Pink and Pearly Whites

style of sam, dvf edna dolman sleeve pink dress, five piece french wardrobe dvfednadress2 dvfednadress3 dvfednadress4 dvfednadress5

edna dress DVF via Last Call {on sale now!} // impromptu necklace LULU FROST {updated necklace here, earrings, bracelet, or ring} // bracelets VINTAGE, {pearl necklace worn as bracelet} GIFT from my BFF, CLUB MONACO, STELLA & DOT // rings GIFT from MIL, BELARGO // gladiator sandals STUART WEITZMAN // bag CHANEL via Feminine Fashions // lips  CHANEL PRETTY PINK LINER + SAGA LIPSTICK + DESIRE LIPGLOSS 

Photography by Mr. S

This is how I wore the DVF Edna dress the first time.  I was headed to a rewardStyle x Elle x Crest WhiteStrips event in Dallas and felt the “pearly whites” Lulu Frost necklace was extremely appropriate!  :)  Can’t go wrong with pearls right?! Nude accessories were easy so the dress would stand out.  I’ve also worn the dress with my Jack Rogers navajos {they seriously go with everything because they are cork and gold} and a turquoise necklace for a casual day with my two favorite men!

The model picture shows the waist sash being tied around the front.  I felt like a pirate when I did that, so I’ve only worn it in the back.  I’ll experiment with it again next time.  Anyhow, this is PIECE THREE of my Five Pieces.  It was hard for me to pass up this pink dress especially after meeting the designer herself!  And in case you just tuned in, I’ve already bought more than five pieces this season.  Oh yes, I should have said tune in tomorrow tomorrow as I’m a day late with this post.  Was busy with a baby shower yesterday!

Happy Sunday good peoples! xx

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