The SOS Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a week away!  Here are some ideas for your lovely mothers, mother-in-laws, and grandmothers.  Don’t forget to tell her how much you love her!  This is my first Mother’s Day, and I am SO EXCITED to spend the day with our “new” family.

1 // SENTIMENTAL MOM // I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Monica Rich Kosann Poesy Rings.  **BIG HINT Mr. S!** Poesy is a derivative of poetry meaning “short rhyme”.  They date back as early as the 14th century to communicate secret messages of love between giver and recipient.  Wearing of the words against skin was believed to increase poignancy.  I’m a sucker for secret love messages!

2 // COOL MOM // Okay, I know.  I just think Kate Moss is amazing.  And remember, she IS a MOM!!  So of course, I included this Kate Moss for Topshop Fringed Leather Jacket.  Duh.  And of course, I also want it!

3 // PUNCTUAL or not so punctual MOM // Kate Spade Gramercy Watch.  It’s gold.  It’s pretty.  What else do I need to say?  Yes, it WOULD be a great gift for a punctual mom.  Then I got to thinking… a mom who is challenged by time **cough, cough, not me, cough** would definitely benefit with a time piece!

4 // GLAM MOM // Y’all know I LOVE anything multi-use, especially makeup!  So of course, this YSL ‘baby doll’ kiss & blush that can be used on lips AND cheeks is high on my next-to-get list!

5 // ACCESSORIES MOM // For the momma who loves to accessorize, these simple but chic Gorjana Taner earrings are a winner!  I know I WANT THEM!  And by the way, you can get 30% off Gorjana site-wide using code LOVEMOM!

6 // MARTHA STEWART MOM // For those fab mommas who are able to entertain, clean, and bake in a single bound,  these Kate Spade note enclosures are the perfect finishing touch that can be use for place cards, gift enclosures, and even as a cute response.

7 // CHANEL LOVER MOM // If you want to get some Chanel without breaking the bank, Chanel Noir Perfume is your answer.  It smells beautiful – I think so because I wear it.  The top notes are grapefruit and bergamot which accentuate rose and jasmine, and notes of Indonesian patchouli and sandalwood add warmth.

8 // GREEN THUMB MOM // I WISH I could keep ANY plant alive.  For those lucky green thumb mothers, these amazing Wall Planters are a unique and fun way show off their gardening skills.

9 // ECO MOM // Kahina Argan Oil {large or small} is what I call a “magic multi-use oil” that is high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants.  It minimizes fine lines, soothes irritation, and improves skin tone.  I’ve also use it in my hair after showering to help with frizz, on my nail cuticles, and as a body oil.  Yes, it’s that good.

So… does that say “Gift Guide”?  Maybe, it should have been called a “Wish List”!  Ha!  Happy Sunday Friends!


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