Piece Two // Leather Dress


style of sam, five piece french wardrobe, perforated leather dressSo this is what I’m calling PIECE TWO of the Five Pieces for the season.  I got this fab leather dress and a gorgeous pink DVF number during my Last Call Studio Scene.  Can you guess what will be featured as PIECE THREE?!?!  Y’all know that I caved and got more than the five items already, but may as well show my original five!

I thought it was perfect because of the neutral color, perforated leather {which is breathable and modern at the same time}, and classic shape.  You can be edgy OR wear it for work which I have already by the way.  Stay tuned  to see how I wore it tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Piece Two // Leather Dress

    1. Thank you Mica! I’ve worn it a few times already, just never got a chance to put it on the blog!

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