBLE OLD FASHIONED GLASSES // As Mr. S has gotten older matured, he started drinking whiskey and bourbon.  He says it’s the gentleman’s drink.  Now, I’ve noticed all of our male friends are drinking it.  I guess that means I’m older too!  Anyhow, we purchased this pair of lead crystal glasses for our friends but Mr. S also wants them for himself.  These Waterford double old fashioned glasses are also gorgeous, if you want to be fancy!

Now, you can ALWAYS be crafty and MAKE something for your special someone.  I found some pinspiration for Father’s Day {on my DIY board} and may try this or this DIY!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!  :)